Twas the night before Christmas, gagging sounded through the house…

…Sir’s cock was stirring, right in a sluts mouth,

A fist nestled tight, wound in the hair,

Of the slut on her knees, completely stripped bare.


The neighbours relaxed, all snug in their bed,

Unaware of the force, pounding in the sluts head,

With Sir in a suit, all dressed from a do,

slut on the floor, her cunt oozing with goo.


Sir pushed slut aside, she fell with a clatter,

He came back with a club, to give her a batter,

Bent over the bench, he gave the first bash,

He knew something was right, when juice flowed from her gash.


The doorbell rang, to the door Sir did go,

He left slut bent over, her butt all a glow,

Voices rose through the house, before what should appear,

8 men in suits, slut whispered “oh dear”.


With little persuasion, slut crawled to their feet,

Kissing their shoes, with her greeting so sweet,

The kicks came and started, all fast with no rest,

Until one pulled slut up, holding on to her breast.


“NOW slut”, “NOW fucktoy”, they treated the whore,

To slapping her face, making her beg for more,

With a punch to the gut, she slammed to the wall,

All laughing hard, as they watched her fall.


Feeling all winded, and like she would die,

“Get up, we’ll be gentle”, she knew that was a lie,

So up to her feet, breathing as best cause she knew,

If she stayed down there, she’d be beaten black and blue.




And then in a twinkling, someone came up behind,

Grabbing slut by her throat, to play with her mind,

As slut came to focus, being turned around,

Hands were grabbed behind, and proceed to be bound.


He was dressed in black, from his head to his toe,

His flies undone, for slut to give him a blow,

slut on her knees, her head held back,

Cocks rammed down her throat, causing her to yack.


Bent over the bed, her time had now come,

To take them one at a time, up her little bum,

One by one they joined, in to be merry,

But if slut wanted to come, she must bark like Cherry.


Cocks pounded her hard, in her arsehole so tight,

Taking cocks in her mouth, as she tries not to bite,

her mind was a blur, and legs like jelly,

While all the time being recorded, to watch on the telly.


“Pull your ass cheeks apart”, she heard one of them say,

“We want to fill you with cum, the old fashioned way”

With a wink of Sir’s eye, and a crook of his head,

Soon gave her to know, she had nothing to dread.


They spoke not a word, but went straight to their work,

And filled slut with cum, as they happily jerked,

When those who had cum, enjoying the pace,

A few who were left, wanted to wank in her face.


slut sprang to her knees, and looked into their eyes,

Enjoying the moment, before the good byes,

All covered in cum, blocking her sight,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


My first CMnf Event– June 2014 (Real)

i couldn’t think of a better way to spend our 10 month anniversary, than spending an afternoon, surrounded by men in suits and naked ladies. A place full of friendly people, up for a chatting and making new friends. This is a very couples orientated event, usually at those types of events no one chats much. But it is not like that at this one.

i entered the club wearing Sirs jacket, my slave collar, and nothing else, i would have been happy to go from the car to the club naked, but they prefer you to be discrete. Sir looked very handsome in His dj, everytime i looked at Him, my clitty would pulse. There is something about a man in a suit…hmmm…yummy!

It was a beautiful day for it, the sun was shining, enough for the girls to keep warm and happy, but not so much that the Men were roasting in Their suits.

Sir left me on my knees, blindfolded, with hands cuffed behind my back, and said, “I’ll be back in a moment” i didn’t feel the need to question him, i waited quietly, trying not to fidget, as i didn’t know if He was watching me or not.

He returned with something from the van. Stocks. Not just any stocks, ones which would make me into His human table, ideally suited for pint glasses to be held, but none were available at the bar, so He settled for a bottle of bud. This was actually a good thing for me, as it required less balancing, but i did thoroughly enjoy the challenge.

As we walked outside, there were many comments on how they were impressed by his idea, i knelt in the sunshine on the grass, and kept still. my back and my arms were aching from it, but i didn’t want to come out of it, i wanted to stay in there, so i persevered. Sir decided it would be ‘fun’ to put the nipple suction cups on me, i can’t say i agreed with Him. Thank god it wasn’t a pint glass on the stocks, as it would have gone over!

He very kindly let me lay on the ground and have a break, still in the stocks, before i got up and carried on for a bit longer, until reluctantly i had to have them taken off. Although it has made me think about incorporating a slave workout, into my daily routine.

After we had munched on the buffet, Sir made me go and put my pretty red jewelled butt plug in, knowing that if He left me do it, i would be more likely to be able to keep it in for a while, rather than have Him force it in me fast! i was very happy i managed 2 hours with it in, my new personal best!

He had me kneel down, butt facing outwards, so everyone could see how sparkly i looked, whilst being Sir’s footstool, as he read the paper. At this point i was thinking, that everything was perfect right now.

After finishing with the paper Sir allowed me to move, not far though, just in the right place to be able to give Him a nice foot rub. i was loving every second of serving my Sir, and it was making up for the both of us being so busy lately.

Going for a little wander outside, we bumped into TheSecretSmile, and he said he was free to do the photo i had in mind, up against the tree. Which so far has got over 400 likes on Fetlife, it’s become one of my most popular photos by a long shot! Although i nearly lost my butt plug when doing it!

It was time for a last bit of cake before we headed home. i picked the double layered strawberry and cream, and returned to Sir with 2 forks. He took one, and proceeded to place a chunk of cake onto His shoe, this is what i get for forgetting to bring my bowl with me, although not really a punishment, just more fun! Excitedly i put my fork on the table, bent over, and started to eat like a hungry little puppy. Combining 2 of my favourite things, eating cake and kissing Sir’s shoes!

On returning home, i was horny, really horny! Sir asked to see some of my favourite porn… it was a harsh anal one, that was both a good idea and a bad one, as he proceeded to make me get off using the wand, over and over again, before trying to ram his fist up my ass with no lube (I was wet enough). He ended it by fucking my butt so hard, whilst pinning me face down to the bed.

All in all, one of the best days of my life. xx

Just another typical evening drowning a slut… (Real)

Lately Sir and i have not had much time for fun and kinky activities, we have been so busy trying to get His house finished. On Sunday, after a long hard day of working out in the sun, we came in ready to bath and eat. Both feeling quite tired and hungry. i couldn’t wait to get in the bath, and wash the creosote off me, i was looking a bit of a state, as i wasn’t wearing much, just shorts, top and bikini top, which meant I was filthy. i thought Sir was feeling sleepy too, but i was pretty wrong about that…

We had a little hug, whilst deciding what to do for dinner, our vanilla hug had started to turn into kisses, not the usual kisses, i mean the sort of kisses you have when you haven’t seen each other for a month, or you have just started seeing them. i could sense the urgency in Him, yes He wanted to fuck me, but that’s never all He does… i crumpled to the floor, as He punched me in the stomach, only to be quickly pulled back up by my hair.

He unzipped to force His cock down my throat, like i was some little fuck doll with no feelings. i hate having to pull back, but i didn’t have a choice, it was starting to get beyond gagging. Not wanting me to make a complete mess on the carpet, He dragged me along by my red locks to the toilet, and proceeded to torture my throat, every time i pulled away to throw up, He booted me hard in my ass until i returned, mouth open and ready to roll. i like to think i learn quickly, as i was getting quicker at getting back in time, as my butt was starting to get painful from all the kicks.

Tears were running down my face, my make up was completely smudged, and my hair a tangled mess. i managed to make myself look semi decent, so we could pop out to the supermarket and grab some food.

Having eaten a few cupcakes on the way back, i really shouldn’t of been surprised at what happened when we got in, Sir pounced on me, my clothes came off, all the time Sir was saying that i was a pig for going out looking like such a mess, and eating cupcakes, there wasn’t much i could do or say back, apart from lay there and take His hurtful comments, whilst He was pounding me hard on the floor.

Although next was harder to do… He told me to oink like a piggy, i turned away. He knows i don’t like this game, pulling my hair, and hitting me did the trick though, i started to oink, with my eyes shut, i couldn’t look at Him, i felt totally ashamed. “If you go out looking like a fucking pig, then I will fuck you like one!”

i had to squeal more, as He flipped me over, put my face into the bed, so He could fuck me harder from behind. my eye make up was going all over His clean sheets, (something i was worried about getting punished for later!).

After He had had enough, i was allowed to clean up in a nice hot bath, or so i thought. i was relaxing nicely and starting to unwind from all the painting earlier, and day dream about the hard fucks and treatment i had recently endured just moments ago.

Sir came in with a funny look in His eyes, i thought He was done with me for now, but i was wrong…. So so wrong…

He pushed my head down into the bath, i instantly started to panic, but His steel arms just held me in place, until He released, i could feel my body go completely tense. Turning on the tap, i thought He was topping me up with hot water, ahhh so sweet of Him, WRONG! Round 2 of drowning His little fuck toy was on the way, shoving down, and holding me still by my neck, i could feel the water rising up, unable to move, all i could think as it started to surround my face was, i don’t wanna die i don’t wanna die! i kept still, although looking back, i am not sure if i was still from him holding me, or perhaps i was paralysed with fear.

This game seemed to go on forever, but it was only later that i found out He had me the same height as the over flow, the water was never going to reach my nose! i was a bit pissed off when i found this out!

i tried to compose myself after His game was over, but i couldn’t help the tears that came tumbling down. It was at that moment, like so many others, that i realised just how much i love my Sir.

How to start a New Year – Collar and Punches with Love xx (Real)

Sir and i spent our first Christmas together, i was excited to open my main present. We had been to the BBB a couple of weeks before, so i had a good feeling i knew what it was going to be. Sir had asked me to strip naked, but leave on my long socks.

As i unwrapped it, i could see it was a collar from Wryed Slave, one for me to wear all the time, and not to be taken off. It looks like metal rope, very fitted to my neck, and shouldn’t get in the way of day to day tasks. Whilst kneeling on the floor, in front of the fire, i took it out of the box, Sir asked me to lift my hair as he put it on. Somewhere Only We Know by Lilly Allen was playing on the TV, seemed quite appropriate, but then Justin Bieber came along and tried to ruin the moment, so we turned it off.

Sir started playing with my hair, and neck, telling me what the collar means, that i am his, and will obey Him, so in my simple little head i figured nothing would really change…. It was on, knees scuffed along the ground, as He dragged me by my hair to the mirror so i could see for myself how pretty it made me look. i agreed, i loved the way it looked and what it represented.

What followed seemed a kind of initiation; i was put into stocks, arms and neck, face up on the bed, with a white hood to cover my face. Usually with previous Doms i have relished being bound, or blindfolded, but with Sir G, He scares the crap out of me so much, that it terrifies me even further when I can’t see him, or get away. Not that He has ever let me go enough to wriggle away, but mentally I tell myself that i could if i really wanted to.

After quite a beating from Sir, punches to my stomach, my sides, hip bones and thighs. i squirmed a lot, screaming out in pain. At least i thought my face was safe because He had brutalised that a few days before hand, as i had time off from work over Christmas for the bruising to fade.

Still hooded, He flipped me over, and fucked me from behind, punching and kneading me more, before popping me back onto my back, and messing with my head. Saying that I should stay still unless i want to risk taking the tops off. The tops off what i don’t know! i stayed still and quivered like mad, begging Him not to cut me, as i felt strokes of something brushing over my tits. i thought it might have been a pin wheel, but then didn’t think it was sharp enough. He must have had a big smile on His face, He told me afterwards that it was only my hair brush! i felt pretty stupid being so petrified of a brush.

Once the stocks and hood were taken off, He rammed me hard, holding me tighter, and cumming in me so hard i had a job to breathe. i certainly felt like i had earned hugs afterwards.

New Years eve came around, and we had put our names down for the Facility, it wasn’t particularly busy there, but i made sure i kept my Sir entertained with lap dances. i requested Sweet Child of Mine by GnR, followed by Cryin by Aerosmith, Sir seemed entertained as i grinded on Him, and gyrated around the floor in front of Him. He smiled at me every time i did booty shakes, pretty sure He loves those bits.

We made our way upstairs, to the padded room, Sir made me strip off and remove earrings before placing cuffs on my wrists and ankles. My arms were hoisted up, and legs spread with a bar. Next the mindfold went on, i found this extra creepy, as i never quite know with Sir what is going to happen, i heard the door close. my body went cold and my heart skipped a beat.

Sir started to lay into me, punching me, kicking me for the first time, in my stomach, i would have picked the thud of the kicks and punches, over the stinginess of slaps. He told me and i felt him draw a target on my belly, i was so worried He was going to kick me again, and couldn’t help but keep springing about.

Stingy hits started to come my way, i didn’t know what it was at the time, but later i found out it was a wooden truncheon. i could feel that it hurt like fuck, but was aware that there wasn’t much power behind each hit to my arse, legs and breasts. i was dancing about all over the place, begging Him to stop hitting me with that, he shouted at me to dance for Him. My legs were shaking making it difficult to move, especially with the spreader still attached, desperately i tried to keep a rhythm, but got wacked when i didn’t, there was no music, only the sound of Sir’s voice, the hits and my heart pounding.

He went quiet, i had no idea where he was, so rather than jumping about, i stayed still, some how i thought this would help me, instead the truncation hit made me scream louder as it made me jump.

my arms were released, i didn’t realise just how much i had been pulling on them, until they came down. A little part of me started to relax, thinking i might be in for a rest bite, but i was wrong, so wrong. i was picked up by force to my ribs and thrown against the wall, thank god it was padded, as i slammed against it. Sir caught me by my throat, keeping me up on my toes, and kneeing me in the cunt, i could hear fireworks going off outside, Sir wished me a Happy New Year, i tried to get the words out to say it back, but as i was being choked, hardly anything came out. He came in close to me, saying what i am in for, what the collar means, and saying that He has barely got started with me yet. Wanting me to repeat back what he had been saying, i was not expecting that, but fortunately i remembered and said, “i am Your slut, and i will obey every order to the best of my ability”
Seemed like a much longer sentence at the time!

i couldn’t have imagined a better way to ring in the New Year.

As He released his grip, i dropped to the floor, my wrists were fastened to the spreader bar near my ankles, bringing my face to His boot, He wanted me to lick it like my life depended on it, so i tried, but the mindfold got caught in my mouth, so He happily whipped it off, meaning he could see how terrified i was. He did know anyway, as He said my body’s reactions completely change when i’m terrified rather than scared.

i rolled on my back, and He tried to get a good shot at kicking and hitting my pussy. my legs seemed to spring in though, i just can’t keep still for that. At this point we heard everyone downstairs singing Ol Lang Syne, again a nice little reminder that we were starting the New Year together.

He walked over me until He was standing near my head, kicked my face over to the side, and held my face there by His boot pressing down on my cheek, to make me lick His boot that way. i could feel my cheek bone getting compressed as He stepped on my little face with His big boot.

The truncation came back out, which made me nervous, but would have made me petrified if i had known that was what He hit me with first. Instead of hitting me, He fucked me with it, whilst using the Lelo on my clit, and calling me a dirty a little slut. With each profanity i was getting closer and closer to climaxing, but it went on pause when He threatened to beat the fuck out of me again if i didn’t amuse Him by being a good little fucktoy for Him, and cumming. Didn’t take long before i was pushed over the edge though.

What followed was a fit of giggles, once released, i could not hold them back, He didn’t look impressed, He threatened again to start all over if i didn’t stop, and the twat i am still couldn’t stop! He said He hadn’t told me the magic words, so i was not safe. A cold shiver ran through my naked body, as He pulled me up and threw me against the wall, i bounced off like a rag doll. Sir came in close, and whispered the magic words, “you’re safe”.

Happy New Year!!

First Outing with Sir G to Exodus (Real)

i feel this blog needs a little intro, as it is written very differently to my other blogs, as it is written from slut j, not red Juliette. i have met someone who is ticking all the boxes for what my ultimate Owner would be like, to Him i am slut j, a fucktoy for Him to use and abuse how He wishes, and hopefully one day i will be His property.


i had been looking forward to last Saturday ever since Sir had mentioned taking me to Exodus, so He could show off his new toy – me! i have only been there once, and have been wanting to go back ever since. Sir picked out a little black dress for me with silver lingerie and clear Perspex heels for the occasion. i had done my eyes just how He likes them, trying my best to look pretty for Him.

As soon as we arrived, He attached a lead to my collar, and we went to explore the club. It was a back to school theme night, and one of the dungeons had been transformed into a school room. Sir told me that He figured most people would be there for that, meaning parts of Exodus could be nice and free for Him to use me harshly.

We hadn’t been there long before He took me into one of the dungeons, ordered me to take off my dress and heels, and get me onto an St Andrews cross. With my ankles and wrists bound to it, i was not going anywhere. i was feeling chilly and nervous as He put the blindfold on me. This was the first time He has ever had me bound and blindfolded, i kept on reminding myself that i could trust him, and He would look after me, but i found those thoughts harder to maintain whilst He started to beat me with a Nylonic cane, then a straight thick wooden cane. I was hurting now, but He carried on going back to the Nylonic Teflon covered cane. After quite a few hits, He started explaining what was going to happen, He was going to give me 3 beatings that night, the first of which was nearly over, and how i could make it stop… Whilst telling me this He was starting to hit me harder, i can’t remember what He was hitting me with at this point. He wanted me to shout out ‘my name is slut j and i am a cock whore!’ If it was loud enough He would stop, if not He would go straight into beating number 2 with no rest. It took a few more whacks, and me trying to remember exactly what i had to shout out, before i shouted it out.. i was loud.. i am sure i heard a few giggles too. “Was that loud enough Sir??” i asked straight away, fortunately it was.

He pressed Himself up against me, i could feel His hard cock through His trousers, i was desperate to be fucked, made worse because i had been on a cum ban past few days. i could feel His hand on my clit, working their magic way, whilst He was whispering in my ear about how much of a slut i am. All this was gold to me, and made me want to cum, very difficult usually when i stand, but i was so god damn horny it didn’t matter! He told me i had to shout out ‘my name is slut j, please can i cum Sir?!’ i did not hesitate, i was desperate to climax! It was loud enough for Him to let me cum!

As promised i got some lovely snuggly hugs after. my dress got put away in His box, and i put the heels back on. He got out the marker and wrote ‘slut j’ across my chest, and ‘I love cock on my stomach’, to make me look worse (or better) He put 2 condoms in my thong and 1 in my bra, along with the tube of lube. Even though lots of people were not dressed in much, i some how felt a lot of eyes on me, i seemed to stand out from everyone else that was wearing nice little bits of clothes, i was very aware of the extras Sir had added to me, and not forgetting the red bottom too.

The buffet area was busy, with lots of the seats occupied by naughty couples, Sir looked at me with a cheeky looking smile. As He took off the lead, He said “I need a napkin, go get Me one now” He pointed to where they were piled up, which was the furthest point away. i reluctantly went, i could feel lots of eyes on me, i kept my head up not wanting to make eye contact with anyone, because i felt like everyone obviously knew how much of a slut i am. i got the napkin quick, and left, Sir barely used it and gave it back to me, told me to take it to the bin at the back of the buffet. Again reluctantly i took it, and threw it away for Him. He told me later that some people were smiling, and could see what was going on, which i found amusing too.

We found our way into the lounge, Sir ordered me onto all fours in front of a chair, He sat down, and placed His feet on his willing footstool. i was very aware of how red and warm my arse was at this point. i tried to keep dead still for Him as any good footstool/slut would.

Sir locked in a little remote vibrator, once He was happy it was working He locked me in a cage, one that i stand in, bars all around and above. He chained my arms through the top, not tight, so i could dance for him, and to anyone else who happened to walk by. i was having fun and felt right at home dancing and being in a cage, 2 of my favourite things, eventually He let me have my arms back, meaning i could dance a little easier. i was instructed to only dance when the vib was switched on, and to hold my position when it went off. This was all well and good, until He turned it off when i was was dancing in the air, supporting myself with my arms! i think Sir enjoyed watching me dance for Him, as afterwards He said how much it wound Him up – this made me very happy of course.

We moved into a dungeon with a bench for beating number 2, i laid over the bench, face down, while Sir bound my wrists and ankles, i was not going anywhere. my arse cheeks were still feeling warm from the first beating, so i knew this was going to hurt a lot more. He jumped straight in with his hands, then a flogger, followed by leather paddle, and then a studded paddle (which stung bad, making my red hair flick as I thrashed around!). Last on the list was a heavy rubber paddle, He’d fashioned this one Himself from old conveyor belt, whilst beating my sorry red cheeks, He explained how to make it stop, if i didn’t shout the phrase loud enough, He would go straight into the final round. i was trying my best to remember what the phrase was, as He would not remind me. my head was fuzzy from the continuous hits, but eventually i shouted it out loud enough, and got it right, thank god! Although because He was abusing me in a much more public area, i buried my head after i shouted it, feeling embarrassed.

i was a very lucky slut, as Sir got the wand, and placed it on my clit, i was able to grind myself easily to orgasm, and of course shouting out when i was ready to cum. People were watching but i hadn’t noticed them at the windows.

Sir released me from the cuffs, and lifted my face to look Him in the eyes, kissing me passionately, making me forget just how much my butt was stinging. As i wriggled about, He placed his boot in front of my face, He didn’t even need to ask, i was kissing His boot straight away, feeling very submissive with each kiss.

Next came some stupidity… i took a sip from my water, only to turn around and find Sir glaring at me, i asked Him if he wanted some, but judging by His look, it was too late. He took me back over to the bench, held me down by my hair, and used the shambok on me, this was the first time anyone has used one on me, i could feel that He wasn’t even hitting me hard, but with each tap it killed! i could not stop wriggling about. That was the moment i learnt to ALWAYS offer any food or drink to Sir first before having any myself.

After a nice little break, we wandered round. We started to head in the direction of the cellar, Sir said “let’s see if the cellar is free” but i didn’t think we were about to play, because Sir had not brought anything down there with us, so this made me feel quite relaxed. i was wrong… so wrong…

He ordered me to take off my shoes, before He pushed me through a puddle towards the wall. Attaching my hands up high, He started pinching my arse hard, i squealed out, whilst He was saying how stupid i was for wanting to be with Him in the cellar, knowing that He was going to be hardest with me in there. The damp cold cellar was perfect for harsh play, the puddles on the floor, the tatty walls set the scene perfectly for it.

As He laid into my stomach with evil punches i was starting to get scared, and have a tinge of regret for saying how much i wanted it. i kept gasping for breath, but He was not letting up any time soon, flipping me round so He could punch my butt cheeks, with what felt like full force, but that could have been because it was hurting so much already.

Flipping me back round to face Him, He continued beating my stomach, saying for me to shout out my phrase, do you think i could remember what the fuck i was supposed to be shouting?! It did not come to me fast, i was trying so desperately to think, He was shouting right in my face, “Who the fuck are you?!” Making my knees go weak with fear. Having trouble breathing, i remembered! i shouted it out as loud as i could, i could hear the echo up the stairs.

He stopped, i could feel myself weak and hanging like a piece of meat. Releasing me, Sir popped me up on the table, and gave me hugs. As i hugged him back, i felt relief, not relief that He had stopped, but relief i had finally met some one i could trust to push me far, and give me the brutal treatment i crave. But also someone who isn’t afraid to do it, whom will look after me and build me back up afterwards.

Here is what Sir left me with, He was very considerate not to leave me marks that would show for my work, unfortunately that means He has a very small space to work with.

Here is what Sir left me with, He was very considerate not to leave me marks that would show for my work, unfortunately that means He has a very small space to work with.

Tuxedo Tuesday (Real)

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to have my second meet with the Tuxedos, only this time instead of 3 guys, I had 5! Should have been 6, but sadly one was unwell. I wore a lovely black dress with roses on it, no underwear.

I arrived feeling excited and nervous, a big fantasy of mine was about to become a reality. After the first meet I had discussed being used more forcefully this time, so I knew I was in for a tough time…

I was led into the lounge, and all eyes were on me, only 3 guys there as the other 2 got held up. They looked me up and down, saying they had heard about me, how much of a cock loving slut I was last time. I was held in place while Sir P got a knife, as soon as I sore the blade, I froze as he proceeded to slice my dress right off me, this was the first time anyone had done this.

The camera was turned on, the night was being filmed.

My feet were kicked out from under me, as I was manhandled to the floor. The 3 guys got to fucking me straight away, including my ass being fucked with no warm up, but thankfully they decided to use lube, as it was a bit touch and go for a while!

I heard extra foot steps in the room, I was too preoccupied by being a cock slut to turn my head to see, but I was sure the current 3 guys were still round me. He joined in by getting straight in and fucking me.

I started to ride one of the guys who had a massive cock, trying to please him and the others around by riding him well. It was now time for one of my cherries to be popped.. I was about to get dp’d for the first time, so with that fat cock in my pussy, the next guy got behind me, he penetrated my tight little fuck hole, making me wince out in pleasure pain. The camera was facing me, I knew I would be able to watch this back and relive it, over and over again!

Just when I thought I couldn’t get anymore full, a cock was placed at my mouth. Being the polite cock junkie I opened my mouth and did my best to satisfy him. This was my first airtight experience.

There were quite a few cherries popped for me on this night!

Another guest arrived shortly after my airtight, he didn’t seem best pleased with me. Grabbing my hair to look at him, he was annoyed that I didn’t wait for him, in my defence me versus 3 guys at the start, I was never going to win. He took his cock out and roughly forced it down my throat, saying how much of a slut I was for not waiting. His cock made me gag, a lot, I pushed him away, to which he thought I was being very ungrateful, I pleaded with him, that it was not my intention.

This wasn’t good enough! So he thought a hard pounding would mend my ways, which hurt, if I wasn’t being held in place I would have moved!

A blindfold was placed on me, as I was held down on a mat, I had a feeling I knew what was coming, and I didn’t want it… The guys held me in place as Sir dripped candle wax over my naked writhing body. Over the nipples stung the most. This was the first time I had ever really had hot candle wax, and it was a good job I had so many hands on me! The fact that I was made to take it made me incredibly wet!

Ordered to my feet, I was lead upstairs, and I noticed the camera made it’s way up as well, I didn’t want what was about to happen, but it was me versus 5 guys, so I had to get in the bath tub and kneel down. Sir P got in first, tried to get me to open my mouth, but I wasn’t having any of it, instead he pissed all over my face, hair and body. I was thinking all of them were gonna take their turns, but fortunately I only had to endure it from one other. Why I fantasise about this I don’t know, it made me feel like trashy scum.

I was very grateful for the hot shower afterwards.

After rinsing myself off I went down stairs, and was held down, and made to cum over and over again. I know I remembered to ask for the first one, but then was forced to have more after that. Including, (yet another cherry being popped!) I squirted for the first time ever! All it took was 4 guys holding me down, and one licking my clit whilst rubbing my g-spot!

At one point I was riding Sir J’s cock, and got a little carried away, as I brought myself to orgasm, but unfortunately for me I forgot to ask permission. Grabbing my hair and holding my face close to his, he looked annoyed, told me to get off him as I didn’t deserve his cock like this

He flipped me over, told me to hold my ass cheeks apart, he went straight in, and I jumped forward as it was instant pain. Two guys then locked me in place, whilst he pumped his hard cock in to my sore ass, I couldn’t move, I wanted to, it hurt! I kept crying out how sorry I was, but it didn’t seem to make a difference, I just waited until he was done with me.

I was a lucky cum slut, and got to taste some lovely spunk, and also had my face covered in it. I gave 2 guys in a row my best head to make them spunk down my throat. My jaw ached a little after the first, but it was worth it, as I love it doing it so much.

As the night came to an end I started to get dressed, (yes I had brought other clothes with me!), I was putting on my panties and top, which seem to attract the attention of Sir J. I then sat on his lap and started to give him a filthy lap dance. Grinding myself against his cock and kissing him. His hands found their way into my panties onto my swollen clitty, he gently rubbed me to climax, which someone else was filming on his phone.

This was written from my hazy memory of the night, as I have not seen the video at the time of writing this. I know there was spitting on my face at various times, lots on me being made to cum, more dp, nipple pinching, being told off for smiling, cocks in all my holes.

It was truly an amazing evening, with 5 very lovely gentlemen, who were not so gentle with me, exactly what I wanted.

Slave gets gangbanged (Story)

Gone was my safe word, and warned if I were to use it I would get a horrid punishment using breast bondage, which he knows I don’t like. He would tightly bind my breasts with bands, get them all purple, hard and swollen, then beat them! I didn’t want that, I knew I didn’t, he knew I didn’t. I was going to do everything I could to please Sir this weekend, I promised myself I would. I put my trust into him, he didn’t tell me what was happening, but all I needed to know was that he would not let me out of his sight, and that I would be safe..

Saturday evening came, I took my time getting ready, nervously trying to apply my make up, trying to get it perfect, all the time wondering what the point was, when I am sure it was going to end up smeared over my face. I wore a short black dress with polka dots, which showed a lot of cleavage, just what Sir requested. I wasn’t allowed panties, as usual, and had to wear some nice heels. Sir arrived to pick me up promptly at 7pm.

He inspected me before we left, wanting to make sure I looked good for him, and that I had done everything he had requested. I looked away as he caught my eye, his hand placed under my chin, lifting it up. “Look at me slut” he said softly, my gaze met his, my knees were feeling weak as I felt uneasy being allowed to look at him.

“I have a fun evening planned for you, are you going to be a good girl?” he said, while brushing my hair away from my face.

“Yes Sir” I replied, with a little excited smile escaping.

“Good girl”

The anticipation was making me wet already, I could feel my juices between my thighs. His fingers crept down me, and under my dress. He smiled at me, as I made his fingers moist.

I looked down, smiling. Lifting my chin again, he leaned in to give me a slow passionate kiss. It’s strange as the softer, and nicer he was being with me, the more worried I was feeling, but the more he kissed me, the more I forgot about the everything else..

A quick punch to my stomach, caught me by surprise and I dropped to the floor winded. Gasping for air, he lifted me up by my hair, my body followed. His hand clasped tightly round my throat, as I was pushed back into the wall, he looked into my eyes, which were having a hard time staying open, smiled and said “Right slut, I think you are now ready, lets go!”

I felt far from ready, all that work making myself look nice, and I now feel like a mess!

I locked up and put the keys in my bag, with my phone and wallet, Sir grabbed it off me, said I wouldn’t be needing it. He turned my phone off, and put the bag in the boot. He ordered me to get in the back and lay down, he passed me a blindfold to put on. Once on, he then put a ball gag in, bound my wrists behind my back, and my ankles together, and covered me with a blanket.

To say I was wet, was an understatement…

I couldn’t keep track of where we were going to, possibly he drove for about 40 minutes, until he parked up. Not a word was said to me throughout the whole journey, and rock music was played loud. He left me in the locked car for a while. When he returned I heard guys talking, a couple of voices I think, the door opened and I did not recognise the voices. I started to panic as I was pulled up out the seat, and hoisted over some ones shoulder, I was bound, so my little wiggles were pointless. They took me inside, un-tied me, and placed me on my knees, I knelt there quivering, not so much of being cold, but more because I was feeling nervous. Footsteps came towards me, and the gag was taken out, and then the blindfold came off. A few couple of metres in front of me stood 5 handsome men, all staring back at me. I became very aware of myself, hair in a tangle, my dress had crept up my thighs, starting to show my pussy. I was blushing, I knew what Sir had in store for me tonight.

Sir yanked my hair to make me look at everyone, I felt so embarrassed, I’m not even sure why, he whispered so only I could hear him..

“I want you to tell everyone what a dirty little fuck toy you are, tell them how you want all your holes to be filled at once, to be taken and used, if I am satisfied then that is what will happen, if not, then it won’t. Your choice.”

I opened my mouth, but words did not want to come out, he yanked my hair, “Do it!” he ordered.

I started to say in a small voice what I wanted, what I had fantasied about, being taken by a group of men, being made to feel powerless, to feel used, beaten and sore, and then forced to take more. Some of the guys started to smile back at me, and I felt like I had done well. Sir got up and left me to join them, “sorry guys, I don’t think she wants it enough, sorry to waste your time” he explained.

Suddenly my voice came to life, I begged, louder, and pleaded for them not to go. I had thought about this for as long as I could remember, I wanted it and I wanted it now. I begged over and over.

Now they were all smiling, Sir said “That’s much better slut, now stand up”

I stepped back as 3 of the guys approached me, I couldn’t help it, they seemed quite domineering, and I really wanted to talk to Sir, but I could see him and the rest walking away. “Come with us” one of them said, “But Sir said he wasn’t going to let me leave his sight” I responded, I went to walk through between them, but was picked up and taken into a bedroom. I was struggling, saying that I wanted Sir to come back, they seemed to find it amusing!

He dropped me onto the bed, flipped me over so I was face down, hands were running all over me, not in a sensual way, more like they were handling a piece of meat. Hands went down to my cunt, and fingers slid easily inside me, he laughed, telling the other 2 to check out how wet I was, I could feel all of their hands down there, inside me, smearing my juices around my pussy, and then all over my face.

Hands round my throat guided me onto my knees, he started slapping my face, over and over, my eyes were shut, I opened them to see a fist coming at my face, I flinched as knuckles slowly kneaded my jaw. My heart skipped a beat, thankful that he did not punch my face. With hands around my throat, and a different one holding my head back by my hair, my mouth was wide open, unable to shut, a cock was shoved down my throat and held there. No warm up to giving head, just straight down, stopping my breathing. Making me gag as he eventually took it out. Oxygen rushed into me as I gasped for air. “I think she likes it” said one, “Keep doing it, remember her owner already explained how much she could take”

With that he continued, it went back in, holding it there for longer, and when he pulled out, not giving me time to breath he started fucking my throat. My struggles were useless against them all.

They all took their turns on my mouth, hard thrusts to the back of my throat, I don’t know how I didn’t throw up, guess it helped earlier that I was too excited to eat anything.

One of them released my throat, and within a few seconds I could feel his cock prodding my wet hole, sliding his cock up and down, it must have been covered in me. I was aching to be fucked in my little fuck hole, each time the tip got in the right place, I tried to edge myself onto it, but he pulled away. Instead he parted my ass cheeks and started pressing against my tight hole. I didn’t want this, I tried to move, I want to be cunt fucked, not ass fucked with no warm up.

He inserted his cock into me, I made muffled wines as he penetrated me, I could not move, I could barely breath, I was in pain as he started pumping it in and out, holding on to my hips and driving it into me, it seemed to take forever for the pain to subside even a little.

The way they were touching me and treating me, was like I had done something wrong, they were calling me all sorts of names, that usually only Sir would call me, like “Bitch, Fuck toy, Worthless Cunt, Slut, Whore” seemed even harsher coming from them, I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with it. Not that there was anything I could do about it though.

They were all swapping round, some of them fucking my ass hard and fast, some hard and slow, but all of them were doing so roughly. Cocks pressing in to the back of my throat and being held there, another skull fucking me fast, but not so deep. Cocks going from my ass in to my mouth, then back into my bum again.

I was starting to feel tired, but the door opened, Sir came in with the other 2 guys, he was smiling at me, and had a proud look on his face. I suddenly felt angry towards him, for leaving me, as soon as a cock left my mouth unattended, I piped up and snapped “You promised you wouldn’t leave me Sir!!”

He laughed and said “I guess you didn’t see the cameras you stupid little slut! You’ve never left my sight! You should not speak to me in that tone”

I felt stupid, and worried for talking to him like that.

A new cock was shoved into my throat, hands clasped my hair, keeping me firmly on him.

Sir explained that I would be getting punished for talking to him like that, my mouth was about to be washed out with soap.

I was told to kneel with my head against the wall, Sir held my hair with one hand and my small wrists behind my back with the other hand. I could see one of them putting soap on his cock, “Open now slut!” demanded Sir. I opened, not wanting to make things worse, I was already outnumbered. My mouth became full of cock, he was deliberately rotating it round my mouth, as if to cover every part of it with the rancid soap, I was starting to gag, I tried to pull away, but I was stuck there, he forced it down my throat. It was disgusting! As he pulled out of my mouth, I was coughing, and wanted to spit out the horrible taste, Sir forbade me to do so, I looked at him challengingly, whilst churning my tongue round my mouth. “Open up” Sir ordered, as I did, he pulled my jaw down and spat in my mouth, he invited everyone else to do the same, I had a mouth full of spit from 6 men, gross! “Wash it down with that, and don’t ever speak to me like that again, got it slut??”… “Yes Sir”, I replied through gritted teeth.

Sir went over to the bed, and ordered me to lay over him. I picked myself off the cold floor and went. I’m sure he could feel my wet cunt over his cock, he smiled. Someone came up behind me, and gagged me with a ball gag, they fastened it a bit too tight, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it. Sir guided himself into my wet fuck hole, I moaned as he slid in with ease, my pussy had been wanting some action for ages! I started to grind my hips, and Sir grabbed them to keep me still, he parted my ass cheeks, and asked who would like to go first. I kept still as one of them started to prod his cock against my tight hole, it was feeling like it wasn’t going to happen, just at that moment when you think it won’t, that’s when it pops in! OUCH! Fucking hell!! I jolted forwards, and both managed to slip out.

OWWWW!! Sir punched me in the stomach, and the other guy slapped my arse really hard!!! I instantly tried to say sorry, but forgot I was gagged! Sir held me by the throat as he entered my pussy again, held my cheeks apart forcefully so the other guy went back into my bum. It hurt like hell again, but at least I knew what to expect…

They both started pumping their cocks in and out of each hole, I was feeling full, very full, Sir still had hold of my neck, the other guy had twisted one of my arms behind my back. I may not of been bound, but I could not move at all. I shut my eyes, the pain started to ease, and the pleasure was kicking in, don’t get me wrong, I still felt full, but being held there and fucked by to men was quite possibly the best thing in the world!

My gag was taken off, and a guy twisted my head by my hair, gave me a few hard face slaps, before starting to fuck my mouth, I now had all my holes filled! My clit had been starting to rub from the pressure of being pushed down, I was starting to feel an orgasm build.. As I came, he held his cock down my throat so far, I made no noise what so ever, but I came so hard, very hard. I went very weak as he let me have some air. I so wanted to collapse in a heap, not that it made any difference, as all those hands were there, propping me up

The guys started to slow down, and I winced as they came out of me, Sir pushed me off and I laid down on the bed. My little rest was cut very short when I was manhandled by the other 3 guys into a different position, I was laying over the next guy, on my back, another guy in front of me parting my legs. One went into my ass, and the other gave my pussy a few spanks, before entering into it. I cried out, as not only was I feeling full, but I was starting to feel too sore. They fucked for a while, whilst someone else decided they would cruelly twist my head so they could get sucked off by me.

This repeated itself over and over, until I think every guy had fucked each of my holes at least once. Eventually they came to a stop, I was so thankful as I was feeling very weak

Sir ordered me to the floor to kneel, they all crowded round me, wanking their cocks above me, I knew what was going to happen. “Are you hungry slut?” Asked one of them, “Yes Sir” I meakly replied, and left my mouth open. They all ended up cumming over my face, in my mouth, in my hair and on my chest. It felt nice, but also quite gross at the same time, I had never ever been covered quite like that in spunk before.

“I bet you are thirsty slut” Sir said

“Yes I am Sir”

“Thought you might be, come with me”

He lead me into the bathroom, rather than the kitchen, I said I changed my mind, and that I was OK. I tried to leave, but the others were starting to follow in too.

I tried to say that I didn’t want it, but then some others grabbed me, and bound my hands behind my back, while Sir and someone put in the medical gag, they lifted me into the bath, and sat me to kneeling.

“Don’t make it worse for yourself slut” Sir warned, as I was trying to stand back up. Wondering how much worse it could be, I reluctantly knelt down again.

“Keep your head up at all times!

As Sir pissed into my mouth, the taste was un-bearable, I tried to keep my cum covered head up, but I just couldn’t, in the end he drenched my hair with his stinky piss. Afterwards, he grabbed hold of my hair, twisting it, making me yelp.

“Can’t believe you are making me hold your manky hair slut!!” He said in an angry tone.

One by one all the guys pissed into my mouth, and a fair bit was swallowed, by me, all the time Sir was painfully holding my head back, so my mouth was exposed.

The medical gag was taken out after the last one, I was feeling cold, used, covered in cum and piss, I stank, and felt bruised and sore. As I knelt in the bath looking down, I could feel all their eyes on me.

“What do you say slut?”

“Thank you for using me” I mumbled as I looked down.

“Doesn’t seem like you meant that, I want you to look at each person in the eyes, and say it”

I lifted my filthy face, and said in a clearer voice “Thank you for using me, I really enjoyed it… well most of it” I smiled to myself, as I went back to looking down.

Sir untied my wrists, and left me to have a nice warm shower alone, the hot water was very welcoming, and very quickly the piss and spunk was getting washed away down the drain. I could still feel lots of hands all over me, I had been touch, prodded, slapped and punched so many times, that my skin was feeling alive.

As soon as I turned off the shower, I heard the door open, I dried myself a little before stepping out, and Sir was standing looking at me, our eyes met, and he walked over to me. He started to praise me on how much I had been a Good Girl for him, these words were like magic for me, I could feel myself getting all happily excited. He inspected my body, looking at the various marks all over me, bent me over, looking at my swollen red pussy, parting the lips to make me wince, as it felt raw.

Once he was satisfied I was clean, he lead me into the bedroom, asking me how I was feeling, and if I felt like I could have taken more, or gone on for longer. Even though I was getting wet talking about it, I was true in saying that I was way too sore to do anymore, and was pleased when it stopped. I lay on the bed and he lay facing me, and started hugging me, I nuzzled into him, liking the contact.

His fingers went down my back, stroked my bum, and then went further to feel wetness.

“I think you’re lying to me!” He said in a warning tone.

My heart must of skipped a beat..

“I am not lying, what am I lying about Sir?”

“Your cunt is wet, you need more fucking slave!”

“No no no no Sir, honestly, I don’t, I am hurting!”

“You are wet, you stupid slut!”

I went to get up, but his hug turned into a tight hold. He grabbed my wrists with one of his hands and pulled them above my head. “Please Sir, don’t, I am in pain!” I pleaded with him.

Doing my best to wriggle my legs away, but he managed to get between them. I was pulling hard on my wrists but his grip would not loosen, OWWW! The more I tried to move them, the harder he got. He started slapping my face over and over again, whilst saying “Shut the fuck up! This is what you get for lying to me!”

He spat on my face, and continued slapping it, until my eyes filled up with tears. He stopped to enter his cock into my wet, swollen, sore fuck hole, he was fucking me hard, and fast. Tears were streaming down, and he covered my face with one of his hands, holding me down hard, pumping me fast with his throbbing cock. My pussy was aching so much; I don’t think it has ever hurt this much before, eventually he came, thrusting himself further up inside me as he did.

He rolled me over onto my side, hugging me from behind, pulling me close to his warm body. I pulled some of the duvet over me, and started to feel all snuggled up. He kissed my neck a few times, telling me I had been a good girl for him, I was forgetting just how sore I was right now.

My breathing stopped while he whispered to me “You are my slave, you belong to me”

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