It was the night before, and i was just about to go to bed when i hear ‘beep beep beep’ my phone was buzzing with messages from Sir, telling me what i needed for our weekend away together:
“You’ll need two pairs of stockings, two dresses – one for dinner and a stripper style one, all your make up, and stuff to create big hair.
New black shoes, black high Pleasers (Stripper Shoes).
I’ll decide what you’ll wear to leave the house, as that is weather dependant. We will aim to leave at midday, 1pm at the latest.”

Finishing off with:
“you’ll do as I say.”

It was this last one that tickled me the most. Of course i wanted to do as he said, but would i actually do it? my work has over taken my kink in the past few months, and i was desperate to get it back on track, mainly because i felt like i had an empty space in my life where kink used to be, and i was missing it like crazy.

The next morning, feeling like an incomplete but excited slut, i set to work on my appearance, making sure i was just right for Him, along with collecting together all the items He requested. We were ready to leave at midday, to His surprise (and mine!) i was actually ready on time, i think i was more excited than we had realised.

We set out to Bournemouth, and chilled out and did some shopping, back at the hotel i started to get myself ready for dinner. After curling my hair, i set to work on my big eyes, just how Sir likes them, nearly finished, Sir calls me in to see how i was doing. Pleased with my progress He invited me on to the bed, playing with my throat, and kissing me i was starting to get horny.

i laid next to Him, calming down into a hug, when He said the magic word that makes me leave this world and go off into a trance like state. i was gone, totally relaxed, and taking in all His words, which was all i could hear. Calm and gentle words were spoken, all other noises drowned out, i became putty in His hands. Putty that He could mould to suit any desire He had.

He went far into my mind and pulled out a box, a box which i had not seen before, but as soon as i saw it i knew what was in there. It’s a strange feeling when someone has hidden something in your mind. In the box was the word, ‘SLUT’. i knew this, but couldn’t remember how i knew.

When He brought me back into the world i was hungry, not for food, but for cock, his cock, all cock, any ones cock.

He had awoken my inner slut, who seemed like she had gone missing for a few months. i wrapped my lips around His hard length and proceeded to get Him deep into my throat, loving every second of making Him even bigger.

Holding me down, on a foreign bed, He fucked me, saying how He was warming me up for our night to come, i was going to get used, not only by Him, but by who ever wanted me, whoever Sir allowed to use me, He was in control. He was taking me to a swingers club, so i could let out the slut in me. my cum was intense, and made even more special as He had held off cumming until i was there.

Flopping out on the bed afterwards, i remembered about the SLUT box in my mind, i explained to Sir that i knew what was in the box when he found it, but it was strange as i had never seen it, how was that so. He explained that He had put the box in there a few years ago, when we had started seeing each other. i was amazed that i didn’t remember it, but also found it quite hot just how much control He has over me. i can’t help it, but at times i am sceptical about hypnosis, i think it keeps me on my toes. But it was hard to be sceptical about this incident, instead i was totally gobsmacked and aroused.

Don’t get me wrong, everything we do i have fantasised about, way before i ever met Sir, i am a slut. A dirty little fuck slut. Sir just happens to bring out the best in me!

We eventually made it out to dinner, a busy Italian place, not too far from the hotel. Dressed in stockings, elegant black dress, and sexy heels, i was proud to be with my Sir. Sir picked out my meal and drinks for the evening. i do like when normal situations have a Ds element.

Back to the hotel afterwards, it was time for a quick change, into my black halter neck dress, and stripper shoes. We were off to the Liberation Swingers and BDSM party. Our first time there, not knowing what to expect, Sir was hoping that He would be able to find some willing men to abuse me.

On our arrival another couple came in behind us, everyone seemed pleasant enough, and we had a tour from the promoter. The club was much nicer and warmer than the other party we had been too previously in Portsmouth. i stood at the bar with Sir, showing my bum off to anyone who walked behind, and saw the slashes in my ‘dress’. Apparently I was getting some attention, this was good for my inner slut, she craves men looking at her, and fantasising about her.

Sir found a notepad on the bar, with a pen, He wrote me a sign, “FREE BLOW JOBS, JUST ASK”
This note stuck to me, after He had put his ice-cold can of coke on my chest. Now i have done similar things like this before at BDSM parties, and had no such luck in finding anyone, so this was a first at a Swingers event. Within 2 mins of having this note on, the guy who was behind us on arrival came over to say hello, and his eyes were immediately drawn to my chest to read the note. His eyes lit up as he read it, and asked if that was true, both Sir and i said yes. The mystery man was eager to get me in a private room to see what my mouth could do.

The guys locked the door, Sir instructed that i did not need clothes for my task, so off came my dress, leaving me exposed in only stockings and heels. i ran my hands through my hair, as mystery man played with my breasts, enjoying the feeling of Sir watching me perform for Him.

i knelt down, and took the cock into my hands, i was lucky, this wasn’t a small cock, it was a large one, just like Sir. i gently placed my lips around him, teasing him at first with delicate strokes, easing him in. i heard him say, “Can she go deep?” With that, i breathed out and pushed my way onto him, feeling the nudge at the back of my throat. i could tell by his groans he was pleased.

As i continued my task, Sir was behind me, fingering my cunt, and saying just how wet i was getting, telling me how much of a slut i was being, these words were gold to me.

Mystery man pulled away not wanting to come too early on in the night, he had only been in the club for about 10 mins before making our way to the room. He pulled me up from my knees, and asked if he could taste me. Sir pushed me down on the bed, held me down by His paw round my neck, whilst mystery mans tongue was my pussy. The light headed feeling was just starting to get too much, when Sir released, perhaps my eyes started to roll, as i certainly didn’t tell Him to stop, i was unable to breathe or speak.

Mystery man was now playing with my boobs, when Sir said the magic words that paralysed me in an instant.

my body went limp, i felt like i was a dead weight. i could hear them, mystery man was concerned for a moment. i could hear Sir explaining that this mode was a hypnotic state that He had conditioned in to me, to make me a fuck doll, lifeless, but still able to hear everything, and only my cunt and ass have feeling, everything else was asleep. They both found this amusing. me, i find it extremely erotic, and one of the biggest turn on’s. It goes into that fantasy of being drugged, used, taken advantage of, and powerless to stop it, but on the plus i could remember everything.

i was sure it was Sir who had his fingers in my cunt, He started to bring me round when mystery man was probing his cock to my lips. As soon as i was back, i was sucking like a good little whore should be. i could feel fingers in me, on my clit, on my boobs, and cock in my mouth, i was getting the desire to cum, the stronger it got the more i needed to bark (another one of Sirs conditioning moves, i have to bark like a puppy to cum), i came good and hard, as soon as i took the cock out of my mouth.

Putting my dress back on, we straightened ourselves up and left the room, he said he would find me later on.

Sir and i had a relaxing time together, He was saying how i was being such a good slut, and making him proud. i was feeling very pleased and horny.

It wasn’t long before mystery man was back for seconds, this time we entered a different room, i stripped and knelt on the bed on all fours. i set to work on him again, (although can you call it work, when you love it so much?), his hands in my hair, being a little more forceful this time.

i had a moments break from blowing him, and took his balls into my mouth, hoping that my groans would vibrate onto them, pleasuring him more and more.

Sir was behind me, fingering me, i was loving it, i was pressing myself back onto His hand as much as possible. Sir was saying how much He could tell i was enjoying it all, i think my juices covering His hand gave him that information.

Mystery man laid on the bed, and i continued to blow him, this time wanking him faster, i knew he wanted to cum, he was getting closer. Feeling his body start to shake, he shot his load into my mouth.

There is nothing sluttier than tasting the spunk of another man, when your Sir has told you to do it.

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