Have you ever eaten human flesh?..

Around March time, Sir told me that i should come to Him when i am ready to be owned. i had the collar at Christmas 2013, the tag and ownership was next to come.


August time was our year anniversary, to which i did some of my best slutty dancing for Him, whilst He looked handsome in His suit. my long black evening dress did not stay on for long, with my back to Sir, i pulled it up, revealing the words, ‘Please own me Sir’ written on my ass. His face lit up.


Here is my story of how i earned my tag, on Tuesday 23rd December 2014…



Feeling excited, i knelt on the mat naked, facing the front door. Darkness filled the empty hallway, as i waited for Sir. With only 2 days until Christmas, i was wondering what special Christmas surprise Sir had in store for me.


A hood went over my head, air way blocked by His strong arm, dragging me to my feet. Not quite the Christmas surprise i thought he was cooking up, but i still wore a smile under the hood.


As i was taken through the rooms, Sirs menacing voice filled my head, moving me faster, out into the cold. Standing in front of me, He warned me to do exactly what He says, otherwise i could fall, i realised we were at the top of the new stairs, that led down into the new basement. Sir was saying, “You want to be owned and have that tag put on your collar, well tonight slut, you are going to earn it!”


What did that mean? i wasn’t quite sure, logic was going out of my head, as i had a feeling that He might push me down the stairs… no He wouldn’t do that… i’m sure… or was i?… He made me step down one step at a time, i wondered, perhaps He was going to make me spend the night down here, in the dark and cold?..


We came to the last step, “this is the last step slut, it is bigger than the others, and once you go down it, there is no turning back, we will be going through with everything I have planned for tonight, are you sure you want to do it?”

i took a brief moment to try and think about all my options, but the dream of being owned by this wonderful man, somehow over powered any negative feeling i had… so i stepped down… forever..


Pushing me forward, i went into the soft padding of the spanking bench, “You know what it is slut, so get on it!” i complied. my heart rate was rising as He bound me to it, realising that no matter how much i screamed, no one would ever hear me down there..


“You won’t just be wearing that tag, you will be wearing Sir’s mark on you forever!”


After being restrained to the bench, additional stretch film was wrapped around my torso, i was starting to panic, yes i wanted to wear Sirs mark, but i was so scared if anything went wrong, and i was left with an unsightly mark, or a mark which shows at work. Was He going to brand me?.. The stretch film was being bound over my bum as well, ‘thank god’ i don’t think He was actually going to mark me.. oh wait, He pulled part of the film away from one cheek, exposing the skin. my breathing became laboured, i started to cry, i wanted to beg Him not to mark me, but i hated the thought of Him thinking i did not want it, i did, i was just scared.


The hood came off, creepy music went on, candles were around, dimly lighting the damp space. i could see a table with a syringe, wipes, gloves, a scalpel and a few other medical bits set out on a stainless steel tray. my nerves got the better of me, i said about being marked for work, He reminded me that He knows exactly where my shorts fit for work, and that i shouldn’t worry about it.


This was starting to look like a scene from Dexter, being bound in stretch film, in a secluded prepped room.


“If all goes to plan, all you should feel is a small pin prick, to numb the area”
Still in a panic, i was hoping this was true. i resided myself that I should just keep still. i couldn’t stop him, best thing would be for me to keep still then the mark should come out perfect… That wasn’t all though…


After He had cleaned and injected my ass cheek, He came round to show me a frying pan, with onions all ready to go. “You will eat yourself tonight slut..”


‘oh’ I thought….


He pinched the skin, and i freaked out saying i could feel it, He said He would wait longer, said it could take up to 5 minutes for it to start working. i could feel the skin going cool.


Whilst waiting He came round and throat fucked me, all the time filling my mind with the thought of being owned, no going back, i will be his, He can do what He likes, when He likes with me forever…. Although to be honest He has had this power over me for quite sometime now.


Pinching my ass again, i could no longer feel Him, He said i was ready. i stayed completely still, whilst still sobbing. He told me what was happening, first He drew the paw print, next He proceeded to cut out the first bit.


i was trembling as He came close to my face to show me my skin, it seemed quite big, and i freaked out when He said that was only one of the 4 toes. This paw print was going to be huge! He put the little round piece of skin into the pan, and went back to finish the rest, after each cut, showing me more pieces of my skin, before popping in the pan.


i was to say thank you after each cut.


i could feel the blood trickling down my leg, cleaning me up, and warning that it may sting a bit, He then put a bandage on it.


Feel confused and in shock, Sir left the basement, His boots echoing as he stomped up the stairs with the pan. Sir was off to cook me..


It seemed to take forever before He returned, i could smell the onions, ‘oh my god, He has really done it!’

Sir made me have the first bit, it didn’t, i mean ‘i’ didn’t taste too bad. Sir had the next bit, and we ate, until all of me was gone.


Releasing me from the bench, and telling me that i was a good girl, and that i had made Him proud, i was feeling shaky and little as i stood. Standing on the cold stony floor, my arms hugging round my naked body for any sort of comfort i could get. The bright torch, shone down to Sirs shoes. i knelt down on the uneven floor to kiss His shoes, and say thank You.


Sir took me into His arms, embraced me tight, before taking me to see my new mark.


Scroll down to find out what really happened…








We went up stairs for me to see the mark, He took me to a full length mirror, my head questioned our time in the basement, when no blood was showing through the gauze. Sir took off the pad, all that was there was a blue paw print, done in a Sharpie… no blood, no cuts…


i burst into tears, both happy and relieved that He hadn’t cut my perfect skin, but also so sad at the same time that it wasn’t real, i did not carry Sirs mark on me. i don’t know which emotion i felt the most, i was now even more confused. But i felt You inject me!?… Sir never did, when i thought He was wiping me over with an antiseptic wipe, He was actually putting on ibuleve gel, before poking me with a pin, which didn’t even draw blood. The gel had felt cool and started to numb the skin.


“i felt blood running down my leg!” That was only maple syrup, warmed up to body temperature.


To finish it off, Sir had some small bits of un-smoked bacon to be my skin.


The time in the basement was a total head fuck, i can never be quite sure what is real with Sir, and what is not. One thing is for sure, i earned my new tag!


How to start a New Year – Collar and Punches with Love xx (Real)

Sir and i spent our first Christmas together, i was excited to open my main present. We had been to the BBB a couple of weeks before, so i had a good feeling i knew what it was going to be. Sir had asked me to strip naked, but leave on my long socks.

As i unwrapped it, i could see it was a collar from Wryed Slave, one for me to wear all the time, and not to be taken off. It looks like metal rope, very fitted to my neck, and shouldn’t get in the way of day to day tasks. Whilst kneeling on the floor, in front of the fire, i took it out of the box, Sir asked me to lift my hair as he put it on. Somewhere Only We Know by Lilly Allen was playing on the TV, seemed quite appropriate, but then Justin Bieber came along and tried to ruin the moment, so we turned it off.

Sir started playing with my hair, and neck, telling me what the collar means, that i am his, and will obey Him, so in my simple little head i figured nothing would really change…. It was on, knees scuffed along the ground, as He dragged me by my hair to the mirror so i could see for myself how pretty it made me look. i agreed, i loved the way it looked and what it represented.

What followed seemed a kind of initiation; i was put into stocks, arms and neck, face up on the bed, with a white hood to cover my face. Usually with previous Doms i have relished being bound, or blindfolded, but with Sir G, He scares the crap out of me so much, that it terrifies me even further when I can’t see him, or get away. Not that He has ever let me go enough to wriggle away, but mentally I tell myself that i could if i really wanted to.

After quite a beating from Sir, punches to my stomach, my sides, hip bones and thighs. i squirmed a lot, screaming out in pain. At least i thought my face was safe because He had brutalised that a few days before hand, as i had time off from work over Christmas for the bruising to fade.

Still hooded, He flipped me over, and fucked me from behind, punching and kneading me more, before popping me back onto my back, and messing with my head. Saying that I should stay still unless i want to risk taking the tops off. The tops off what i don’t know! i stayed still and quivered like mad, begging Him not to cut me, as i felt strokes of something brushing over my tits. i thought it might have been a pin wheel, but then didn’t think it was sharp enough. He must have had a big smile on His face, He told me afterwards that it was only my hair brush! i felt pretty stupid being so petrified of a brush.

Once the stocks and hood were taken off, He rammed me hard, holding me tighter, and cumming in me so hard i had a job to breathe. i certainly felt like i had earned hugs afterwards.

New Years eve came around, and we had put our names down for the Facility, it wasn’t particularly busy there, but i made sure i kept my Sir entertained with lap dances. i requested Sweet Child of Mine by GnR, followed by Cryin by Aerosmith, Sir seemed entertained as i grinded on Him, and gyrated around the floor in front of Him. He smiled at me every time i did booty shakes, pretty sure He loves those bits.

We made our way upstairs, to the padded room, Sir made me strip off and remove earrings before placing cuffs on my wrists and ankles. My arms were hoisted up, and legs spread with a bar. Next the mindfold went on, i found this extra creepy, as i never quite know with Sir what is going to happen, i heard the door close. my body went cold and my heart skipped a beat.

Sir started to lay into me, punching me, kicking me for the first time, in my stomach, i would have picked the thud of the kicks and punches, over the stinginess of slaps. He told me and i felt him draw a target on my belly, i was so worried He was going to kick me again, and couldn’t help but keep springing about.

Stingy hits started to come my way, i didn’t know what it was at the time, but later i found out it was a wooden truncheon. i could feel that it hurt like fuck, but was aware that there wasn’t much power behind each hit to my arse, legs and breasts. i was dancing about all over the place, begging Him to stop hitting me with that, he shouted at me to dance for Him. My legs were shaking making it difficult to move, especially with the spreader still attached, desperately i tried to keep a rhythm, but got wacked when i didn’t, there was no music, only the sound of Sir’s voice, the hits and my heart pounding.

He went quiet, i had no idea where he was, so rather than jumping about, i stayed still, some how i thought this would help me, instead the truncation hit made me scream louder as it made me jump.

my arms were released, i didn’t realise just how much i had been pulling on them, until they came down. A little part of me started to relax, thinking i might be in for a rest bite, but i was wrong, so wrong. i was picked up by force to my ribs and thrown against the wall, thank god it was padded, as i slammed against it. Sir caught me by my throat, keeping me up on my toes, and kneeing me in the cunt, i could hear fireworks going off outside, Sir wished me a Happy New Year, i tried to get the words out to say it back, but as i was being choked, hardly anything came out. He came in close to me, saying what i am in for, what the collar means, and saying that He has barely got started with me yet. Wanting me to repeat back what he had been saying, i was not expecting that, but fortunately i remembered and said, “i am Your slut, and i will obey every order to the best of my ability”
Seemed like a much longer sentence at the time!

i couldn’t have imagined a better way to ring in the New Year.

As He released his grip, i dropped to the floor, my wrists were fastened to the spreader bar near my ankles, bringing my face to His boot, He wanted me to lick it like my life depended on it, so i tried, but the mindfold got caught in my mouth, so He happily whipped it off, meaning he could see how terrified i was. He did know anyway, as He said my body’s reactions completely change when i’m terrified rather than scared.

i rolled on my back, and He tried to get a good shot at kicking and hitting my pussy. my legs seemed to spring in though, i just can’t keep still for that. At this point we heard everyone downstairs singing Ol Lang Syne, again a nice little reminder that we were starting the New Year together.

He walked over me until He was standing near my head, kicked my face over to the side, and held my face there by His boot pressing down on my cheek, to make me lick His boot that way. i could feel my cheek bone getting compressed as He stepped on my little face with His big boot.

The truncation came back out, which made me nervous, but would have made me petrified if i had known that was what He hit me with first. Instead of hitting me, He fucked me with it, whilst using the Lelo on my clit, and calling me a dirty a little slut. With each profanity i was getting closer and closer to climaxing, but it went on pause when He threatened to beat the fuck out of me again if i didn’t amuse Him by being a good little fucktoy for Him, and cumming. Didn’t take long before i was pushed over the edge though.

What followed was a fit of giggles, once released, i could not hold them back, He didn’t look impressed, He threatened again to start all over if i didn’t stop, and the twat i am still couldn’t stop! He said He hadn’t told me the magic words, so i was not safe. A cold shiver ran through my naked body, as He pulled me up and threw me against the wall, i bounced off like a rag doll. Sir came in close, and whispered the magic words, “you’re safe”.

Happy New Year!!

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