Twas the night before Christmas, gagging sounded through the house…

…Sir’s cock was stirring, right in a sluts mouth,

A fist nestled tight, wound in the hair,

Of the slut on her knees, completely stripped bare.


The neighbours relaxed, all snug in their bed,

Unaware of the force, pounding in the sluts head,

With Sir in a suit, all dressed from a do,

slut on the floor, her cunt oozing with goo.


Sir pushed slut aside, she fell with a clatter,

He came back with a club, to give her a batter,

Bent over the bench, he gave the first bash,

He knew something was right, when juice flowed from her gash.


The doorbell rang, to the door Sir did go,

He left slut bent over, her butt all a glow,

Voices rose through the house, before what should appear,

8 men in suits, slut whispered “oh dear”.


With little persuasion, slut crawled to their feet,

Kissing their shoes, with her greeting so sweet,

The kicks came and started, all fast with no rest,

Until one pulled slut up, holding on to her breast.


“NOW slut”, “NOW fucktoy”, they treated the whore,

To slapping her face, making her beg for more,

With a punch to the gut, she slammed to the wall,

All laughing hard, as they watched her fall.


Feeling all winded, and like she would die,

“Get up, we’ll be gentle”, she knew that was a lie,

So up to her feet, breathing as best cause she knew,

If she stayed down there, she’d be beaten black and blue.




And then in a twinkling, someone came up behind,

Grabbing slut by her throat, to play with her mind,

As slut came to focus, being turned around,

Hands were grabbed behind, and proceed to be bound.


He was dressed in black, from his head to his toe,

His flies undone, for slut to give him a blow,

slut on her knees, her head held back,

Cocks rammed down her throat, causing her to yack.


Bent over the bed, her time had now come,

To take them one at a time, up her little bum,

One by one they joined, in to be merry,

But if slut wanted to come, she must bark like Cherry.


Cocks pounded her hard, in her arsehole so tight,

Taking cocks in her mouth, as she tries not to bite,

her mind was a blur, and legs like jelly,

While all the time being recorded, to watch on the telly.


“Pull your ass cheeks apart”, she heard one of them say,

“We want to fill you with cum, the old fashioned way”

With a wink of Sir’s eye, and a crook of his head,

Soon gave her to know, she had nothing to dread.


They spoke not a word, but went straight to their work,

And filled slut with cum, as they happily jerked,

When those who had cum, enjoying the pace,

A few who were left, wanted to wank in her face.


slut sprang to her knees, and looked into their eyes,

Enjoying the moment, before the good byes,

All covered in cum, blocking her sight,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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