i’m just a slut.

i was shackled downstairs in the cellar, spread eagled against the wooden wall. This was made into a stress position because of my 7 inch platform stripper heels i was wearing. i was trying so hard not to let the stilettos dig into the mats too much. my body started to tire fast, it felt like i was down there for ages, but it was probably only 10 minutes.

The heat was not helping, neither were my cute long socks, they were white with little black rings round the top, kind of like sports socks. The short denim skirt, which at the best of times didn’t cover much, was hoisted up higher to expose the pretty jewelled plug Sir had inserted earlier. my boobs were almost popping out of the tiny black top, with the help of a push up bra, just to give me an extra slutty look.

my make up was done to slutty perfection, big dark eyes, which made the green in them stand out. Red shiny lips. Hair curled, then put up into a pony tail, as it was a hot day. i was ready to rock. Or so i thought…

i heard the door open at the top of the stairs, the stomping of more than just Sirs feet came down, i knew He was bringing someone, but He likes to keep me in suspense, so i found out when my head was yanked back, and i saw Mr M’s face looking at me. His hand was cruelly in my hair, i smiled as much as my pulled face would let me and said “Nice to see you”.

He kissed me, and they both gave me a few stinging slaps, across the butt and the thighs, and warned me to be good or else… Every time i whimpered they just laughed and said They had not even started yet. As my arms were released i almost fell. my arms, although they were holding me up, had gone pretty dead by this point.

i was led up the stairs by Sir with a choke chain around my neck, every step was feeling harder, my body was getting weaker, Mr M behind me was pinching my legs, Sir was pulling harder, slowly choking me as i was walking up.

Once up, i was stripped, just leaving on the cute socks. Kneeling down at Sirs feet, He forced Himself into my mouth, shoving his hard cock all the way until it met with my throat, which fought back with gagging.

Pushing me away, Mr M took hold of the chain, pulled me in towards him, as he got his cock out of his suit trousers and i began to work on him. Eager to please both of these men, i did my best. Trying to push through the gagging, and work my little lips up and down these cocks. It’s what sluts dream of after all.

There was a sweet point where the choke chain was pulled a little too tight…. When i came round there was still cock in my mouth. Awww. Starting to love this choke chain.

Sir had taken the plug out, and started to finger my ass. i have been a bit out of practice lately with everything, so the fingers were hard to take. Although, the cock in my mouth was a good incentive to continue.

They were both disgusted that i hadn’t even offered Them a drink… Not sure when i had a pause to do that so far, but i offered them each a beer now. They happily took one, and led me outside in to the garden. The sun was out, they each sat down, and

i knelt between Them. At this point i just remember feeling very flinchy and unsure of what might happen, i was quiet, they couldn’t see as my head was down, but i was smiling. There was one point outside, Mr M said “Life doesn’t get much better than this” In my head i was agreeing with him.

They asked me to lay on my back and open my legs, this was surprisingly hard, as my legs didn’t want to stay open. i was a bit scared at this point, the sun beaming into my eyes, i was almost blinded, which made me flinch even more.

Sir summoned me back onto my knees, pulled me in by the choke chain, He gave me a few knocks to my face, and a bit of a fondled on one of my boobs, He gave me a choice “Where do you want to take it slut?” He was referring to punches that were coming, i said “my face please Sir” He didn’t hold back, and gave me a few short sharp knocks to my cheek, causing me to try and back away, but the choke chain made that harder. (Later this turned out to be quite a big lump on my cheek… ooops)

Upstairs i was told to dance for Them, as they both sat on the leather sofas. i had made a small play list of tunes that made me feel slutty. i grinded on their laps, and had to keep telling myself that there are no rules, no lines to stay behind, no ‘no touch’ policy, i could be as filthy as i liked. Each time i got close to their face, teasing Them, They pulled me in by my hair, and kissing me, this is how lap dances should really be.

i did what i could to entertain them, i twerked for them, rolled around the floor, touched myself, opened my legs into a V. i showed them everything i had. Think i only got through 3 songs before things got heated again. (For those who like slutty songs: Slut by Dream Mclean/The Valley by Miguel/Low Life by Future and The Weeknd)

Kneeling on the carpet and facing Mr M, he had my arms in a tight grip to either side of him. Sir had got the wand on me and i was starting to wriggle around to get the right spot, the spot was easier to find, once Sir started fingering my ass. my eyes kept closing, as my orgasm was growing, but Mr M kept saying for me to look at him. i seemed to be in a constant battle with my eyes trying to close, but every time i looked at him, my predicament was turning me on more and more, which led me to one of the most amazing cums. my barks were loud, i was crying out like i hadn’t come for years… even though my last cum was the night before.

Feeling very hot and exhausted, i was allowed a drink from the bowl of water. Only this drink came at a price, my head was pushed down into it, water went up my nose, i panicked fast, trying to beg for Sir to stop, but that only made it worse for me. So instead i struggled in silence, trying to wrestle myself away from the bowl. i think being held down under water is such a turn on, but i am such a wuss. This is on my list as something to get better at, especially as Sir has a swimming pool.

i was ordered to get on the bed, i felt very slow, and like my body was taking ages to react, Mr M must of thought the same too, as he picked me up and threw me onto the bed, impatient, not wanting to wait any longer.

On my back, my legs pulled apart, Mr M started to fuck my pussy, which was completely wet by this point. This was the first time i think he had been in this hole. He was ramming into me so hard, it was difficult to take, i was letting out little squeals. Sir came round and silenced me with His cock for a bit, and then with His hand over my mouth. It was around this point that i realised there was nothing i could do, apart from take what They give me. i could not get away, even if i wanted to. Although i didn’t want to, as i didn’t want to let them down either, i wanted to please Them so much, i would of done anything for Them.

Mr M flipped me over, so i was on top, the songs that were being played were great for fucking, i was grinding on him in time to the music, and it meant i forgot that my legs were hurting by this point. Mr M said “Do you like feeling like you’re in control?” i replied back with “Just because i am on top, doesn’t mean i think i am in control”

Even though i was riding him, i still knew that i could not just up and leave, i was still submitting, no matter what position i was put in.

Sir added to this by starting on my ass again, He was making me feel very full with His fingers, this was hard to take. Very hard. With Mr M’s cock still in my pussy, every now and again Mr M would hold my throat and warn me not to move so that he comes out. At one point he held my throat so hard that i nearly passed out, he released just at that point, saying he wouldn’t let me off that easily. i kept wriggling about so much, but tried my best to keep in the correct place, which was pushing back onto both Mr M’s throbbing cock, and Sirs pulsing fingers. Mr M was annoyed that the pleasure of his cock was not distracting from the pain enough.

Sir said “you can have a rest from these, but as soon as i take them out, want to see you fuck him like a whore. Make it worthwhile that he has driven all this way to see you. If you don’t do a good job, then My whole fist will be going up your ass!”

This was all the encouragement i needed, He gently pulled out, and i started fucking Mr M hard and fast, pushing myself down onto him as far as i could possibly go. Playing with my tits, stroking him, arching myself back to go deep for him.

i think i did a good job, as i was allowed a rest… we sort of.. i was allowed to use the wand, and entertain them. With Sirs fingers in both my fuck holes, Mr M holding me down, or putting his hand over my mouth, or chocking me out it built up to yet another amazing cum, and another, and may be another… i can’t quiet remember. But i do remember being held down, and having the wand forced on me even more. So much so that my body eventually reacted with another cum! That one felt like my body had betrayed me, my poor pussy was so puffy and sensitive by this point, in yet it still had a cum forced out of it.

i think the heat had started to get the better of all of us by this point. i never like to finish without our guests shoot their load either on me or in me. Mr M had me backed up against the wall, i was kneeling with my mouth open, as he came all over my face, in my mouth, and dripped down onto my body.

i haven’t had much time for kink lately, so it was a great way to spend a Sunday Bumday.