Beware of a Master with a Paddling Pool (Real)

There had been a fair bit of hype leading up to Sunday, lots of suspense, kinky text messages, and warning text messages. Master and I have a slight change on how we play now, in that he gives me back my safe word, which creates a green light for him to continue being harder with me. Although he said that if I decide to use it on Sunday, he would most likely send me home, was that mean or an incentive, I like to think it was a bit of both.

He sent me upstairs to the spare room with the cameras, I noticed a new paddling pool, hard to miss it really, also the cage was down, and a trestle. Master set up the cameras and ordered me to kneel in the corner, he asked me to look at the camera and say what I wanted, feeling shy I obeyed. Asking to be fucked in all my holes was ok, but as the requests he wanted me to make got more precarious I was starting to feel hesitant. This lead to him slapping me hard round the face, until I agreed to request it for the camera. Asking for things like needles, and to be pissed on..

I had to stand and take off my clothes, he made me wear a pink bikini which was too small, and looked rubbish on me. He knew I hated to look bad, and enjoyed making me wear it. We went downstairs, and attached me to his sink by a chain round my neck, I was on washing up duty.

I would of preferred to stay at the sink doing more washing up, instead of what he had next for me. Making me kneel in the conservatory I was to be his ashtray, at least I was allowed to hold an actual ashtray, and not be made to use my hands, so I guess it could have been worse. Being someone who doesn’t smoke, I hate being around it, even more so as he blew smoke in my face, a kinky thought I wish I had not shared with him 2 years ago.

Back upstairs I brought in his special chair, with no base, he whipped my with a horse hair whip, wasn’t too painful, but I hated the breeze it created, being cold is an instant turn off for me.

Master wanted a shower, so he popped me in the cage, with some cold porridge made with water, it was rank! It kept making me heave whilst trying to eat the lot. I would be in trouble if he came in, and there was still some left. I really did try my best to eat it, but couldn’t finish it in time. He ordered me out of the cage, and forced my face into the bowl, my face emerged covered in cold oats and water, I wasn’t allowed to wipe my face as he got me in the paddling pool.

Kneeling in there he fucked my mouth very hard, think he was hoping to make me puke, I almost did, but I was surprised I didn’t, seeing how much horrible porridge I had just consumed, I thought it would be itching to come out of me! So to my Masters annoyance, my gag reflex seemed to be good that day! He took a different approach, I had a feeling something different was about to happen, when he stayed still in my mouth, but held me in place, with my lips around his cock… He started to piss down my throat (why I tell him about these kinky thoughts of mine, I will never know), I swallowed to start with, and then spat out, he continued to piss over my body, spit on me, and called me a filthy little bitch etc.

Why this sort of behaviour turns me on is beyond me, but I can’t hide it from him.

After he cut off the bikini he allowed me to have a nice shower to clean up, before meeting him in the bedroom, where he tied my arms out, legs tied high above me, and put a black plastic bag over my head. He started fucking me, pretty deep, it was quite hurty, but the plastic bag helped to keep me aroused enough so it didn’t hurt too much.

The black plastic bag was a new twist, as I have only been used to clear ones, I could see out, but not see detail, he couldn’t see me, and my arms were tired, there were a couple of moments of panic from me, but that all added to my wetness.

Cramp got the better of me, so had to have my legs released, arms still tied, bag off, while he very kindly used the wand, and fingers on my g-spot to make me cum, and cum and cum.

Later on after food, and relaxing time together, I hide on the stairs, and spooked him by jumping out on him… This I have since learnt was a bad idea when he has a paddling pool of cold piss upstairs. He was annoyed, there was motive to him making me get upstairs and into the spare room. As requested I took my clothes off quick, but I didn’t want to get in the pool of old piss, he forced me in there, straight down to my hands and knees, then on my back, he pissed all over me, in my hair, everywhere, it felt gross. All the time saying things like, “Do you think it’s funny now??” I was screeching as it was going in my hair, when he finished he forced me over on my front, I did everything I could to keep my mouth from touching down in the pool, it looked rotten and smelt so bad. But I think I learnt my lesson… never jump out on Master and make him jump, when he has a paddling pool of piss to put me in!