First Outing with Sir G to Exodus (Real)

i feel this blog needs a little intro, as it is written very differently to my other blogs, as it is written from slut j, not red Juliette. i have met someone who is ticking all the boxes for what my ultimate Owner would be like, to Him i am slut j, a fucktoy for Him to use and abuse how He wishes, and hopefully one day i will be His property.


i had been looking forward to last Saturday ever since Sir had mentioned taking me to Exodus, so He could show off his new toy – me! i have only been there once, and have been wanting to go back ever since. Sir picked out a little black dress for me with silver lingerie and clear Perspex heels for the occasion. i had done my eyes just how He likes them, trying my best to look pretty for Him.

As soon as we arrived, He attached a lead to my collar, and we went to explore the club. It was a back to school theme night, and one of the dungeons had been transformed into a school room. Sir told me that He figured most people would be there for that, meaning parts of Exodus could be nice and free for Him to use me harshly.

We hadn’t been there long before He took me into one of the dungeons, ordered me to take off my dress and heels, and get me onto an St Andrews cross. With my ankles and wrists bound to it, i was not going anywhere. i was feeling chilly and nervous as He put the blindfold on me. This was the first time He has ever had me bound and blindfolded, i kept on reminding myself that i could trust him, and He would look after me, but i found those thoughts harder to maintain whilst He started to beat me with a Nylonic cane, then a straight thick wooden cane. I was hurting now, but He carried on going back to the Nylonic Teflon covered cane. After quite a few hits, He started explaining what was going to happen, He was going to give me 3 beatings that night, the first of which was nearly over, and how i could make it stop… Whilst telling me this He was starting to hit me harder, i can’t remember what He was hitting me with at this point. He wanted me to shout out ‘my name is slut j and i am a cock whore!’ If it was loud enough He would stop, if not He would go straight into beating number 2 with no rest. It took a few more whacks, and me trying to remember exactly what i had to shout out, before i shouted it out.. i was loud.. i am sure i heard a few giggles too. “Was that loud enough Sir??” i asked straight away, fortunately it was.

He pressed Himself up against me, i could feel His hard cock through His trousers, i was desperate to be fucked, made worse because i had been on a cum ban past few days. i could feel His hand on my clit, working their magic way, whilst He was whispering in my ear about how much of a slut i am. All this was gold to me, and made me want to cum, very difficult usually when i stand, but i was so god damn horny it didn’t matter! He told me i had to shout out ‘my name is slut j, please can i cum Sir?!’ i did not hesitate, i was desperate to climax! It was loud enough for Him to let me cum!

As promised i got some lovely snuggly hugs after. my dress got put away in His box, and i put the heels back on. He got out the marker and wrote ‘slut j’ across my chest, and ‘I love cock on my stomach’, to make me look worse (or better) He put 2 condoms in my thong and 1 in my bra, along with the tube of lube. Even though lots of people were not dressed in much, i some how felt a lot of eyes on me, i seemed to stand out from everyone else that was wearing nice little bits of clothes, i was very aware of the extras Sir had added to me, and not forgetting the red bottom too.

The buffet area was busy, with lots of the seats occupied by naughty couples, Sir looked at me with a cheeky looking smile. As He took off the lead, He said “I need a napkin, go get Me one now” He pointed to where they were piled up, which was the furthest point away. i reluctantly went, i could feel lots of eyes on me, i kept my head up not wanting to make eye contact with anyone, because i felt like everyone obviously knew how much of a slut i am. i got the napkin quick, and left, Sir barely used it and gave it back to me, told me to take it to the bin at the back of the buffet. Again reluctantly i took it, and threw it away for Him. He told me later that some people were smiling, and could see what was going on, which i found amusing too.

We found our way into the lounge, Sir ordered me onto all fours in front of a chair, He sat down, and placed His feet on his willing footstool. i was very aware of how red and warm my arse was at this point. i tried to keep dead still for Him as any good footstool/slut would.

Sir locked in a little remote vibrator, once He was happy it was working He locked me in a cage, one that i stand in, bars all around and above. He chained my arms through the top, not tight, so i could dance for him, and to anyone else who happened to walk by. i was having fun and felt right at home dancing and being in a cage, 2 of my favourite things, eventually He let me have my arms back, meaning i could dance a little easier. i was instructed to only dance when the vib was switched on, and to hold my position when it went off. This was all well and good, until He turned it off when i was was dancing in the air, supporting myself with my arms! i think Sir enjoyed watching me dance for Him, as afterwards He said how much it wound Him up – this made me very happy of course.

We moved into a dungeon with a bench for beating number 2, i laid over the bench, face down, while Sir bound my wrists and ankles, i was not going anywhere. my arse cheeks were still feeling warm from the first beating, so i knew this was going to hurt a lot more. He jumped straight in with his hands, then a flogger, followed by leather paddle, and then a studded paddle (which stung bad, making my red hair flick as I thrashed around!). Last on the list was a heavy rubber paddle, He’d fashioned this one Himself from old conveyor belt, whilst beating my sorry red cheeks, He explained how to make it stop, if i didn’t shout the phrase loud enough, He would go straight into the final round. i was trying my best to remember what the phrase was, as He would not remind me. my head was fuzzy from the continuous hits, but eventually i shouted it out loud enough, and got it right, thank god! Although because He was abusing me in a much more public area, i buried my head after i shouted it, feeling embarrassed.

i was a very lucky slut, as Sir got the wand, and placed it on my clit, i was able to grind myself easily to orgasm, and of course shouting out when i was ready to cum. People were watching but i hadn’t noticed them at the windows.

Sir released me from the cuffs, and lifted my face to look Him in the eyes, kissing me passionately, making me forget just how much my butt was stinging. As i wriggled about, He placed his boot in front of my face, He didn’t even need to ask, i was kissing His boot straight away, feeling very submissive with each kiss.

Next came some stupidity… i took a sip from my water, only to turn around and find Sir glaring at me, i asked Him if he wanted some, but judging by His look, it was too late. He took me back over to the bench, held me down by my hair, and used the shambok on me, this was the first time anyone has used one on me, i could feel that He wasn’t even hitting me hard, but with each tap it killed! i could not stop wriggling about. That was the moment i learnt to ALWAYS offer any food or drink to Sir first before having any myself.

After a nice little break, we wandered round. We started to head in the direction of the cellar, Sir said “let’s see if the cellar is free” but i didn’t think we were about to play, because Sir had not brought anything down there with us, so this made me feel quite relaxed. i was wrong… so wrong…

He ordered me to take off my shoes, before He pushed me through a puddle towards the wall. Attaching my hands up high, He started pinching my arse hard, i squealed out, whilst He was saying how stupid i was for wanting to be with Him in the cellar, knowing that He was going to be hardest with me in there. The damp cold cellar was perfect for harsh play, the puddles on the floor, the tatty walls set the scene perfectly for it.

As He laid into my stomach with evil punches i was starting to get scared, and have a tinge of regret for saying how much i wanted it. i kept gasping for breath, but He was not letting up any time soon, flipping me round so He could punch my butt cheeks, with what felt like full force, but that could have been because it was hurting so much already.

Flipping me back round to face Him, He continued beating my stomach, saying for me to shout out my phrase, do you think i could remember what the fuck i was supposed to be shouting?! It did not come to me fast, i was trying so desperately to think, He was shouting right in my face, “Who the fuck are you?!” Making my knees go weak with fear. Having trouble breathing, i remembered! i shouted it out as loud as i could, i could hear the echo up the stairs.

He stopped, i could feel myself weak and hanging like a piece of meat. Releasing me, Sir popped me up on the table, and gave me hugs. As i hugged him back, i felt relief, not relief that He had stopped, but relief i had finally met some one i could trust to push me far, and give me the brutal treatment i crave. But also someone who isn’t afraid to do it, whom will look after me and build me back up afterwards.

Here is what Sir left me with, He was very considerate not to leave me marks that would show for my work, unfortunately that means He has a very small space to work with.

Here is what Sir left me with, He was very considerate not to leave me marks that would show for my work, unfortunately that means He has a very small space to work with.


Juliette in (Public) Disgrace! (Real)

So I was allowed to go to Exodus with Sir A, as long as I followed a specific order from Master… He ordered me to find a willing guy, whose cock I could suck. This struck a bit of a cord with me, as much as it’s been in my fantasies, but I’ve never actually played with a stranger before. But Sir promised he would look after me, and make sure nothing go out of hand.

Nerves kicked in as we got closer to Exodus, not only for Master’s order, but also for the fact this was home to the Cellar that Sir had told me so much about. He said a while ago about how it would be stupid for me to be alone with him in there, as he would want to beat the shit outta me!

First things first Sir gave me a tour of the place, showing me around all the rooms, a great selection of well equipped play rooms, bedrooms and a social space with food.

Sir took me down to the cellar, the room he was dying for me to see, it has to be the grottiest room ever, such a contrast to my pretty dress, and heels. Water on the floor. It reminded me of a real dungeon I went down into, under a castle, very eerie, the table looked like something out of a horror film, with the chains and dirty cuffs. This room felt like a real treat, compared to all the nicer, well finished rooms. All I could think about was being pushed to the wet floor, getting my nice clothes soggy. It was more something for the end of the night, otherwise I would have been walking around freezing for the rest of the night.

Grabbing some chains off the wall, Sir bound my hands above my head to the gate bars, and took some sneaky photos whilst we were alone. I could feel his fists digging into my sides and stomach, threatening me, before going for a punch..

He got more chains to go round my waist, and ankles, making my movement less. Getting the camera to my face, he was filming my reactions to his harder punches. I probably shouldn’t of suggested him wiping the smile off my face that way, my own fault really. Increasing the intensity with each blow to my tummy felt delicious, and by the last one had succeeded in the smile temporarily hiding away.

Later on in the night Sir bound my arms behind me, squished my tits out of my dress, and proceeded to get out clover clamps with weights and a latex glove. Sir was happy he found a suitable place for me to offer myself, as the cock sucking whore I am, we were near to the toilets, the area was public, with a constant flow of human traffic, but not so public that would be unsuitable for this type of play.

Ordering me to kneel with my knees apart, he bought his new rocks close to my cunt, as if he was lining up for a kick, then bailed saying “You know I wouldn’t kick you, don’t you?”, I replied fast with an honest “No Sir, I don’t think that you never would!”

He wanted my head back, eyes shut, I obliged even though I really wanted to see him, what was he doing, what was he getting…. I could feel him writing on my forehead, then cheeks, although he wouldn’t say what he wrote. Next the it was the nose hook, up it went, and back my head went, so he could secure it above me. Still needing to keep my eyes closed and mouth open, he took some sneaky photos, before unzipping and putting his cock into my open mouth, I licked and sucked as much as I could, the nose hook made it interesting though, think it helped him to keep my mouth open better, so he could ram my throat, whilst causing me extra discomfort.

The clover clamps went on, but didn’t stay on for long, he knows I struggle with them, in yet he still tries to push me with them! He fingered fucked me roughly and sweetly, my cunt was extremely wet! He took off the latex glove, and stuffed it inside me, I kept it in for the rest of our time at Exodus.

Letting me up he suggested that I should get away from him while I still could, I have to admit that even though we were in a play club, I felt embarrassed to have my arms tied, nipples out and writing on my face, I wasn’t in the fleeing mood, well, that all change when I saw he got out the zapper. Waving it at me, I strutted off with my head down.

I could feel eyes on me as I was walking past people, a quick check behind showed he was starting to follow me, with the zapper, I turned course, trying the best I can to walk fast in heels, opening doors with hands behind my back was a challenge but not impossible. Losing him for a second I darted into a bedroom, hid behind a metal beam, although he found me fast, but still let me go.

His steps were getting faster, I abandoned my shoes to move quicker and easier, this did seem to be causing amusement to others in the club, I half expected to be grabbed by a random and handed back to Sir, didn’t happen though, I found out later that he had actually asked people to grab me if I went past, but no one had the balls!

Somehow I managed to sneak past him in the corridor, I couldn’t believe I had managed to creep by un noticed, part of me thought he had actually seen me, I kept checking behind, and he still hadn’t turned around, so I went back into the bedroom. Trying to hide behind the curtain, I realised my feet were showing, I got out and went to check for him, still no sign. I decided to see if there was space for me to fit under the bed, hurrah! There was, so I kneeled down, got myself face to the floor and very awkwardly shuffled myself under on my front, giving my nipples mild carpet burn.

No sooner had I vanished myself completely I saw Sirs feet as he entered the room, shit! If he walked round he would of probably seen the bed covers still moving as they settled! My heart was pounding, I thought I was done for, but victory for me, as he left the room, phew, I could breathe again.

A few minutes past, perhaps about 10 minutes, I’m not sure, 2 guys and a girl entered the bedroom and shut the door. Oh my! This was like one of those funny scenes from a film where someone is hidden under the bed, while others starting fucking! I debated staying quiet, and even perhaps surprising them part the way through, but then you never know if they might have been angry, so I piped up.. “Before you guys start doing too much, you should know that I am under the bed!”

I very much scared them, and heard the girl let out a little scream! We were all laughing, I explained that I was hiding from Sir, and that he had already checked the room a few minutes before. They didn’t mind me being there, but after a few minutes I was concerned that my excellent hiding skills may have caused a concern, so I shuffled out from under the bed, and saw the 3 for the first time. She asked what was written on my face, I explained that I didn’t know, and asked if they would tell me what I had been running round the club with…. ‘Cock Whore’!

I came out and found Sir, he was surprised and wondered where my excellent hiding place was, I told him where and what happened, and both found it really funny.

He started to advance on me, I ran down the hall, and into a room which wasn’t for play, it was very dark, I turn round as he shut the door, grabbed me then dragged me back out to where I had been sucking his cock.

We attracted some attention of someone who worked at Exodus, Sir made me tell him why I was there. I feeling shy about speaking, then the promoter also stopped by. Sir told me to go away, and kneel further away from them, I felt like I was on show. Images of Public Disgrace were running through my head, as I was told to say loudly and clearly why I was there… “My Master sent me here to suck a cock” I think this will definitely go down as one of the finest points in my life!

This seemed to please them, and also more people were interested in how this was going to pan out for me. Sir was talking to them about me, almost like I wasn’t even there. He even suggested to show them the video of me getting pissed on the night before, I begged him not too.

Each time new people stopped by, Sir was ordering me to tell them why I was there, I wondered if my shyness would ever go, but it hung around, making me only want to peep up for little looks, and each time I did, I saw new faces staring back at me. Eventually one guy said he would be willing to help me carry out my order, when he came back he saw I had a condom. Not that I like sucking with a condom on, but as it was a stranger, it seemed the safest way to carry this out. Unfortunately he was not so willing. Sir and I were not going to budge on this, so we called it quits there. Shame really, particularly as I saw him wanking later, and it was a pretty big cock, and I think I would have pleasantly struggled to blow him.

I hadn’t realised until Sir started to untie me that my arms were hurting, I think I had been tied for at least an hour. We had a little cuddle, then went to the cellar.

We spent some time seeing a young girl getting beaten very hard by an American Dom. He seemed intent on breaking her, not much pleasure coming her way at all, just massive amounts of punching, and hitting with various looking weapons that made the usual cane look easy! I think I must be twisted, as this extreme beating was getting me so turned on, it was making me jealous, I wanted to be her, and I wanted the Dom to be Sir!

We were among the last to leave. I think this had to of been one of the best nights out I have had in a very long time. As we were driving back through the city, we saw all the pub/club goers out on the street, and thinking, I bet we had a far better night than they did.