Suited and ‘Booted’

Sir had very kindly organised a gangbang for my Birthday, the night had finally arrived, and unfortunately 2 guys could not make it. But that’s ok, life happens. i was ready to dance at 8pm, but unfortunately public transport meant that one of the 2 guests was running late. Mr M had turned up bang on time.

i was in a sleek black dress, and a body stocking underneath ready for dancing, shoes were off as i was saving my feet for heels to dance.

With the lateness of our guest, Sir and Mr M were getting a little impatient. Originally they were happy not to ruffle me up too much before i danced, this went out of the window when Mr M had me held up against the wall by my neck and punching into my stomach. Taking my breath away with each hit.

Sir ordered me to the floor, to kiss his shoes. His shoes were black like His suit. Both men towering over me in a domineering sort of stance, both suited and booted, it was a good look for them. Sir sent me crawling to the pole and back again, so they could see my ass go side to side. Once back at their feet Mr M stood over me, a foot on either side. He closed his legs in crushed my waist between his legs. i gasped for breath, as he got tighter, my head was spinning as he released and moved away. i lost the battle to keep on all fours as Sir came over and kicked me hard in the stomach. i collapsed to the ground, my mouth open ready to take in air, i needed air, nothing came in. i was winded. i felt panicked, i wanted to help but the only sound that left me was a rusty sound of breath. Eventually i managed to compose myself and lift myself up again, remembering that i am yet to dance for 40 mins for them.

Sir sent me out with my bag to the toilet and told me to fix myself up and make myself presentable again.

It wasn’t long before our next guest turned up, i was a little nervous at who it was, apparently i had never met them before. my hands were handcuffed behind me which attached me to the pole. A hand was put over my eyes, Sir said His hands were not on my body, but i could now feel 2 pairs of hands on me, feeling me, pinching me, slapping me. Sir took His hand off my face and i looked from the floor upwards to see yet another man, this time a taller man, in a suit (of course). As my eyes reached his face i noticed a sweet smile, the sort of smile that makes you think, yeah he must be a nice guy…. Well turns out he was a nice guy, with quite a sadistic streak as i found out later. As i only call one person Sir, i have little nicknames for all the other guys, usually Mr, followed by their first initial. In this case it was Mr T. Yes we did have a giggle at this too!

With my sexy men all ready, it was time for me to get ready to dance. my outfit was a black bra, with a fishnet body stocking over the top, made in such a way it gave the look of suspenders down the legs. i had black leg warmers, which went over the knee, and wore my spikey ankle boots Pleasers. i wore a black thong over a pair of bright pink camel toe pants, i call the look ‘Panty Surprise’.

The music started, the pretty lights were set to fade through all the colours. i do love dancing for them, all in suits, very much the professional gentleman look. With me looking slutty and well presented, all ready to be completely messed up by them later.

i was snaking and rolling around the floor, the leg warmers are perfect for this. Arching my back sticking my bum in the air, followed by opening my legs wide, looking and smiling at each man in turn, as i moved around the room. Sir got the first lap dance, grinding on His lap, doing little puppy barks in his ear and bringing a smile to his face. Mr M got the second one, although i had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction as through all my grinding into his lap, my body stocking had attached itself to one of his suit buttons! i managed to get myself free, even though i think Mr M would have preferred me to be stuck to him for longer, but it was ok, i would be back in a bit. Meanwhile he got to watch my ass, as it wound round and round in Mr T’s lap. Mr T was smiling back at me. my lips were coming close to his, teasing and taunting him. As i got up to leave him, again i got attached! This time i could not get away, and he helped me get free again.

i climbed up the pole, squeezed on tight with my legs and performed a lay back hold between the thighs. Giving me enough time to get my bra off and expose my breasts whilst hanging upside down. Before coming down, i held my legs out in a an open leg V, just the wind the guys up further, knowing that my teasing would earn me more fun later.

It was time for my black panties to come off and reveal my bright pink ones, they shined bright in the blue light which is almost a black light. More lap dances followed, i was getting wetter as i was dancing for them, i knew i was cause i could smell me. It turned me on.

Once my pink panties came off i knew it wouldn’t be long, everyone had had 3 dances each from me, in between my pole dancing and my slut like rolling around on the floor. i went to Sir for lap dance 4, the song Two Fingers by Sweden had just started. A great song to be ambushed too! Before i knew it i was on the floor, hands being cuffed behind my back, legs cable tied together. my heart was racing more now, as my black panties were stuffed into my mouth, and cable tied to keep them in place. The white hood went on. i hate the hood, it makes me very twitchy. As i was laying on the cold floor, my body was very warm from dancing, Mr M and Mr T undone the mouth part of the hood and inserted my slutty dance notes in before zipping it back up.

i could hear the music being turned off, and items being gathered. 2 men picked me up, this terrified me, if they dropped me i would have smashed on the ground and got broken bones. i had no choice but to trust them, as they lifted my sweaty little body out the back, and cruelly plonked me into the boot of Sirs car. This was my first time riding the boot, and i think i was properly dressed and secured in place for it! my mouth got bashed as i was put in the boot, all the way back i wondered if i would have a fat lip, sadly i did not. The cuffs had dug in to my wrists, and even now 2 days on, i write this nursing my bruises from the cuffs. They do look a bit suspect.

The ride home was odd and bumpy in the boot. my face kept getting pressed against the side as he went round corners. Sir was playing Muse, i remember hearing the songs Madness and Panic Station, seemed quite appropriate to the situation i was in. i suppose i should have been panicking, but i was more excited than anything else.

Once back, Sir pulled into His garage, and cut the cable ties off my legs. Someone helped me out, but seeing as i was still in my 6” heels, and feeling wobbly, i had trouble standing and walking. They popped me in a chair, and fondled me, pinching and slapping me. Little punches coming to my face, which scared me, as i still had the hood on. i just kept thinking if i just keep my mouth shut and i will be ok. The hood came off, and they took my boots off. Sir took out his belt from His trousers, this act alone i find highly erotic, He made it into a collar and put round my neck, choking me as He made me stand, to lead me upstairs. i felt as though i was nearly out of air by the time i got to the top step. With my knees like jelly, i was pushed onto the bed face first.

With hands still cuffed behind my back, i was surrounded by 3 men who wanted to use me, to see me suffer and most of all to please them. my hair was pulled to direct my mouth on to cock, to feel it down the back of my throat, making me gag. i was flipped on to my back to make my throat open up more. Legs held open, my cunt exposed as Mr M started to fuck me, no nice fucking, he was straight in hard. Sir has His cock down my throat, and Mr T was intent on giving me what i later started calling, ‘Death Grip’. He was very good at finding nerves and giving them just a little squeeze, the pain was horrendous. This combine with the endless punches to my tits, legs, stomach and face, all made me very compliant. This was them playing, i did not want to do anything wrong to earn a punishment. i am always very eager to please, punishments are extremely rare for me to receive.

Mr T was next penetrate my cunt, my legs still being held open, i think Mr M made me suck his cock. my mind had gone quite blurry when i think of what happened back home. Just imagine lots of being held in place by my throat, pulling my hair, sucking cock. Being punched for not taking it deep enough. At one point Sir ripped off my body stocking.

Mr M moved me off the end of the bed, my knees on the floor and went straight for my ass, something i know he has wanted to do this for a while. i was so pleased i had done a lot of butt training lately, as this made it much more enjoyable to take. my ass is always my favourite hole to be fucked, i love the feeling of a guy behind me, stretching me, taking me.

Sir took His turn as he entered my pussy, telling me to make myself useful and suck one guy off and wank the other, i kept going from one guest to the next in turn. Sir punched my ass when i was not performing well enough for him. So i tried my best to take them deep into my throat, whilst wanking the other guy fast.

i was allowed some ‘rest’ time on the wand bench, an awesome bench that Sir had made. i knelt on all fours, over a little cushioned bench, with the wand between my legs. i grinded on it so hard, Sir was telling me they were all wanking whilst watching me, telling me i was a dirty little slut, who men just want to use. These words were like gold to me, making me cum hard, so hard, i barked loud, and thrashed around, before the wand became too sensitive and i jumped off. Only to be chucked back on the bed for more fucking and death grip nerve pinching. Mr T found this highly amusing, he kept laughing, his laugh was infectious and kept making me laugh, despite the amount of pain he was putting me through.

Unfortunately Mr M had to leave, i had no idea what the time was, but apparently it was late! Sir ordered me to pleasure Mr M before he left. i knelt between his legs, as he sat on the bed, naked and hard, ready for me to put my skills to use. i proceeded to rub my lips up and down his cock, taking him into my throat a few times, which made him extra hard as my gagging noises sounded in the room. i literally wanked him with my mouth, when he was closer i used my hand instead and looked up into his eyes. He could see the mess him and the other guys had made to my make up and hair, i was hoping this was turning him on more. i think it did, as when my mouth went back on his cock, it was just in time for his cum to squirt out on to my tongue, ready for me to swallow. After all i was in need of a drink.

So 3 men then went to 2, they made me lay on the bed, with my legs apart, terrorising me, and hurting me every time i squirmed away from the pain their were inflicting on my poor tired body. Death grip on my nerves from both of them, punching my tits, oddly i was able to take quite a lot of pain. my reward was to cum for them, using the wand, as Mr T finger fucked my pussy. All the while being held down and called a slut and a whore. When i came again i barked loud, something that Sir had conditioned me to do. i couldn’t imagine cumming without barking, as it’s no longer something in my control. If the night had ended there, all would have been perfect. But no, Sir and Mr T decided that holding me down and forcing more cums out of my sensitive clit was the way to finish me off. i didn’t want those orgasms, they were forced. Eventually my clit got so sensitive that i managed to jump out of their grip, super-slut-strength. They laughed, as i curled up and went foetal.

i can’t thank Sir enough for organising this Birthday treat for me. Also thank you to Mr M, and also Mr T for taking the time out of their day to come a use a kinky little fucktoy like me.