Sir J Becomes My New Master (Real)

As requested I was wearing what I wore when we first met over a year ago. It was a denim skirt, cream top, grey knee high boots and silver and black matching underwear. For the first time since we met, he wanted to go out with me, so we took advantage of the gorgeous sunshine, and went for a walk in the park by my house. He wanted to talk about owning me, what it would mean, and my thoughts on it too. I was so tempted, I had thought about being owned by him before, but it wasn’t something I thought he wanted to. Due to some recent upsets I’ve had he has become more protective over me, and doesn’t want any harm to come to me.

Back at mine he ordered me to my knees to read the contract he had drawn up. He whispered to me that I would be signing it, which made me nervous as I was wondering what he had put on there, but it was simple and to the point, very fitting to the sort of Ds relationship we were about to start. Whilst reading he kept pulling my hair, slapping my ass, and fingering me, making it quite difficult to read it properly, but when I thought I had I was happy to sign.

After signing, he said for me to call him Master, so now he was no longer Sir J to me. I was now his slave, he really made sure I knew I was his slave, his fuck toy, his slut to use at any time, and in any way he sees fit. I saw a whole new side to him today, the Master side, protective and pushy – good.

He gave me a little bracelet, which looks subtly like handcuffs, and put my collar on me.

Only a few minutes after signing, he had me up against the wall, talking at me, and it dawned on me…. The only way for me to get out of the contract is to find a new suitable Master, and he would hand me over. I can’t just leave him. Assuming everything was great then why would I, but still made me think I should have realised this was a point to bring up sooner. He found that amusing.

He took all my clothes off so he could have a look at his new toy – me. I was his. He seemed very happy, and so was I.

Ordering me over to the spanking bench, he tied me down using the leather straps on there, along with my extra ratchet straps, I could barely move. Gagged and blindfolded too. Slapping me, then using the cane on my ass, and on my feet, making me whimper. I knew it wasn’t even that hard, but it didn’t have to be, it had been ages since I felt the cane on my bare skin, so it hurt a fair bit.

He was pushing me mentally the whole time, saying how I was now his, and that I will obey him. Master moved on to the zapper, running it over me, making me shiver, and pull against my bonds. Grabbing my hair, he was telling me to ask for the zapper, and that I should want him to punish me. I was fighting inside the entire time, as I hate the zapper. I started saying for him to zap me, but he wasn’t convinced, over and over again, my voice started to get loud, and more real, so he zapped me, making me scream!

Releasing me from the bench, I got up, a bit wobbly on my feet, so naturally that was the perfect time for him to push me about. His hand reached for a fist full of my hair, and guided me cruelly to the door, he slammed me up against it, my head bashing back as he let go, eyes watering from the pain. He was prowling round me like an hungry tiger about to pounce on it’s prey, every now and again punching my stomach, pulling my hair back, spitting in my mouth, calling me pathetic…

My insides were in bits, he was making me so scared and nervous, the fact that I trusted him was seeming more and more distant, it’s not that I was losing it, I was just so on edge I found it hard to remember he would never actually hurt me. I couldn’t look him in the eye, and I didn’t want to for once, I felt safer looking away. Today his words were harsher than normal, in fact, everything he was doing was much harsher and full on than he has ever been before. I can’t imagine getting on his wrong side, I don’t ever want to disobey him or let him down, I don’t think I could handle this treatment from him, with a motive behind it.

Once he had finished terrorising me against the door, he dragged me over to the sofa, and started to fuck my dripping wet pussy. All the time saying how I was now his, pulling my hair, and re positioning himself so he could slap my tits hard, and grope them in a mean way. He ordered me to cum, I wanted to please him so much, so I asked if he could move a bit, so I could use my fingers to get myself off. He continued to fuck me until I came, during which he was slapping and hurting me.

Feeling spacey from my climax, he threw me to the floor, made me kneel in front of him, and start working my mouth up and down his cock, which tasted of my juices.

When he wanted to cum, he pushed my back to the floor, and proceeded to wank over my face, sometimes using my mouth for a bit, or slapping my face with his cock, making me beg for his cum, which eventually was shot down my throat, and ordered to swallow.

We sat on the sofa together, reflecting on the good choice we felt we had made in each other. I will still long for a real full relationship, with someone who wants to know all about me, love me, and still want to push my limits. Although I have been realising that this is so hard to find. But in the mean time I can have a wonderful time being a slave to my new Master,


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