you are just a slut…

“you are just a slut. you are here to amuse Us. Entertain Us. We want to see you cum..”

The wand was pressed firmly to my clit, well just above it, in that sweet spot so my orgasm could build. my hands were cuffed behind my back as i lay on the floor with my legs spread, held apart by 2 men. One of them is my Sir, the other is Mr M, both strong against little me.

“you will fuck who ever We tell you to, doesn’t matter what they look like, could be old, could be fat, it doesn’t matter to you, you just want cock, and lots of it”

These words were like gold to me, the hands around my throat making it just that little bit harder to cum. The air getting squeezed out of my body, but then released just before it went dark.

i was trembling with anticipation and fear, my juices were literally flowing out of me like a river. i can’t help it, that feeling of being small and helpless, against men is a desire like no other. To be able to get away is never an option.

Unfortunately the fear held my cum back, making it build higher and higher.

“If you don’t cum soon, We will find other ways to use you for Our entertainment, We will beat the shit out of you, you thought We had hit you hard already… We have barely touched you!”

i’m not sorry that the thought of being punched and kicked by these 2 is a massive turn on. i wanted to please them by cumming, but also a part of me is going, no wait, lets hold off and get beaten. Truth is i would much rather be beaten for fun, than a punishment. i rarely get punishments, as i am so eager to please.

“We want to hear those cute little puppy barks when you cum”

my eyes were closing, i kept opening them to remind me of exactly where i was and who was there looking down on me. This was not a time for my head to go off to it’s own fantasy land, i wanted to keep showing it that we are there right now in fantasy land. It is happening. Right here. Right now.

Then it hit me. Cramp in my right leg. Cunt.