Drugged and Used By Men in Suits

i was down in the cellar, dress in a little black stripper dress, my favourite one, with the panels cut out behind, exposing me. my stockings showing out underneath the dress. i looked like a slut, Sir was happy, as He wanted to make sure i looked good for Him and His friends.

my arms got chained above my head, legs tied apart, i was trapped, His hand round my throat, my clit was pulsing, His face close to mine. “you will make Me proud tonight, you will do what ever We ask, and you will take every ones cock. If you don’t I will bring you back down here, where no one can hear you scream. Instead of using you, I will just beat the fuck out of you, GOT IT?”

“Yes Sir” i replied instantly, whilst i knew the threat was very real, i knew i wouldn’t get beaten tonight, not like that anyway. i wanted cock, i wanted to please Him and who ever He brings round. i was itching to know who it would be and if i knew them, He was not letting me know anything about them.

He made me a drink, i saw him empty some powder into it, He threatened i should drink it or else. Not a problem, i wanted this, i wanted to be treated like a slut, and i loved the idea of being drugged for it too. He held the bottle, and as i started to drink i noticed it was Southern Comfort, i don’t drink alcohol, so i knew this alone would make me feel giddy.

Wanting to make sure i was safe, He let my arms down, secured a chain round my neck to the floor, and released my ankles. i was starting to feel warm, and i was wet, so wet already. Next came the trigger word “…..” (Sir uses hypnosis mind control with me, for extra fun) Gently coming down to laying, my body becoming limp, the world fading away. Implanting more horniness into my brain with hypnosis, (like i really needed more), i was drifting along, feeling calm, and happy.

Bringing me around for the second drink, again seeing powder going in from a pill, i was starting to feel groggy, still coherent, but some fuzz round the edge of life. Sir grabbing my tits and slapping them, pinching them, usually my pain threshold is wank, but this was actually feeling good and turning me on.

A little while later, i had the final drink, still not knowing what was in there, but i didn’t care, i was happy and horny.

The guys had arrived, it was time.. for what and for who and how many i still didn’t know. Sir led me upstairs by the chain round my neck, as we came out of the cellar a hood was shoved over my head from behind, tape started going round my neck. i was blinded, no one was talking, no need they had a plan and were organized, working as a unit. i still did not know who this was. Hands were on me, groping roughly at my body, lips trying to kiss me through the hood, my knees were trembling.

i was led up stairs slowly, once in the room i felt the spanking bench in front of me, and got on. Legs were secured to it, along with a belt around my torso, followed by arms. i was stuck. Apparently Sir left to get changed at this point, i had no idea. Voices started to appear, “You are such a slut” Do you have any idea what we are going to do with you?” Slapping my ass, hard, making me yelp, hands over my body, my face. Fingers invading my pussy, digging in deep to make me wince. my poor tits were getting punched, slapped and pinched, i felt like a piece of sex meat.

i thought the hood had been on a while, but when typing this blog i realise that i don’t think it was that long, my time had gotten quite distorted.

All went quiet. The hood came off. As my eyes were blinking adjusting to the light, the first things i saw as i looked down was 3 pairs of shoes. Not just any shoes, the kind just you dream of kissing, well the shoes ‘i’ dream of kissing anyway. As my eyes travelled up i saw 3 suited men. Fuck this was hot. i remember thinking, ‘Yep, this is it, this is what i want, i want to be a slut for ever and ever’.

So who were they, well one was obviously Sir, the other one Mr J who i knew, but the third.. hmmm his face was a little familiar. i think i had met him once, about a year ago.. i was right. Lets call him Mr M.

i smiled at them all, Sir left my view with these 2 lovely men. Grabbing my hair, coming down to my face, slapping it, putting fingers in my mouth. my little head was getting manhandled, literally. At this time Sir had gone behind me and started fingering my ass, even though He was not being gentle i was enjoying Him there, may have been because i was a bit distracted by 2 hot men in front of me, or was it the drugs, or was it the drink? More fingers going in. Dicks coming out of their trousers, into my mouth. Yanking my head as they thrust in to my mouth, banging against the back of my throat. As a cock came out, i was gagging, trying to breathe, getting whacked across the face for not swapping to the other cock quick enough. This technique worked, as i tried to swap faster each time when i was allowed air. As soon as i got the hang of that, i was then slapped round the face if i did not say thank you.

The guys were enjoying going back to see how Sir was destroying my little asshole, talking about how they wanted to fuck it afterwards.

Coming back to my face, they gathered up my hair and proceeded to fill my mouth with both of them, i did my best as my mouth and ass was being stretched to their limits. Once they came out i begged for them to go back in, i mean how often do you get 2 hard cocks in your mouth? i had to savour the moment.

At the point of Sir nearly getting His fist in, i was struggling a little bit, the wand came out, and i was allowed to grind on it. The wand changes everything, i started rocking backwards and forwards on to His hand, fucking my way to climax as my clit was getting the attention it needed. Immense pleasure surged through me, i started barking (yes cute little puppy barks) hard to do with your mouth full, but i did, and i came hard.

When writing this blog i had to ask Sir how i got from the bench to the bed, as i couldn’t remember. Apparently He put me in ‘Aeroplane’ mode (Another hypnosis control technique), my body went limp, like a dead weight, i was lifted by all of them and dumped on the bed. When i came round i was put into ‘Slut’ mode (another trigger), this brings out the whore in me. i started rubbing my body, fondling my tits, creeping down to see just how wet i was, and sneaking a taste of my juices.

i’m sill a little bit hazy as to what exactly happened on the bed, i know i was getting fucked, in my ass, then in my pussy, being face fucked. i was so eager for everyone, i wanted to please, i want to take, i wanted to feel completely used!

my face being held, lips parted and kissing, whilst my holes were getting pummelled. Looking into their eyes, trying my best not to shut my eyes, i wanted to keep these moments alive, whilst they were taking what they wanted from me.

Sir brought the wand over, and i held it on my hood, Mr M was finger fucking me, hard. The sort of hard that i knew it would feel like internal bruises next time i was fucked. i didn’t care about that though, with the wand on it was brutal pleasure. Mr J and Sir where in a mix of throat fucking me, holding my head, hands in my mouth, kissing me, i came, so hard, i was done! They were not… one of them held the wand on me, forcing more cums out of me, i was squirming so much, at least there were 3 of them holding me down, otherwise i may of gone through the roof!

They took off my stockings and were going to put electrics on me, i begged for them not to, instead Sir got the nipple suction cups (i hate them!), He finds my noises amusing with them on. i was keen to leave at that point, but no, held down by strong men, Sir was able to get them on, i screamed, “One more turn and I’ll take them off “ He said. And He did, but my god i hate them. You can kick me and punch me, but if you want to put those or clamps on my nipples, i can’t deal with it. On a mission with my funny sounds they tickled me, hmmm not a fan. Although i am just glad i did not kick anyone!

i got down to my knees, kissed their feet and crawled out the room. i was told to make myself pretty, and come down stairs. i did look a bit of a state, a happy state though.

Stockings went back on, dress pulled back in it’s right place, make up and hair fixed, i added some Chrome stripper shoes to complete the look. Once down stairs i saw Sir was showing them the cellar Dungeon, i figured it was probably wiser for me to stay up here and wait for them.

The guys commented on how good i looked, and how slutty i was. i went to Mr M, and looked in his eyes. We started kissing and my hands found their way to his zipper. i know i’m a slut, as if upstairs wasn’t enough, i wanted more. He said he didn’t come, i offered to change that for him, he was happy too. As i got to my knees and took his length in my mouth i heard from Sir, “slut come and make some drinks” Mr M replied with “she’s got her mouth full”.

Taking his dick willingly into the back of my throat, i kept catching his eyes looking down at me, watching me bring him to orgasm. He spurted into my mouth, i swallowed it down, whilst still licking him clean.

i came round the corner to see Mr J standing there, going over i proceeded to give him the same treatment, not wanting either of them to leave without being completely empty. i wanted to be a host, this is how you do it, right?

On my knees i went, taking him into my mouth, my sore jaw working as best it could to please him. Grabbing my head and forcing himself further into my throat, i leapt away coughing and gagging, he got me back on and forced it down again, he was harder and it felt like it went a little further. Released into a coughing fit again, i think he was enjoying this. So was i. The sound of me choking seemed to push the right buttons, as he shot his load into my mouth. i looked up into his eyes, and his smile made me feel warm inside, i could see he had had a good time using me.

Both of our guests had now left, and Sir was pleased with me. i was so happy, this had been one of my best nights ever! i was done, i was sore, i was sleepy and ready for bed. Sir was not…

Standing in the bedroom, He stripped me of my dress leaving just my stockings, grabbing me by the throat, threw me onto His bed. Now it was His turn…

Taking His cock He shoved it down my throat, just one of my many abused holes. Not satisfied until i was starved of oxygen and needing to breathe. He then pinned me down and fucked my cunt, not just my cunt, my internally bruised cunt. (Thanks Mr M!)

Oh god this hurt so much, Sir felt extra hard, or i felt extra tender, i am not sure, but ow! i struggled, Sir had enough so He flipped me over, dragged me to the end of the bed, i was clawing at the duvet, as if it would help me in some way. He slid easily into my ass. Oh. My. God. The pain! i screamed, not one of those girly squirm noises.. no, screamed, pleaded. His weight was against me. This was rape. This hurt. This was not going to be pleasure, this was one for my wank bank.

Hand over my mouth, blocking the air, His whisper filled my mind, “Stop fucking screaming, otherwise I will take you down to the cellar and beat you, and you won’t like it. You will amuse me one way or the other.”

i tried to be quieter.

Letting up slightly, He gave me the choice of staying there, or going back in my cunt. i picked cunt, and thanked him. Funny how yes that hurt, but didn’t seem as bad, as now i was comparing it to my butt. Thrusting hard He filled me with His cum.

This has gone down as being one of the best nights of my life.

i am a slut.
i always want to be a slut.
sluts have all the fun.