My first CMnf Event– June 2014 (Real)

i couldn’t think of a better way to spend our 10 month anniversary, than spending an afternoon, surrounded by men in suits and naked ladies. A place full of friendly people, up for a chatting and making new friends. This is a very couples orientated event, usually at those types of events no one chats much. But it is not like that at this one.

i entered the club wearing Sirs jacket, my slave collar, and nothing else, i would have been happy to go from the car to the club naked, but they prefer you to be discrete. Sir looked very handsome in His dj, everytime i looked at Him, my clitty would pulse. There is something about a man in a suit…hmmm…yummy!

It was a beautiful day for it, the sun was shining, enough for the girls to keep warm and happy, but not so much that the Men were roasting in Their suits.

Sir left me on my knees, blindfolded, with hands cuffed behind my back, and said, “I’ll be back in a moment” i didn’t feel the need to question him, i waited quietly, trying not to fidget, as i didn’t know if He was watching me or not.

He returned with something from the van. Stocks. Not just any stocks, ones which would make me into His human table, ideally suited for pint glasses to be held, but none were available at the bar, so He settled for a bottle of bud. This was actually a good thing for me, as it required less balancing, but i did thoroughly enjoy the challenge.

As we walked outside, there were many comments on how they were impressed by his idea, i knelt in the sunshine on the grass, and kept still. my back and my arms were aching from it, but i didn’t want to come out of it, i wanted to stay in there, so i persevered. Sir decided it would be ‘fun’ to put the nipple suction cups on me, i can’t say i agreed with Him. Thank god it wasn’t a pint glass on the stocks, as it would have gone over!

He very kindly let me lay on the ground and have a break, still in the stocks, before i got up and carried on for a bit longer, until reluctantly i had to have them taken off. Although it has made me think about incorporating a slave workout, into my daily routine.

After we had munched on the buffet, Sir made me go and put my pretty red jewelled butt plug in, knowing that if He left me do it, i would be more likely to be able to keep it in for a while, rather than have Him force it in me fast! i was very happy i managed 2 hours with it in, my new personal best!

He had me kneel down, butt facing outwards, so everyone could see how sparkly i looked, whilst being Sir’s footstool, as he read the paper. At this point i was thinking, that everything was perfect right now.

After finishing with the paper Sir allowed me to move, not far though, just in the right place to be able to give Him a nice foot rub. i was loving every second of serving my Sir, and it was making up for the both of us being so busy lately.

Going for a little wander outside, we bumped into TheSecretSmile, and he said he was free to do the photo i had in mind, up against the tree. Which so far has got over 400 likes on Fetlife, it’s become one of my most popular photos by a long shot! Although i nearly lost my butt plug when doing it!

It was time for a last bit of cake before we headed home. i picked the double layered strawberry and cream, and returned to Sir with 2 forks. He took one, and proceeded to place a chunk of cake onto His shoe, this is what i get for forgetting to bring my bowl with me, although not really a punishment, just more fun! Excitedly i put my fork on the table, bent over, and started to eat like a hungry little puppy. Combining 2 of my favourite things, eating cake and kissing Sir’s shoes!

On returning home, i was horny, really horny! Sir asked to see some of my favourite porn… it was a harsh anal one, that was both a good idea and a bad one, as he proceeded to make me get off using the wand, over and over again, before trying to ram his fist up my ass with no lube (I was wet enough). He ended it by fucking my butt so hard, whilst pinning me face down to the bed.

All in all, one of the best days of my life. xx