Tuxedo Tuesday (Real)

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to have my second meet with the Tuxedos, only this time instead of 3 guys, I had 5! Should have been 6, but sadly one was unwell. I wore a lovely black dress with roses on it, no underwear.

I arrived feeling excited and nervous, a big fantasy of mine was about to become a reality. After the first meet I had discussed being used more forcefully this time, so I knew I was in for a tough time…

I was led into the lounge, and all eyes were on me, only 3 guys there as the other 2 got held up. They looked me up and down, saying they had heard about me, how much of a cock loving slut I was last time. I was held in place while Sir P got a knife, as soon as I sore the blade, I froze as he proceeded to slice my dress right off me, this was the first time anyone had done this.

The camera was turned on, the night was being filmed.

My feet were kicked out from under me, as I was manhandled to the floor. The 3 guys got to fucking me straight away, including my ass being fucked with no warm up, but thankfully they decided to use lube, as it was a bit touch and go for a while!

I heard extra foot steps in the room, I was too preoccupied by being a cock slut to turn my head to see, but I was sure the current 3 guys were still round me. He joined in by getting straight in and fucking me.

I started to ride one of the guys who had a massive cock, trying to please him and the others around by riding him well. It was now time for one of my cherries to be popped.. I was about to get dp’d for the first time, so with that fat cock in my pussy, the next guy got behind me, he penetrated my tight little fuck hole, making me wince out in pleasure pain. The camera was facing me, I knew I would be able to watch this back and relive it, over and over again!

Just when I thought I couldn’t get anymore full, a cock was placed at my mouth. Being the polite cock junkie I opened my mouth and did my best to satisfy him. This was my first airtight experience.

There were quite a few cherries popped for me on this night!

Another guest arrived shortly after my airtight, he didn’t seem best pleased with me. Grabbing my hair to look at him, he was annoyed that I didn’t wait for him, in my defence me versus 3 guys at the start, I was never going to win. He took his cock out and roughly forced it down my throat, saying how much of a slut I was for not waiting. His cock made me gag, a lot, I pushed him away, to which he thought I was being very ungrateful, I pleaded with him, that it was not my intention.

This wasn’t good enough! So he thought a hard pounding would mend my ways, which hurt, if I wasn’t being held in place I would have moved!

A blindfold was placed on me, as I was held down on a mat, I had a feeling I knew what was coming, and I didn’t want it… The guys held me in place as Sir dripped candle wax over my naked writhing body. Over the nipples stung the most. This was the first time I had ever really had hot candle wax, and it was a good job I had so many hands on me! The fact that I was made to take it made me incredibly wet!

Ordered to my feet, I was lead upstairs, and I noticed the camera made it’s way up as well, I didn’t want what was about to happen, but it was me versus 5 guys, so I had to get in the bath tub and kneel down. Sir P got in first, tried to get me to open my mouth, but I wasn’t having any of it, instead he pissed all over my face, hair and body. I was thinking all of them were gonna take their turns, but fortunately I only had to endure it from one other. Why I fantasise about this I don’t know, it made me feel like trashy scum.

I was very grateful for the hot shower afterwards.

After rinsing myself off I went down stairs, and was held down, and made to cum over and over again. I know I remembered to ask for the first one, but then was forced to have more after that. Including, (yet another cherry being popped!) I squirted for the first time ever! All it took was 4 guys holding me down, and one licking my clit whilst rubbing my g-spot!

At one point I was riding Sir J’s cock, and got a little carried away, as I brought myself to orgasm, but unfortunately for me I forgot to ask permission. Grabbing my hair and holding my face close to his, he looked annoyed, told me to get off him as I didn’t deserve his cock like this

He flipped me over, told me to hold my ass cheeks apart, he went straight in, and I jumped forward as it was instant pain. Two guys then locked me in place, whilst he pumped his hard cock in to my sore ass, I couldn’t move, I wanted to, it hurt! I kept crying out how sorry I was, but it didn’t seem to make a difference, I just waited until he was done with me.

I was a lucky cum slut, and got to taste some lovely spunk, and also had my face covered in it. I gave 2 guys in a row my best head to make them spunk down my throat. My jaw ached a little after the first, but it was worth it, as I love it doing it so much.

As the night came to an end I started to get dressed, (yes I had brought other clothes with me!), I was putting on my panties and top, which seem to attract the attention of Sir J. I then sat on his lap and started to give him a filthy lap dance. Grinding myself against his cock and kissing him. His hands found their way into my panties onto my swollen clitty, he gently rubbed me to climax, which someone else was filming on his phone.

This was written from my hazy memory of the night, as I have not seen the video at the time of writing this. I know there was spitting on my face at various times, lots on me being made to cum, more dp, nipple pinching, being told off for smiling, cocks in all my holes.

It was truly an amazing evening, with 5 very lovely gentlemen, who were not so gentle with me, exactly what I wanted.


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  1. I’ve read your account of events and I’m impressed you remember a lot of it, but you’ve once again demonstrated how ungrateful you are by forgetting some details. I have it in mind to punish you further, next time I won’t be as accommodating of your insolence. Contact me when you’re hungry.

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