Anal Rape (Real)

So it started with me getting dragged by my hair, through the hall way and kitchen, into my bedroom. He pushed me down onto the bed, climbed on top of me and started touching around my inner thighs, all the time telling me that I was his fuck toy, and only here to serve him. This was like music to my ears, I was grinning, I was so happy, he slapped my face to try and wipe the grin off, it did so as he caught me by surprise, but then it came right back!

Hands wrapped tightly round my neck, “I am going to fuck you like the dirty whore you are.”

I wanted to smile, but couldn’t, my breath was gone, only for a few moments.

“Hands above your head, shut your eyes” he ordered. I obeyed. His words today were piercing and his tone put me quite on edge, and worried about what would happen if I did not perform well for him.

He masked my mouth with his hand, using the other he smeared some of my juices away and into his mouth, he came close to my face, asking me what I thought it tasted of. I knew what to say… “A dirty whore Sir.”

Sir went down on me, and started licking all over my cunt, before giving some special attention to my clit. Working it just right I was feeling close, then he stopped, “Whores don’t get to cum.” My little heart sank just a bit, but my pussy became increasingly wet at his assertiveness.

Eventually my denim skirt, black top and underwear were off, and he started teasing me with his cock, making me beg for how much I wanted to be fucked. I begged. Over, and over. Wanting to feel him take me, and use me, to thrust so deep it hurts. He started to fuck me quite hard, I could feel him stretching me wider, I was thinking the more he fucked me, the less it hurt, until he thrust extra deep. I caught a glance at his sexy body, to which he quickly ordered my eyes shut. With his fingers circling my clit, I came with him inside me, it was just what I wanted after a week of no action.

Coming close to my face, he seemed annoyed, “Whores don’t get to cum.” I said sorry quite a few times, but it still got me a slap round the face.

He lay on the bed, as I knelt between his thighs, I watched him rub his cock, teasing me with each stroke, he knew how much I wanted it in my mouth. He ordered me to kiss the tip, I obeyed, then he ordered me to make him cum soon just using my mouth, otherwise he would be shoving it up my ass. I was in a bind, as I wasn’t in the mood for anal, and I knew he wouldn’t cum anytime soon, I’m pretty sure he knew all that too.

I worked away at his cock, doing my best to please him, hoping to get a squirt of warm spunk into my mouth, but I had no such luck. He jumped behind me fast, and started fucking my pussy from behind, after a few strokes, I realised it was only to get his cock nicely lubed up, he probed against my tight hole, I cried out as it popped in, he told me I was a good girl, his words encouraged me to take more, and more until he was all the way in, once in he went straight into fucking me hard. I was on my knees, and tried to edge away from him, my belly went down on to the bed, and he held me down by his weight. Pummelling deep into my ass. I was crying out, in pain, it was almost like my cries were making him harder. He seemed to be enjoying this fuck more than me. My hands gripped tight into the pillow, I had no choice but to lay there and let him take his pleasure from me and my tight little fuck hole.

Despite how much it was hurting, there was only one thing that really concerned me…. I hoped he wasn’t going to stop, to see if I was ok. I loved being used this way, to feel like I have no choice, to be raped and over powered by the person I trust the most. To please him in a way only his fuck toy can.

As he pounded me hard, he eventually shot his load right up my ass, I shouted as I felt his cock pumping away, stretching my ass just that little bit more.

He laid next to me, and tried to spoon me, but my body was still tensed, my hands were like claws still moulded into the pillow, I forced myself to prise them off. Sir asked if I was ok, and I said what sounded like a very unconvincing ‘Yes’. But I really was, I thanked him for using me hard, and I thanked him later again before bed, and also asked for a climax with the wand before going to sleep, as my sore bum was making me horny. Every time I felt the discomfort for the next few days, it made me horny.