Bring It…

White noise was burning through my head, as i knelt chained to a pole and blindfolded. Wearing my new favourite, figure hugging black dress Sir had given me at Christmas, along with black knee high boots i started to wonder about my fate.. Who was due to be coming along to my little intimate party? These were details only Sir knew.

i felt the front door slam shut, and a murmur of voices sounding distant. i couldn’t make out who they were, but the earplugs had slipped enough for faint sounds of more than one voice.

The anticipation was making me wet, i knew it, because i could smell me.

Hands started to stroke my face, making me quiver. Shortly after a punch was delivered to my stomach, my stomach had not been ready, it was relaxed and un-tensed making it thud more into my core. i could feel breathing on my cheek, someone was in my personal space, making me edgy. Lips came close to my mouth, i opened up to show willing.

A sharp slap to the thigh brought me back into the room, followed by strokes, followed by punches and rough handling of my delicate face. This constant rough and smooth was playing havoc with my brain.

A surprise kick was felt on to my pussy, making me buckle forward in pain, not that i could get far, as my arms were still locked behind me. The sharpness made my eyes fill with water.

my mouth was held open, i felt something cold and hard against my teeth, it was a glass bottle, i could smell the alcohol. Liquid came gushing into my mouth, before it was clamped shut, forcing me to swallow. i am not a drinker, i rarely drink, apart from a cocktail on holiday, so this hit me hard, in almost a drug type way.

The beating and forced drinking went on for a bit longer before i was unchained, and yanked up by my tits, making me yelp. The blindfold was removed, my vision was distorted but i could see who was here, Mr M. His face close to mine, he gave me a smile, i smiled back and meekly said “Hello”.

Sir went behind me, put His arm around my neck, gave it a squeeze, within what seemed like a blink of an eye i was on the ground. Everything sounded far away, but quickly came closer when Sir pulled me up by my nipples. He called it a ‘Pole Drop’, i like to think of it more as a ‘Slut Drop’.

Standing there in a haze, Mr M took out his phone, he opened up a comment i had said to him on Fetlife, in reply to him being rougher with me next time. Sir made me read it aloud… “firstly really happy you enjoyed reading my little blog… secondly… Bring it!” my knees trembled as i read it, thinking that perhaps i shouldn’t of been so cocky. “Here’s a little preview of what is to come..” With that Mr M slammed his fist into my stomach. With Sir holding on to my head, He proceeded to tell me to take all they were going to give me, and to make Him proud. In that moment i knew i want to do my best for both of them.

“Now dance for us!” Sir said. i went and took off my little black dress and boots, i had a pretty black lace pole set on, and wore my black thigh leg warmers and 8 inch heels.

i put on my special playlist i made earlier, and cranked up the volume. Both of them sat patiently, looking stunning in their suits, the whole room was lit up with red light, giving it just the ambiance i was after… slutty!

my first 2 songs were slow and sexy, giving me a chance to warm up through sensual moves, body rolling forward and back, tossing my hair and looking at both of them in turn. This was one of my favourite bits of the night, i love dancing for Sir, there are no rules here like there are in clubs, but the thought of dancing for more men in my little space was a huge fantasy for me. my first lap dance was to Sir, as i straddled Him and rode him, His hands caressed my butt, and fingers trailed up my spine.

Later Sir told me, this had been some of my best slut dancing He had seen me do. This meant a lot, as He had seen lots of it from me.

The second time i came away from the pole was to head to Mr M, His hands parted to make way for me to come closer. Grinding my hips into his lap, my look was met with a smile, i got the impression so far both of them were happy to be sitting here, and watching me in my happy place. Dancing like a complete slut, touching my body, parting my legs, and generally trying to wind them up as much as possible. Although judging by my wetness in down below, i was quite clearly winding myself up too.

The look of them in suits was getting too much for me, so i stripped off my little outfit and wiggled about in front of them. Sir walked to the toy box and came back with my red unicorn tail plug, i spread my legs and bent over for Him to slide it in. it popped in quite easy. i continued to dance seductively for them, with a tail that matched my bright red hair. Facing the pole and snaking my hips side to side i was ambushed! A belt round my neck, hands on my body, i was forcefully dragged over to the bondage bench.

Being held down i was secured to it, plug out, shoes and leg warmers off, i was naked.

The punches and slaps came in thick and fast, suction cups on my nipples making me squeal, and fingers shoved in and out of my ass, opening it wide for what they had planned. i would have a hard time writing exactly what Sir used in my butt, but later He told me it was a big red plug, and His hand, nearly His whole hand, but i’m not quite there yet… one day…

Whilst Sir was torturing my little butt, Mr M had me by the hair, and making me gag with his cock. Feeling it pumping at the back of my throat, i was powerless to stop anything from happening. i could not speak, i could not move my hands or my body, i just had to take what ever these 2 men gave me.

i remember Mr M coming right up to my face, and saying they both have all night. It was then that i started to think, i don’t know how long i can keep going. But not having a safe word also meant i didn’t have a choice, i had to take it. All of it. i knew i wanted it though, it’s what i crave, to be taken to the edge and then dangled off for a bit too.

i thought i was getting a slight rest bite when Sir stopped playing with my ass, but i was wrong. He came back with the truncheon… my hair held in the grasp of Mr M’s hand, meant i couldn’t see the hits coming, not that i could of done much about it if i could. But it meant that every whack was a surprise, this hurt like hell, but i was determine to take more for them. The worst bit was the hits to my bare feet, this was agony, not many more hits were done, before the wand came out.

The wand held in place by Sir, Mr M’s cock down my throat, meant i could wiggle myself nicely to a much needed cum, barking as i hit orgasm.

It wasn’t until i got off the bench, (well dragged off), that i realised how limp i was feeling. Arms pulled above my head, and secured to a tie off point on a beam, i was exposed and feeling weak. The anal hook was easily inserted, and attached behind me to my wrists, giving me a permanent feeling of being yanked.

The beatings continued, body punched, thighs, bum, even face not being left out. i was their little punch bag, their little play thing. Sir got the truncheon and delivered a few more blows, before holding it between my legs and lifting me by it, once down this was followed by both of them taking it in turns to lift me by my tits. Even though i screamed, no one came to rescue me.

When they grew tired of seeing me this way, they dropped my arms down, and took the hook out, and i nearly feel onto the mat.

The mat was big and soft, like a rubber covered mattress. The mat welcomed me as i crumpled down onto it, slumping to my knees, and feeling the blood rushing back into my hands.

Then it started, the manhandling, the beating, the punches, i was trying to defend myself, and turns out i seemed to have a little fight left. This became more prominent when they were trying to punch my clit. i wiggled about so much, i was surprised at where that energy came from. At this point they both teamed up, one holding my legs open, the other partly holding me, and partly punching my clit, making pain shoot through me like a bullet.

i was feeling hazy when they let me go, they stood up, still in their suits, still looking handsome, me i was feeling pretty worse for wear. Although my achy clit started to pulse as they both took their belts off…

Prowling round me on the mat, like a tigers circling their prey, the belt strikes started, it seemed as i turned away from one belt, i exposed myself to the other one. i couldn’t win. One of my fetishes on Fetlife is ‘Gentlemen who are not gentle men’, this was exactly what it meant. They looked smart and sexy, but they were lashing their belts on a helpless weak girl for fun, so i am sure in that moment that was the true fetish meaning.

i tried to crawl off the mat, i’m not sure where i was planning on going. i didn’t get far, when Sir pulled me back on to the mat. i curled up and went foetal, knowing there was nothing more i could do but take it. So i did.

It wasn’t long before they said i could have a break, if i cum with the wand and entertain them, happy to oblige with this task, i took the wand and started it up on my sore clit. The pain soon disappeared, shoes being stood on my face and gropes to my tits and pinches to my nipples were appreciated as i got closer to a cum. Fingers were filling my holes, giving me much fuel for my climax, as it hit i puppy barked, and bounced out of this world, as i came.

The wand released from my hand, i asked if i was getting a break now. They laughed, apparently the cum was my break…

Sir handed the wand back to me… “Do it again” He ordered, i pleaded with him that i was done for the minute, and they showed me their belts, threatening to go on me again. Suddenly the idea of another cum didn’t seem so hard. Was that because of the looming threat? Or had the threat made me horny again? i’m not sure, but off i went. This cum was much harder, stronger and even longer, perhaps it was being throat fucked this time that made it stronger?. i was pleased they pushed me into another one.

i was not out of the woods yet, i was pulled over to the bench again, and placed on it, not restrained. Sir dangled the white hood in front of me, if i did not take what was coming the hood will go on. i hate the hood, it usually ends up with my blood on it.. scares me a bit.

Sir was holding me down, as Mr M started to pump his cock into my wet cunt. This was violent fucking, like he was trying to bruise me from the inside. Sir was holding me in place by my hair, making me look at him, reminding me of how much of a slut i am, and why i was being treated this way. These words were like gold to me, so i decided to make myself useful, bringing my hands close to my lips, i pulled myself apart so Mr M could fuck harder. Sir was pleased with my helpfulness.

The intense play started to ease off. i knew our guest had not had a cum yet, not wanting to disappoint i walked off to the mat and knelt down, with my mouth open ready. i licked his length, taking my time, looking up at him, pretty sure my make up was smudged by now, but sure that added to my slut look. A mixture of taking him willingly into my throat, and being forced to, added to the intensity. He wanked himself into my mouth and over my face, leaving me feeling satisfied with his cum.

Early next morning, Sir woke up horny. This was not good. i felt like i had been hit by a bus, my whole body was aching, and i had quite a few bruises. Sir used all my holes, the only one not too bad was my mouth, aside from the bruised cheek bone that was ok, the rest of me however was a different story. i didn’t feel wet, but Sir fucked my cunt anyway, it felt like a dagger ripping in and out. Moving on to my ass, He thrusted away, my cries were muffled in the pillow, or His hand over my mouth, all i could do was wait until he was done.

This has gone down as yet again another brilliant night.

Until next time…. Bring it…




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