Suited and ‘Booted’

Sir had very kindly organised a gangbang for my Birthday, the night had finally arrived, and unfortunately 2 guys could not make it. But that’s ok, life happens. i was ready to dance at 8pm, but unfortunately public transport meant that one of the 2 guests was running late. Mr M had turned up bang on time.

i was in a sleek black dress, and a body stocking underneath ready for dancing, shoes were off as i was saving my feet for heels to dance.

With the lateness of our guest, Sir and Mr M were getting a little impatient. Originally they were happy not to ruffle me up too much before i danced, this went out of the window when Mr M had me held up against the wall by my neck and punching into my stomach. Taking my breath away with each hit.

Sir ordered me to the floor, to kiss his shoes. His shoes were black like His suit. Both men towering over me in a domineering sort of stance, both suited and booted, it was a good look for them. Sir sent me crawling to the pole and back again, so they could see my ass go side to side. Once back at their feet Mr M stood over me, a foot on either side. He closed his legs in crushed my waist between his legs. i gasped for breath, as he got tighter, my head was spinning as he released and moved away. i lost the battle to keep on all fours as Sir came over and kicked me hard in the stomach. i collapsed to the ground, my mouth open ready to take in air, i needed air, nothing came in. i was winded. i felt panicked, i wanted to help but the only sound that left me was a rusty sound of breath. Eventually i managed to compose myself and lift myself up again, remembering that i am yet to dance for 40 mins for them.

Sir sent me out with my bag to the toilet and told me to fix myself up and make myself presentable again.

It wasn’t long before our next guest turned up, i was a little nervous at who it was, apparently i had never met them before. my hands were handcuffed behind me which attached me to the pole. A hand was put over my eyes, Sir said His hands were not on my body, but i could now feel 2 pairs of hands on me, feeling me, pinching me, slapping me. Sir took His hand off my face and i looked from the floor upwards to see yet another man, this time a taller man, in a suit (of course). As my eyes reached his face i noticed a sweet smile, the sort of smile that makes you think, yeah he must be a nice guy…. Well turns out he was a nice guy, with quite a sadistic streak as i found out later. As i only call one person Sir, i have little nicknames for all the other guys, usually Mr, followed by their first initial. In this case it was Mr T. Yes we did have a giggle at this too!

With my sexy men all ready, it was time for me to get ready to dance. my outfit was a black bra, with a fishnet body stocking over the top, made in such a way it gave the look of suspenders down the legs. i had black leg warmers, which went over the knee, and wore my spikey ankle boots Pleasers. i wore a black thong over a pair of bright pink camel toe pants, i call the look ‘Panty Surprise’.

The music started, the pretty lights were set to fade through all the colours. i do love dancing for them, all in suits, very much the professional gentleman look. With me looking slutty and well presented, all ready to be completely messed up by them later.

i was snaking and rolling around the floor, the leg warmers are perfect for this. Arching my back sticking my bum in the air, followed by opening my legs wide, looking and smiling at each man in turn, as i moved around the room. Sir got the first lap dance, grinding on His lap, doing little puppy barks in his ear and bringing a smile to his face. Mr M got the second one, although i had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction as through all my grinding into his lap, my body stocking had attached itself to one of his suit buttons! i managed to get myself free, even though i think Mr M would have preferred me to be stuck to him for longer, but it was ok, i would be back in a bit. Meanwhile he got to watch my ass, as it wound round and round in Mr T’s lap. Mr T was smiling back at me. my lips were coming close to his, teasing and taunting him. As i got up to leave him, again i got attached! This time i could not get away, and he helped me get free again.

i climbed up the pole, squeezed on tight with my legs and performed a lay back hold between the thighs. Giving me enough time to get my bra off and expose my breasts whilst hanging upside down. Before coming down, i held my legs out in a an open leg V, just the wind the guys up further, knowing that my teasing would earn me more fun later.

It was time for my black panties to come off and reveal my bright pink ones, they shined bright in the blue light which is almost a black light. More lap dances followed, i was getting wetter as i was dancing for them, i knew i was cause i could smell me. It turned me on.

Once my pink panties came off i knew it wouldn’t be long, everyone had had 3 dances each from me, in between my pole dancing and my slut like rolling around on the floor. i went to Sir for lap dance 4, the song Two Fingers by Sweden had just started. A great song to be ambushed too! Before i knew it i was on the floor, hands being cuffed behind my back, legs cable tied together. my heart was racing more now, as my black panties were stuffed into my mouth, and cable tied to keep them in place. The white hood went on. i hate the hood, it makes me very twitchy. As i was laying on the cold floor, my body was very warm from dancing, Mr M and Mr T undone the mouth part of the hood and inserted my slutty dance notes in before zipping it back up.

i could hear the music being turned off, and items being gathered. 2 men picked me up, this terrified me, if they dropped me i would have smashed on the ground and got broken bones. i had no choice but to trust them, as they lifted my sweaty little body out the back, and cruelly plonked me into the boot of Sirs car. This was my first time riding the boot, and i think i was properly dressed and secured in place for it! my mouth got bashed as i was put in the boot, all the way back i wondered if i would have a fat lip, sadly i did not. The cuffs had dug in to my wrists, and even now 2 days on, i write this nursing my bruises from the cuffs. They do look a bit suspect.

The ride home was odd and bumpy in the boot. my face kept getting pressed against the side as he went round corners. Sir was playing Muse, i remember hearing the songs Madness and Panic Station, seemed quite appropriate to the situation i was in. i suppose i should have been panicking, but i was more excited than anything else.

Once back, Sir pulled into His garage, and cut the cable ties off my legs. Someone helped me out, but seeing as i was still in my 6” heels, and feeling wobbly, i had trouble standing and walking. They popped me in a chair, and fondled me, pinching and slapping me. Little punches coming to my face, which scared me, as i still had the hood on. i just kept thinking if i just keep my mouth shut and i will be ok. The hood came off, and they took my boots off. Sir took out his belt from His trousers, this act alone i find highly erotic, He made it into a collar and put round my neck, choking me as He made me stand, to lead me upstairs. i felt as though i was nearly out of air by the time i got to the top step. With my knees like jelly, i was pushed onto the bed face first.

With hands still cuffed behind my back, i was surrounded by 3 men who wanted to use me, to see me suffer and most of all to please them. my hair was pulled to direct my mouth on to cock, to feel it down the back of my throat, making me gag. i was flipped on to my back to make my throat open up more. Legs held open, my cunt exposed as Mr M started to fuck me, no nice fucking, he was straight in hard. Sir has His cock down my throat, and Mr T was intent on giving me what i later started calling, ‘Death Grip’. He was very good at finding nerves and giving them just a little squeeze, the pain was horrendous. This combine with the endless punches to my tits, legs, stomach and face, all made me very compliant. This was them playing, i did not want to do anything wrong to earn a punishment. i am always very eager to please, punishments are extremely rare for me to receive.

Mr T was next penetrate my cunt, my legs still being held open, i think Mr M made me suck his cock. my mind had gone quite blurry when i think of what happened back home. Just imagine lots of being held in place by my throat, pulling my hair, sucking cock. Being punched for not taking it deep enough. At one point Sir ripped off my body stocking.

Mr M moved me off the end of the bed, my knees on the floor and went straight for my ass, something i know he has wanted to do this for a while. i was so pleased i had done a lot of butt training lately, as this made it much more enjoyable to take. my ass is always my favourite hole to be fucked, i love the feeling of a guy behind me, stretching me, taking me.

Sir took His turn as he entered my pussy, telling me to make myself useful and suck one guy off and wank the other, i kept going from one guest to the next in turn. Sir punched my ass when i was not performing well enough for him. So i tried my best to take them deep into my throat, whilst wanking the other guy fast.

i was allowed some ‘rest’ time on the wand bench, an awesome bench that Sir had made. i knelt on all fours, over a little cushioned bench, with the wand between my legs. i grinded on it so hard, Sir was telling me they were all wanking whilst watching me, telling me i was a dirty little slut, who men just want to use. These words were like gold to me, making me cum hard, so hard, i barked loud, and thrashed around, before the wand became too sensitive and i jumped off. Only to be chucked back on the bed for more fucking and death grip nerve pinching. Mr T found this highly amusing, he kept laughing, his laugh was infectious and kept making me laugh, despite the amount of pain he was putting me through.

Unfortunately Mr M had to leave, i had no idea what the time was, but apparently it was late! Sir ordered me to pleasure Mr M before he left. i knelt between his legs, as he sat on the bed, naked and hard, ready for me to put my skills to use. i proceeded to rub my lips up and down his cock, taking him into my throat a few times, which made him extra hard as my gagging noises sounded in the room. i literally wanked him with my mouth, when he was closer i used my hand instead and looked up into his eyes. He could see the mess him and the other guys had made to my make up and hair, i was hoping this was turning him on more. i think it did, as when my mouth went back on his cock, it was just in time for his cum to squirt out on to my tongue, ready for me to swallow. After all i was in need of a drink.

So 3 men then went to 2, they made me lay on the bed, with my legs apart, terrorising me, and hurting me every time i squirmed away from the pain their were inflicting on my poor tired body. Death grip on my nerves from both of them, punching my tits, oddly i was able to take quite a lot of pain. my reward was to cum for them, using the wand, as Mr T finger fucked my pussy. All the while being held down and called a slut and a whore. When i came again i barked loud, something that Sir had conditioned me to do. i couldn’t imagine cumming without barking, as it’s no longer something in my control. If the night had ended there, all would have been perfect. But no, Sir and Mr T decided that holding me down and forcing more cums out of my sensitive clit was the way to finish me off. i didn’t want those orgasms, they were forced. Eventually my clit got so sensitive that i managed to jump out of their grip, super-slut-strength. They laughed, as i curled up and went foetal.

i can’t thank Sir enough for organising this Birthday treat for me. Also thank you to Mr M, and also Mr T for taking the time out of their day to come a use a kinky little fucktoy like me.





you are just a slut…

“you are just a slut. you are here to amuse Us. Entertain Us. We want to see you cum..”

The wand was pressed firmly to my clit, well just above it, in that sweet spot so my orgasm could build. my hands were cuffed behind my back as i lay on the floor with my legs spread, held apart by 2 men. One of them is my Sir, the other is Mr M, both strong against little me.

“you will fuck who ever We tell you to, doesn’t matter what they look like, could be old, could be fat, it doesn’t matter to you, you just want cock, and lots of it”

These words were like gold to me, the hands around my throat making it just that little bit harder to cum. The air getting squeezed out of my body, but then released just before it went dark.

i was trembling with anticipation and fear, my juices were literally flowing out of me like a river. i can’t help it, that feeling of being small and helpless, against men is a desire like no other. To be able to get away is never an option.

Unfortunately the fear held my cum back, making it build higher and higher.

“If you don’t cum soon, We will find other ways to use you for Our entertainment, We will beat the shit out of you, you thought We had hit you hard already… We have barely touched you!”

i’m not sorry that the thought of being punched and kicked by these 2 is a massive turn on. i wanted to please them by cumming, but also a part of me is going, no wait, lets hold off and get beaten. Truth is i would much rather be beaten for fun, than a punishment. i rarely get punishments, as i am so eager to please.

“We want to hear those cute little puppy barks when you cum”

my eyes were closing, i kept opening them to remind me of exactly where i was and who was there looking down on me. This was not a time for my head to go off to it’s own fantasy land, i wanted to keep showing it that we are there right now in fantasy land. It is happening. Right here. Right now.

Then it hit me. Cramp in my right leg. Cunt.





i’m just a slut.

i was shackled downstairs in the cellar, spread eagled against the wooden wall. This was made into a stress position because of my 7 inch platform stripper heels i was wearing. i was trying so hard not to let the stilettos dig into the mats too much. my body started to tire fast, it felt like i was down there for ages, but it was probably only 10 minutes.

The heat was not helping, neither were my cute long socks, they were white with little black rings round the top, kind of like sports socks. The short denim skirt, which at the best of times didn’t cover much, was hoisted up higher to expose the pretty jewelled plug Sir had inserted earlier. my boobs were almost popping out of the tiny black top, with the help of a push up bra, just to give me an extra slutty look.

my make up was done to slutty perfection, big dark eyes, which made the green in them stand out. Red shiny lips. Hair curled, then put up into a pony tail, as it was a hot day. i was ready to rock. Or so i thought…

i heard the door open at the top of the stairs, the stomping of more than just Sirs feet came down, i knew He was bringing someone, but He likes to keep me in suspense, so i found out when my head was yanked back, and i saw Mr M’s face looking at me. His hand was cruelly in my hair, i smiled as much as my pulled face would let me and said “Nice to see you”.

He kissed me, and they both gave me a few stinging slaps, across the butt and the thighs, and warned me to be good or else… Every time i whimpered they just laughed and said They had not even started yet. As my arms were released i almost fell. my arms, although they were holding me up, had gone pretty dead by this point.

i was led up the stairs by Sir with a choke chain around my neck, every step was feeling harder, my body was getting weaker, Mr M behind me was pinching my legs, Sir was pulling harder, slowly choking me as i was walking up.

Once up, i was stripped, just leaving on the cute socks. Kneeling down at Sirs feet, He forced Himself into my mouth, shoving his hard cock all the way until it met with my throat, which fought back with gagging.

Pushing me away, Mr M took hold of the chain, pulled me in towards him, as he got his cock out of his suit trousers and i began to work on him. Eager to please both of these men, i did my best. Trying to push through the gagging, and work my little lips up and down these cocks. It’s what sluts dream of after all.

There was a sweet point where the choke chain was pulled a little too tight…. When i came round there was still cock in my mouth. Awww. Starting to love this choke chain.

Sir had taken the plug out, and started to finger my ass. i have been a bit out of practice lately with everything, so the fingers were hard to take. Although, the cock in my mouth was a good incentive to continue.

They were both disgusted that i hadn’t even offered Them a drink… Not sure when i had a pause to do that so far, but i offered them each a beer now. They happily took one, and led me outside in to the garden. The sun was out, they each sat down, and

i knelt between Them. At this point i just remember feeling very flinchy and unsure of what might happen, i was quiet, they couldn’t see as my head was down, but i was smiling. There was one point outside, Mr M said “Life doesn’t get much better than this” In my head i was agreeing with him.

They asked me to lay on my back and open my legs, this was surprisingly hard, as my legs didn’t want to stay open. i was a bit scared at this point, the sun beaming into my eyes, i was almost blinded, which made me flinch even more.

Sir summoned me back onto my knees, pulled me in by the choke chain, He gave me a few knocks to my face, and a bit of a fondled on one of my boobs, He gave me a choice “Where do you want to take it slut?” He was referring to punches that were coming, i said “my face please Sir” He didn’t hold back, and gave me a few short sharp knocks to my cheek, causing me to try and back away, but the choke chain made that harder. (Later this turned out to be quite a big lump on my cheek… ooops)

Upstairs i was told to dance for Them, as they both sat on the leather sofas. i had made a small play list of tunes that made me feel slutty. i grinded on their laps, and had to keep telling myself that there are no rules, no lines to stay behind, no ‘no touch’ policy, i could be as filthy as i liked. Each time i got close to their face, teasing Them, They pulled me in by my hair, and kissing me, this is how lap dances should really be.

i did what i could to entertain them, i twerked for them, rolled around the floor, touched myself, opened my legs into a V. i showed them everything i had. Think i only got through 3 songs before things got heated again. (For those who like slutty songs: Slut by Dream Mclean/The Valley by Miguel/Low Life by Future and The Weeknd)

Kneeling on the carpet and facing Mr M, he had my arms in a tight grip to either side of him. Sir had got the wand on me and i was starting to wriggle around to get the right spot, the spot was easier to find, once Sir started fingering my ass. my eyes kept closing, as my orgasm was growing, but Mr M kept saying for me to look at him. i seemed to be in a constant battle with my eyes trying to close, but every time i looked at him, my predicament was turning me on more and more, which led me to one of the most amazing cums. my barks were loud, i was crying out like i hadn’t come for years… even though my last cum was the night before.

Feeling very hot and exhausted, i was allowed a drink from the bowl of water. Only this drink came at a price, my head was pushed down into it, water went up my nose, i panicked fast, trying to beg for Sir to stop, but that only made it worse for me. So instead i struggled in silence, trying to wrestle myself away from the bowl. i think being held down under water is such a turn on, but i am such a wuss. This is on my list as something to get better at, especially as Sir has a swimming pool.

i was ordered to get on the bed, i felt very slow, and like my body was taking ages to react, Mr M must of thought the same too, as he picked me up and threw me onto the bed, impatient, not wanting to wait any longer.

On my back, my legs pulled apart, Mr M started to fuck my pussy, which was completely wet by this point. This was the first time i think he had been in this hole. He was ramming into me so hard, it was difficult to take, i was letting out little squeals. Sir came round and silenced me with His cock for a bit, and then with His hand over my mouth. It was around this point that i realised there was nothing i could do, apart from take what They give me. i could not get away, even if i wanted to. Although i didn’t want to, as i didn’t want to let them down either, i wanted to please Them so much, i would of done anything for Them.

Mr M flipped me over, so i was on top, the songs that were being played were great for fucking, i was grinding on him in time to the music, and it meant i forgot that my legs were hurting by this point. Mr M said “Do you like feeling like you’re in control?” i replied back with “Just because i am on top, doesn’t mean i think i am in control”

Even though i was riding him, i still knew that i could not just up and leave, i was still submitting, no matter what position i was put in.

Sir added to this by starting on my ass again, He was making me feel very full with His fingers, this was hard to take. Very hard. With Mr M’s cock still in my pussy, every now and again Mr M would hold my throat and warn me not to move so that he comes out. At one point he held my throat so hard that i nearly passed out, he released just at that point, saying he wouldn’t let me off that easily. i kept wriggling about so much, but tried my best to keep in the correct place, which was pushing back onto both Mr M’s throbbing cock, and Sirs pulsing fingers. Mr M was annoyed that the pleasure of his cock was not distracting from the pain enough.

Sir said “you can have a rest from these, but as soon as i take them out, want to see you fuck him like a whore. Make it worthwhile that he has driven all this way to see you. If you don’t do a good job, then My whole fist will be going up your ass!”

This was all the encouragement i needed, He gently pulled out, and i started fucking Mr M hard and fast, pushing myself down onto him as far as i could possibly go. Playing with my tits, stroking him, arching myself back to go deep for him.

i think i did a good job, as i was allowed a rest… we sort of.. i was allowed to use the wand, and entertain them. With Sirs fingers in both my fuck holes, Mr M holding me down, or putting his hand over my mouth, or chocking me out it built up to yet another amazing cum, and another, and may be another… i can’t quiet remember. But i do remember being held down, and having the wand forced on me even more. So much so that my body eventually reacted with another cum! That one felt like my body had betrayed me, my poor pussy was so puffy and sensitive by this point, in yet it still had a cum forced out of it.

i think the heat had started to get the better of all of us by this point. i never like to finish without our guests shoot their load either on me or in me. Mr M had me backed up against the wall, i was kneeling with my mouth open, as he came all over my face, in my mouth, and dripped down onto my body.

i haven’t had much time for kink lately, so it was a great way to spend a Sunday Bumday.

Bring It…

White noise was burning through my head, as i knelt chained to a pole and blindfolded. Wearing my new favourite, figure hugging black dress Sir had given me at Christmas, along with black knee high boots i started to wonder about my fate.. Who was due to be coming along to my little intimate party? These were details only Sir knew.

i felt the front door slam shut, and a murmur of voices sounding distant. i couldn’t make out who they were, but the earplugs had slipped enough for faint sounds of more than one voice.

The anticipation was making me wet, i knew it, because i could smell me.

Hands started to stroke my face, making me quiver. Shortly after a punch was delivered to my stomach, my stomach had not been ready, it was relaxed and un-tensed making it thud more into my core. i could feel breathing on my cheek, someone was in my personal space, making me edgy. Lips came close to my mouth, i opened up to show willing.

A sharp slap to the thigh brought me back into the room, followed by strokes, followed by punches and rough handling of my delicate face. This constant rough and smooth was playing havoc with my brain.

A surprise kick was felt on to my pussy, making me buckle forward in pain, not that i could get far, as my arms were still locked behind me. The sharpness made my eyes fill with water.

my mouth was held open, i felt something cold and hard against my teeth, it was a glass bottle, i could smell the alcohol. Liquid came gushing into my mouth, before it was clamped shut, forcing me to swallow. i am not a drinker, i rarely drink, apart from a cocktail on holiday, so this hit me hard, in almost a drug type way.

The beating and forced drinking went on for a bit longer before i was unchained, and yanked up by my tits, making me yelp. The blindfold was removed, my vision was distorted but i could see who was here, Mr M. His face close to mine, he gave me a smile, i smiled back and meekly said “Hello”.

Sir went behind me, put His arm around my neck, gave it a squeeze, within what seemed like a blink of an eye i was on the ground. Everything sounded far away, but quickly came closer when Sir pulled me up by my nipples. He called it a ‘Pole Drop’, i like to think of it more as a ‘Slut Drop’.

Standing there in a haze, Mr M took out his phone, he opened up a comment i had said to him on Fetlife, in reply to him being rougher with me next time. Sir made me read it aloud… “firstly really happy you enjoyed reading my little blog… secondly… Bring it!” my knees trembled as i read it, thinking that perhaps i shouldn’t of been so cocky. “Here’s a little preview of what is to come..” With that Mr M slammed his fist into my stomach. With Sir holding on to my head, He proceeded to tell me to take all they were going to give me, and to make Him proud. In that moment i knew i want to do my best for both of them.

“Now dance for us!” Sir said. i went and took off my little black dress and boots, i had a pretty black lace pole set on, and wore my black thigh leg warmers and 8 inch heels.

i put on my special playlist i made earlier, and cranked up the volume. Both of them sat patiently, looking stunning in their suits, the whole room was lit up with red light, giving it just the ambiance i was after… slutty!

my first 2 songs were slow and sexy, giving me a chance to warm up through sensual moves, body rolling forward and back, tossing my hair and looking at both of them in turn. This was one of my favourite bits of the night, i love dancing for Sir, there are no rules here like there are in clubs, but the thought of dancing for more men in my little space was a huge fantasy for me. my first lap dance was to Sir, as i straddled Him and rode him, His hands caressed my butt, and fingers trailed up my spine.

Later Sir told me, this had been some of my best slut dancing He had seen me do. This meant a lot, as He had seen lots of it from me.

The second time i came away from the pole was to head to Mr M, His hands parted to make way for me to come closer. Grinding my hips into his lap, my look was met with a smile, i got the impression so far both of them were happy to be sitting here, and watching me in my happy place. Dancing like a complete slut, touching my body, parting my legs, and generally trying to wind them up as much as possible. Although judging by my wetness in down below, i was quite clearly winding myself up too.

The look of them in suits was getting too much for me, so i stripped off my little outfit and wiggled about in front of them. Sir walked to the toy box and came back with my red unicorn tail plug, i spread my legs and bent over for Him to slide it in. it popped in quite easy. i continued to dance seductively for them, with a tail that matched my bright red hair. Facing the pole and snaking my hips side to side i was ambushed! A belt round my neck, hands on my body, i was forcefully dragged over to the bondage bench.

Being held down i was secured to it, plug out, shoes and leg warmers off, i was naked.

The punches and slaps came in thick and fast, suction cups on my nipples making me squeal, and fingers shoved in and out of my ass, opening it wide for what they had planned. i would have a hard time writing exactly what Sir used in my butt, but later He told me it was a big red plug, and His hand, nearly His whole hand, but i’m not quite there yet… one day…

Whilst Sir was torturing my little butt, Mr M had me by the hair, and making me gag with his cock. Feeling it pumping at the back of my throat, i was powerless to stop anything from happening. i could not speak, i could not move my hands or my body, i just had to take what ever these 2 men gave me.

i remember Mr M coming right up to my face, and saying they both have all night. It was then that i started to think, i don’t know how long i can keep going. But not having a safe word also meant i didn’t have a choice, i had to take it. All of it. i knew i wanted it though, it’s what i crave, to be taken to the edge and then dangled off for a bit too.

i thought i was getting a slight rest bite when Sir stopped playing with my ass, but i was wrong. He came back with the truncheon… my hair held in the grasp of Mr M’s hand, meant i couldn’t see the hits coming, not that i could of done much about it if i could. But it meant that every whack was a surprise, this hurt like hell, but i was determine to take more for them. The worst bit was the hits to my bare feet, this was agony, not many more hits were done, before the wand came out.

The wand held in place by Sir, Mr M’s cock down my throat, meant i could wiggle myself nicely to a much needed cum, barking as i hit orgasm.

It wasn’t until i got off the bench, (well dragged off), that i realised how limp i was feeling. Arms pulled above my head, and secured to a tie off point on a beam, i was exposed and feeling weak. The anal hook was easily inserted, and attached behind me to my wrists, giving me a permanent feeling of being yanked.

The beatings continued, body punched, thighs, bum, even face not being left out. i was their little punch bag, their little play thing. Sir got the truncheon and delivered a few more blows, before holding it between my legs and lifting me by it, once down this was followed by both of them taking it in turns to lift me by my tits. Even though i screamed, no one came to rescue me.

When they grew tired of seeing me this way, they dropped my arms down, and took the hook out, and i nearly feel onto the mat.

The mat was big and soft, like a rubber covered mattress. The mat welcomed me as i crumpled down onto it, slumping to my knees, and feeling the blood rushing back into my hands.

Then it started, the manhandling, the beating, the punches, i was trying to defend myself, and turns out i seemed to have a little fight left. This became more prominent when they were trying to punch my clit. i wiggled about so much, i was surprised at where that energy came from. At this point they both teamed up, one holding my legs open, the other partly holding me, and partly punching my clit, making pain shoot through me like a bullet.

i was feeling hazy when they let me go, they stood up, still in their suits, still looking handsome, me i was feeling pretty worse for wear. Although my achy clit started to pulse as they both took their belts off…

Prowling round me on the mat, like a tigers circling their prey, the belt strikes started, it seemed as i turned away from one belt, i exposed myself to the other one. i couldn’t win. One of my fetishes on Fetlife is ‘Gentlemen who are not gentle men’, this was exactly what it meant. They looked smart and sexy, but they were lashing their belts on a helpless weak girl for fun, so i am sure in that moment that was the true fetish meaning.

i tried to crawl off the mat, i’m not sure where i was planning on going. i didn’t get far, when Sir pulled me back on to the mat. i curled up and went foetal, knowing there was nothing more i could do but take it. So i did.

It wasn’t long before they said i could have a break, if i cum with the wand and entertain them, happy to oblige with this task, i took the wand and started it up on my sore clit. The pain soon disappeared, shoes being stood on my face and gropes to my tits and pinches to my nipples were appreciated as i got closer to a cum. Fingers were filling my holes, giving me much fuel for my climax, as it hit i puppy barked, and bounced out of this world, as i came.

The wand released from my hand, i asked if i was getting a break now. They laughed, apparently the cum was my break…

Sir handed the wand back to me… “Do it again” He ordered, i pleaded with him that i was done for the minute, and they showed me their belts, threatening to go on me again. Suddenly the idea of another cum didn’t seem so hard. Was that because of the looming threat? Or had the threat made me horny again? i’m not sure, but off i went. This cum was much harder, stronger and even longer, perhaps it was being throat fucked this time that made it stronger?. i was pleased they pushed me into another one.

i was not out of the woods yet, i was pulled over to the bench again, and placed on it, not restrained. Sir dangled the white hood in front of me, if i did not take what was coming the hood will go on. i hate the hood, it usually ends up with my blood on it.. scares me a bit.

Sir was holding me down, as Mr M started to pump his cock into my wet cunt. This was violent fucking, like he was trying to bruise me from the inside. Sir was holding me in place by my hair, making me look at him, reminding me of how much of a slut i am, and why i was being treated this way. These words were like gold to me, so i decided to make myself useful, bringing my hands close to my lips, i pulled myself apart so Mr M could fuck harder. Sir was pleased with my helpfulness.

The intense play started to ease off. i knew our guest had not had a cum yet, not wanting to disappoint i walked off to the mat and knelt down, with my mouth open ready. i licked his length, taking my time, looking up at him, pretty sure my make up was smudged by now, but sure that added to my slut look. A mixture of taking him willingly into my throat, and being forced to, added to the intensity. He wanked himself into my mouth and over my face, leaving me feeling satisfied with his cum.

Early next morning, Sir woke up horny. This was not good. i felt like i had been hit by a bus, my whole body was aching, and i had quite a few bruises. Sir used all my holes, the only one not too bad was my mouth, aside from the bruised cheek bone that was ok, the rest of me however was a different story. i didn’t feel wet, but Sir fucked my cunt anyway, it felt like a dagger ripping in and out. Moving on to my ass, He thrusted away, my cries were muffled in the pillow, or His hand over my mouth, all i could do was wait until he was done.

This has gone down as yet again another brilliant night.

Until next time…. Bring it…



Drugged and Used By Men in Suits

i was down in the cellar, dress in a little black stripper dress, my favourite one, with the panels cut out behind, exposing me. my stockings showing out underneath the dress. i looked like a slut, Sir was happy, as He wanted to make sure i looked good for Him and His friends.

my arms got chained above my head, legs tied apart, i was trapped, His hand round my throat, my clit was pulsing, His face close to mine. “you will make Me proud tonight, you will do what ever We ask, and you will take every ones cock. If you don’t I will bring you back down here, where no one can hear you scream. Instead of using you, I will just beat the fuck out of you, GOT IT?”

“Yes Sir” i replied instantly, whilst i knew the threat was very real, i knew i wouldn’t get beaten tonight, not like that anyway. i wanted cock, i wanted to please Him and who ever He brings round. i was itching to know who it would be and if i knew them, He was not letting me know anything about them.

He made me a drink, i saw him empty some powder into it, He threatened i should drink it or else. Not a problem, i wanted this, i wanted to be treated like a slut, and i loved the idea of being drugged for it too. He held the bottle, and as i started to drink i noticed it was Southern Comfort, i don’t drink alcohol, so i knew this alone would make me feel giddy.

Wanting to make sure i was safe, He let my arms down, secured a chain round my neck to the floor, and released my ankles. i was starting to feel warm, and i was wet, so wet already. Next came the trigger word “…..” (Sir uses hypnosis mind control with me, for extra fun) Gently coming down to laying, my body becoming limp, the world fading away. Implanting more horniness into my brain with hypnosis, (like i really needed more), i was drifting along, feeling calm, and happy.

Bringing me around for the second drink, again seeing powder going in from a pill, i was starting to feel groggy, still coherent, but some fuzz round the edge of life. Sir grabbing my tits and slapping them, pinching them, usually my pain threshold is wank, but this was actually feeling good and turning me on.

A little while later, i had the final drink, still not knowing what was in there, but i didn’t care, i was happy and horny.

The guys had arrived, it was time.. for what and for who and how many i still didn’t know. Sir led me upstairs by the chain round my neck, as we came out of the cellar a hood was shoved over my head from behind, tape started going round my neck. i was blinded, no one was talking, no need they had a plan and were organized, working as a unit. i still did not know who this was. Hands were on me, groping roughly at my body, lips trying to kiss me through the hood, my knees were trembling.

i was led up stairs slowly, once in the room i felt the spanking bench in front of me, and got on. Legs were secured to it, along with a belt around my torso, followed by arms. i was stuck. Apparently Sir left to get changed at this point, i had no idea. Voices started to appear, “You are such a slut” Do you have any idea what we are going to do with you?” Slapping my ass, hard, making me yelp, hands over my body, my face. Fingers invading my pussy, digging in deep to make me wince. my poor tits were getting punched, slapped and pinched, i felt like a piece of sex meat.

i thought the hood had been on a while, but when typing this blog i realise that i don’t think it was that long, my time had gotten quite distorted.

All went quiet. The hood came off. As my eyes were blinking adjusting to the light, the first things i saw as i looked down was 3 pairs of shoes. Not just any shoes, the kind just you dream of kissing, well the shoes ‘i’ dream of kissing anyway. As my eyes travelled up i saw 3 suited men. Fuck this was hot. i remember thinking, ‘Yep, this is it, this is what i want, i want to be a slut for ever and ever’.

So who were they, well one was obviously Sir, the other one Mr J who i knew, but the third.. hmmm his face was a little familiar. i think i had met him once, about a year ago.. i was right. Lets call him Mr M.

i smiled at them all, Sir left my view with these 2 lovely men. Grabbing my hair, coming down to my face, slapping it, putting fingers in my mouth. my little head was getting manhandled, literally. At this time Sir had gone behind me and started fingering my ass, even though He was not being gentle i was enjoying Him there, may have been because i was a bit distracted by 2 hot men in front of me, or was it the drugs, or was it the drink? More fingers going in. Dicks coming out of their trousers, into my mouth. Yanking my head as they thrust in to my mouth, banging against the back of my throat. As a cock came out, i was gagging, trying to breathe, getting whacked across the face for not swapping to the other cock quick enough. This technique worked, as i tried to swap faster each time when i was allowed air. As soon as i got the hang of that, i was then slapped round the face if i did not say thank you.

The guys were enjoying going back to see how Sir was destroying my little asshole, talking about how they wanted to fuck it afterwards.

Coming back to my face, they gathered up my hair and proceeded to fill my mouth with both of them, i did my best as my mouth and ass was being stretched to their limits. Once they came out i begged for them to go back in, i mean how often do you get 2 hard cocks in your mouth? i had to savour the moment.

At the point of Sir nearly getting His fist in, i was struggling a little bit, the wand came out, and i was allowed to grind on it. The wand changes everything, i started rocking backwards and forwards on to His hand, fucking my way to climax as my clit was getting the attention it needed. Immense pleasure surged through me, i started barking (yes cute little puppy barks) hard to do with your mouth full, but i did, and i came hard.

When writing this blog i had to ask Sir how i got from the bench to the bed, as i couldn’t remember. Apparently He put me in ‘Aeroplane’ mode (Another hypnosis control technique), my body went limp, like a dead weight, i was lifted by all of them and dumped on the bed. When i came round i was put into ‘Slut’ mode (another trigger), this brings out the whore in me. i started rubbing my body, fondling my tits, creeping down to see just how wet i was, and sneaking a taste of my juices.

i’m sill a little bit hazy as to what exactly happened on the bed, i know i was getting fucked, in my ass, then in my pussy, being face fucked. i was so eager for everyone, i wanted to please, i want to take, i wanted to feel completely used!

my face being held, lips parted and kissing, whilst my holes were getting pummelled. Looking into their eyes, trying my best not to shut my eyes, i wanted to keep these moments alive, whilst they were taking what they wanted from me.

Sir brought the wand over, and i held it on my hood, Mr M was finger fucking me, hard. The sort of hard that i knew it would feel like internal bruises next time i was fucked. i didn’t care about that though, with the wand on it was brutal pleasure. Mr J and Sir where in a mix of throat fucking me, holding my head, hands in my mouth, kissing me, i came, so hard, i was done! They were not… one of them held the wand on me, forcing more cums out of me, i was squirming so much, at least there were 3 of them holding me down, otherwise i may of gone through the roof!

They took off my stockings and were going to put electrics on me, i begged for them not to, instead Sir got the nipple suction cups (i hate them!), He finds my noises amusing with them on. i was keen to leave at that point, but no, held down by strong men, Sir was able to get them on, i screamed, “One more turn and I’ll take them off “ He said. And He did, but my god i hate them. You can kick me and punch me, but if you want to put those or clamps on my nipples, i can’t deal with it. On a mission with my funny sounds they tickled me, hmmm not a fan. Although i am just glad i did not kick anyone!

i got down to my knees, kissed their feet and crawled out the room. i was told to make myself pretty, and come down stairs. i did look a bit of a state, a happy state though.

Stockings went back on, dress pulled back in it’s right place, make up and hair fixed, i added some Chrome stripper shoes to complete the look. Once down stairs i saw Sir was showing them the cellar Dungeon, i figured it was probably wiser for me to stay up here and wait for them.

The guys commented on how good i looked, and how slutty i was. i went to Mr M, and looked in his eyes. We started kissing and my hands found their way to his zipper. i know i’m a slut, as if upstairs wasn’t enough, i wanted more. He said he didn’t come, i offered to change that for him, he was happy too. As i got to my knees and took his length in my mouth i heard from Sir, “slut come and make some drinks” Mr M replied with “she’s got her mouth full”.

Taking his dick willingly into the back of my throat, i kept catching his eyes looking down at me, watching me bring him to orgasm. He spurted into my mouth, i swallowed it down, whilst still licking him clean.

i came round the corner to see Mr J standing there, going over i proceeded to give him the same treatment, not wanting either of them to leave without being completely empty. i wanted to be a host, this is how you do it, right?

On my knees i went, taking him into my mouth, my sore jaw working as best it could to please him. Grabbing my head and forcing himself further into my throat, i leapt away coughing and gagging, he got me back on and forced it down again, he was harder and it felt like it went a little further. Released into a coughing fit again, i think he was enjoying this. So was i. The sound of me choking seemed to push the right buttons, as he shot his load into my mouth. i looked up into his eyes, and his smile made me feel warm inside, i could see he had had a good time using me.

Both of our guests had now left, and Sir was pleased with me. i was so happy, this had been one of my best nights ever! i was done, i was sore, i was sleepy and ready for bed. Sir was not…

Standing in the bedroom, He stripped me of my dress leaving just my stockings, grabbing me by the throat, threw me onto His bed. Now it was His turn…

Taking His cock He shoved it down my throat, just one of my many abused holes. Not satisfied until i was starved of oxygen and needing to breathe. He then pinned me down and fucked my cunt, not just my cunt, my internally bruised cunt. (Thanks Mr M!)

Oh god this hurt so much, Sir felt extra hard, or i felt extra tender, i am not sure, but ow! i struggled, Sir had enough so He flipped me over, dragged me to the end of the bed, i was clawing at the duvet, as if it would help me in some way. He slid easily into my ass. Oh. My. God. The pain! i screamed, not one of those girly squirm noises.. no, screamed, pleaded. His weight was against me. This was rape. This hurt. This was not going to be pleasure, this was one for my wank bank.

Hand over my mouth, blocking the air, His whisper filled my mind, “Stop fucking screaming, otherwise I will take you down to the cellar and beat you, and you won’t like it. You will amuse me one way or the other.”

i tried to be quieter.

Letting up slightly, He gave me the choice of staying there, or going back in my cunt. i picked cunt, and thanked him. Funny how yes that hurt, but didn’t seem as bad, as now i was comparing it to my butt. Thrusting hard He filled me with His cum.

This has gone down as being one of the best nights of my life.

i am a slut.
i always want to be a slut.
sluts have all the fun.




It was the night before, and i was just about to go to bed when i hear ‘beep beep beep’ my phone was buzzing with messages from Sir, telling me what i needed for our weekend away together:
“You’ll need two pairs of stockings, two dresses – one for dinner and a stripper style one, all your make up, and stuff to create big hair.
New black shoes, black high Pleasers (Stripper Shoes).
I’ll decide what you’ll wear to leave the house, as that is weather dependant. We will aim to leave at midday, 1pm at the latest.”

Finishing off with:
“you’ll do as I say.”

It was this last one that tickled me the most. Of course i wanted to do as he said, but would i actually do it? my work has over taken my kink in the past few months, and i was desperate to get it back on track, mainly because i felt like i had an empty space in my life where kink used to be, and i was missing it like crazy.

The next morning, feeling like an incomplete but excited slut, i set to work on my appearance, making sure i was just right for Him, along with collecting together all the items He requested. We were ready to leave at midday, to His surprise (and mine!) i was actually ready on time, i think i was more excited than we had realised.

We set out to Bournemouth, and chilled out and did some shopping, back at the hotel i started to get myself ready for dinner. After curling my hair, i set to work on my big eyes, just how Sir likes them, nearly finished, Sir calls me in to see how i was doing. Pleased with my progress He invited me on to the bed, playing with my throat, and kissing me i was starting to get horny.

i laid next to Him, calming down into a hug, when He said the magic word that makes me leave this world and go off into a trance like state. i was gone, totally relaxed, and taking in all His words, which was all i could hear. Calm and gentle words were spoken, all other noises drowned out, i became putty in His hands. Putty that He could mould to suit any desire He had.

He went far into my mind and pulled out a box, a box which i had not seen before, but as soon as i saw it i knew what was in there. It’s a strange feeling when someone has hidden something in your mind. In the box was the word, ‘SLUT’. i knew this, but couldn’t remember how i knew.

When He brought me back into the world i was hungry, not for food, but for cock, his cock, all cock, any ones cock.

He had awoken my inner slut, who seemed like she had gone missing for a few months. i wrapped my lips around His hard length and proceeded to get Him deep into my throat, loving every second of making Him even bigger.

Holding me down, on a foreign bed, He fucked me, saying how He was warming me up for our night to come, i was going to get used, not only by Him, but by who ever wanted me, whoever Sir allowed to use me, He was in control. He was taking me to a swingers club, so i could let out the slut in me. my cum was intense, and made even more special as He had held off cumming until i was there.

Flopping out on the bed afterwards, i remembered about the SLUT box in my mind, i explained to Sir that i knew what was in the box when he found it, but it was strange as i had never seen it, how was that so. He explained that He had put the box in there a few years ago, when we had started seeing each other. i was amazed that i didn’t remember it, but also found it quite hot just how much control He has over me. i can’t help it, but at times i am sceptical about hypnosis, i think it keeps me on my toes. But it was hard to be sceptical about this incident, instead i was totally gobsmacked and aroused.

Don’t get me wrong, everything we do i have fantasised about, way before i ever met Sir, i am a slut. A dirty little fuck slut. Sir just happens to bring out the best in me!

We eventually made it out to dinner, a busy Italian place, not too far from the hotel. Dressed in stockings, elegant black dress, and sexy heels, i was proud to be with my Sir. Sir picked out my meal and drinks for the evening. i do like when normal situations have a Ds element.

Back to the hotel afterwards, it was time for a quick change, into my black halter neck dress, and stripper shoes. We were off to the Liberation Swingers and BDSM party. Our first time there, not knowing what to expect, Sir was hoping that He would be able to find some willing men to abuse me.

On our arrival another couple came in behind us, everyone seemed pleasant enough, and we had a tour from the promoter. The club was much nicer and warmer than the other party we had been too previously in Portsmouth. i stood at the bar with Sir, showing my bum off to anyone who walked behind, and saw the slashes in my ‘dress’. Apparently I was getting some attention, this was good for my inner slut, she craves men looking at her, and fantasising about her.

Sir found a notepad on the bar, with a pen, He wrote me a sign, “FREE BLOW JOBS, JUST ASK”
This note stuck to me, after He had put his ice-cold can of coke on my chest. Now i have done similar things like this before at BDSM parties, and had no such luck in finding anyone, so this was a first at a Swingers event. Within 2 mins of having this note on, the guy who was behind us on arrival came over to say hello, and his eyes were immediately drawn to my chest to read the note. His eyes lit up as he read it, and asked if that was true, both Sir and i said yes. The mystery man was eager to get me in a private room to see what my mouth could do.

The guys locked the door, Sir instructed that i did not need clothes for my task, so off came my dress, leaving me exposed in only stockings and heels. i ran my hands through my hair, as mystery man played with my breasts, enjoying the feeling of Sir watching me perform for Him.

i knelt down, and took the cock into my hands, i was lucky, this wasn’t a small cock, it was a large one, just like Sir. i gently placed my lips around him, teasing him at first with delicate strokes, easing him in. i heard him say, “Can she go deep?” With that, i breathed out and pushed my way onto him, feeling the nudge at the back of my throat. i could tell by his groans he was pleased.

As i continued my task, Sir was behind me, fingering my cunt, and saying just how wet i was getting, telling me how much of a slut i was being, these words were gold to me.

Mystery man pulled away not wanting to come too early on in the night, he had only been in the club for about 10 mins before making our way to the room. He pulled me up from my knees, and asked if he could taste me. Sir pushed me down on the bed, held me down by His paw round my neck, whilst mystery mans tongue was my pussy. The light headed feeling was just starting to get too much, when Sir released, perhaps my eyes started to roll, as i certainly didn’t tell Him to stop, i was unable to breathe or speak.

Mystery man was now playing with my boobs, when Sir said the magic words that paralysed me in an instant.

my body went limp, i felt like i was a dead weight. i could hear them, mystery man was concerned for a moment. i could hear Sir explaining that this mode was a hypnotic state that He had conditioned in to me, to make me a fuck doll, lifeless, but still able to hear everything, and only my cunt and ass have feeling, everything else was asleep. They both found this amusing. me, i find it extremely erotic, and one of the biggest turn on’s. It goes into that fantasy of being drugged, used, taken advantage of, and powerless to stop it, but on the plus i could remember everything.

i was sure it was Sir who had his fingers in my cunt, He started to bring me round when mystery man was probing his cock to my lips. As soon as i was back, i was sucking like a good little whore should be. i could feel fingers in me, on my clit, on my boobs, and cock in my mouth, i was getting the desire to cum, the stronger it got the more i needed to bark (another one of Sirs conditioning moves, i have to bark like a puppy to cum), i came good and hard, as soon as i took the cock out of my mouth.

Putting my dress back on, we straightened ourselves up and left the room, he said he would find me later on.

Sir and i had a relaxing time together, He was saying how i was being such a good slut, and making him proud. i was feeling very pleased and horny.

It wasn’t long before mystery man was back for seconds, this time we entered a different room, i stripped and knelt on the bed on all fours. i set to work on him again, (although can you call it work, when you love it so much?), his hands in my hair, being a little more forceful this time.

i had a moments break from blowing him, and took his balls into my mouth, hoping that my groans would vibrate onto them, pleasuring him more and more.

Sir was behind me, fingering me, i was loving it, i was pressing myself back onto His hand as much as possible. Sir was saying how much He could tell i was enjoying it all, i think my juices covering His hand gave him that information.

Mystery man laid on the bed, and i continued to blow him, this time wanking him faster, i knew he wanted to cum, he was getting closer. Feeling his body start to shake, he shot his load into my mouth.

There is nothing sluttier than tasting the spunk of another man, when your Sir has told you to do it.

Have you ever eaten human flesh?..

Around March time, Sir told me that i should come to Him when i am ready to be owned. i had the collar at Christmas 2013, the tag and ownership was next to come.


August time was our year anniversary, to which i did some of my best slutty dancing for Him, whilst He looked handsome in His suit. my long black evening dress did not stay on for long, with my back to Sir, i pulled it up, revealing the words, ‘Please own me Sir’ written on my ass. His face lit up.


Here is my story of how i earned my tag, on Tuesday 23rd December 2014…



Feeling excited, i knelt on the mat naked, facing the front door. Darkness filled the empty hallway, as i waited for Sir. With only 2 days until Christmas, i was wondering what special Christmas surprise Sir had in store for me.


A hood went over my head, air way blocked by His strong arm, dragging me to my feet. Not quite the Christmas surprise i thought he was cooking up, but i still wore a smile under the hood.


As i was taken through the rooms, Sirs menacing voice filled my head, moving me faster, out into the cold. Standing in front of me, He warned me to do exactly what He says, otherwise i could fall, i realised we were at the top of the new stairs, that led down into the new basement. Sir was saying, “You want to be owned and have that tag put on your collar, well tonight slut, you are going to earn it!”


What did that mean? i wasn’t quite sure, logic was going out of my head, as i had a feeling that He might push me down the stairs… no He wouldn’t do that… i’m sure… or was i?… He made me step down one step at a time, i wondered, perhaps He was going to make me spend the night down here, in the dark and cold?..


We came to the last step, “this is the last step slut, it is bigger than the others, and once you go down it, there is no turning back, we will be going through with everything I have planned for tonight, are you sure you want to do it?”

i took a brief moment to try and think about all my options, but the dream of being owned by this wonderful man, somehow over powered any negative feeling i had… so i stepped down… forever..


Pushing me forward, i went into the soft padding of the spanking bench, “You know what it is slut, so get on it!” i complied. my heart rate was rising as He bound me to it, realising that no matter how much i screamed, no one would ever hear me down there..


“You won’t just be wearing that tag, you will be wearing Sir’s mark on you forever!”


After being restrained to the bench, additional stretch film was wrapped around my torso, i was starting to panic, yes i wanted to wear Sirs mark, but i was so scared if anything went wrong, and i was left with an unsightly mark, or a mark which shows at work. Was He going to brand me?.. The stretch film was being bound over my bum as well, ‘thank god’ i don’t think He was actually going to mark me.. oh wait, He pulled part of the film away from one cheek, exposing the skin. my breathing became laboured, i started to cry, i wanted to beg Him not to mark me, but i hated the thought of Him thinking i did not want it, i did, i was just scared.


The hood came off, creepy music went on, candles were around, dimly lighting the damp space. i could see a table with a syringe, wipes, gloves, a scalpel and a few other medical bits set out on a stainless steel tray. my nerves got the better of me, i said about being marked for work, He reminded me that He knows exactly where my shorts fit for work, and that i shouldn’t worry about it.


This was starting to look like a scene from Dexter, being bound in stretch film, in a secluded prepped room.


“If all goes to plan, all you should feel is a small pin prick, to numb the area”
Still in a panic, i was hoping this was true. i resided myself that I should just keep still. i couldn’t stop him, best thing would be for me to keep still then the mark should come out perfect… That wasn’t all though…


After He had cleaned and injected my ass cheek, He came round to show me a frying pan, with onions all ready to go. “You will eat yourself tonight slut..”


‘oh’ I thought….


He pinched the skin, and i freaked out saying i could feel it, He said He would wait longer, said it could take up to 5 minutes for it to start working. i could feel the skin going cool.


Whilst waiting He came round and throat fucked me, all the time filling my mind with the thought of being owned, no going back, i will be his, He can do what He likes, when He likes with me forever…. Although to be honest He has had this power over me for quite sometime now.


Pinching my ass again, i could no longer feel Him, He said i was ready. i stayed completely still, whilst still sobbing. He told me what was happening, first He drew the paw print, next He proceeded to cut out the first bit.


i was trembling as He came close to my face to show me my skin, it seemed quite big, and i freaked out when He said that was only one of the 4 toes. This paw print was going to be huge! He put the little round piece of skin into the pan, and went back to finish the rest, after each cut, showing me more pieces of my skin, before popping in the pan.


i was to say thank you after each cut.


i could feel the blood trickling down my leg, cleaning me up, and warning that it may sting a bit, He then put a bandage on it.


Feel confused and in shock, Sir left the basement, His boots echoing as he stomped up the stairs with the pan. Sir was off to cook me..


It seemed to take forever before He returned, i could smell the onions, ‘oh my god, He has really done it!’

Sir made me have the first bit, it didn’t, i mean ‘i’ didn’t taste too bad. Sir had the next bit, and we ate, until all of me was gone.


Releasing me from the bench, and telling me that i was a good girl, and that i had made Him proud, i was feeling shaky and little as i stood. Standing on the cold stony floor, my arms hugging round my naked body for any sort of comfort i could get. The bright torch, shone down to Sirs shoes. i knelt down on the uneven floor to kiss His shoes, and say thank You.


Sir took me into His arms, embraced me tight, before taking me to see my new mark.


Scroll down to find out what really happened…








We went up stairs for me to see the mark, He took me to a full length mirror, my head questioned our time in the basement, when no blood was showing through the gauze. Sir took off the pad, all that was there was a blue paw print, done in a Sharpie… no blood, no cuts…


i burst into tears, both happy and relieved that He hadn’t cut my perfect skin, but also so sad at the same time that it wasn’t real, i did not carry Sirs mark on me. i don’t know which emotion i felt the most, i was now even more confused. But i felt You inject me!?… Sir never did, when i thought He was wiping me over with an antiseptic wipe, He was actually putting on ibuleve gel, before poking me with a pin, which didn’t even draw blood. The gel had felt cool and started to numb the skin.


“i felt blood running down my leg!” That was only maple syrup, warmed up to body temperature.


To finish it off, Sir had some small bits of un-smoked bacon to be my skin.


The time in the basement was a total head fuck, i can never be quite sure what is real with Sir, and what is not. One thing is for sure, i earned my new tag!