About Me, Juliette

This blog is about my desires, my kink and my experiences. I am in my dirty thirties and I have been opened up to the world of BDSM, since around the age of 26.

Everyone has different takes on BDSM, incase you wonder, I have had a brilliant up bringing, and I love life. Also yes that is my bum in the photo!

Being a slave can mean different things to different people, there is no right or wrong way, I prefer a 24/7 Master/slave dynamic. I need to be in control of some of my life, for example my businesses, and my social life, but when it comes to anything sexual then I am a slave to my Owner.

I have started this blog not only to document my experiences, but also to share my kinky thoughts and stories. I get lost in writing erotic fiction, so I will be posting lots of filth.


Juliette aka slut-j



1 Comment

  1. love the writing was some of the best I have ever read your Master is a very lucky Man much respect to both of you please keep writing
    Viking Master

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