My first mini abduction… (Real)

My desires had been growing (again!), for needing to be degraded, Master had instructed me to offer myself to Sir A yesterday. Sir A and I planned to meet late when I had finished work, I was to be ready to go out for a walk. Not really something I was wanting to do on this drizzly evening, but I said yes, as I did not want to cause a fuss.

The evening could not come soon enough, Master sent me a text that got my head thinking… he wanted me to contact him afterwards, and let him know that I was ok, not a strange text as such, but one that made me think this was going to be more than a little naughty stroll round the park..

I was wearing my collar, little black dress, and sexy knee high boots, I had to be in something I wouldn’t mind getting a grubby. 2 minutes after my text was sent, Sir let himself into my home, and into my bedroom, he saw me sitting on my bed waiting patiently for him, with my new sign I had made the previous day, ‘Worthless Cunt Always’. He smiled while securing my wrists in front of me with a cable tie, and put a stocking over my head, I protested that I did not want to go for a walk like this, in case a neighbour saw, he said that we weren’t going for a walk. I relaxed whilst he placed a red ball gag in my mouth, and blind folded me with tape.

Leading me through my home, I assumed we were going to my lounge, but no, he took me out the front door! Looking like this! I couldn’t do anything about it, just hoped that no one saw me! I left with nothing, no phone, no keys, just me, my clothes and my filthy mind…

He bundled me into his back seat, laid me down, and covered me with tarpaulin before driving off.

My mind started to race a bit now, full of fun and exciting thoughts of what might happen, until I heard his voice… on the phone to someone… “Alright mate, yeah I got her, I’ll be with you soon..”

Be with who?! I thought. Him and Master had been texting each other throughout the day, I wonder if Sir told him everything, about what he wanted to do with me.

Master would never let someone else be in on a sessionwithout having met them first. Ah perhaps it was Master we were going to meet, although after thinking it through I really didn’t think it would be him… so who was it?..

Thoughts darting all over the place, what did I really know about Sir, I didn’t even know his last name, I was beginning to doubt my trust in him, becoming very uncertain and unsettled, and feeling like an idiot to have got myself into this position…

Eventually we arrived, he led me along a dirt track, I kept having little stumbles, which I’m sure he enjoy seeing me do. Cutting through some bushes we stopped, the blindfold was cut off, gag out, and a torch pointed at my scrunched up face, it was bright and disorientating. But no one else seemed to be around, phew, it was just us.

Everything up to this point is very clear in my head, but I think the fear had taken hold, and I have blurred memories of what happened in the woods.

I remember looking around, and saying it felt like a scene from a horror film… I don’t like horror films though! Always noises round us, the night time animals were out, the breeze blowing the trees, all the little noises seemed much louder. The trip to the woods messed with my head, I’m sure he knew I was terrified, threatening to beat me and leave me tied to a tree, coming at me fast with his fists, but stopping just before he was about to strike me.

Sir made me kneel, he picked up a handful of dirt to rub over me, and more to put in my bra, and down my wet panties, rubbing into my cunt. Spitting on me and spanking me at regular intervals, whilst calling me a worthless cunt, who deserves everything she gets. There was some dog shit on the ground near to me, if I did anything wrong then he was going to use it on me, this made me think twice about doing anything wrong..

Bringing out a pen, he proceeded to write on my face, and chest. Saying that they were instructions for someone else, I called his bluff, stating I thought no one was actually coming. He told me the set up, and how someone should have been coming, but didn’t immediately reply to his voicemail left in the car. This guy was supposed to film and take photos for Master. I was already frightened, but I think I would have been a nervous wreck if someone else was there.

Sir read out some of Masters texts, I even questioned some of the things said, saying he wouldn’t of said that, or agreed to that etc. To which Sir showed me, Master had said to up the pain level, give me a thrashing, agreed for someone else to be present, and told him to piss on me if he wanted to!

Sir pulled out his cock, saying he was going to piss on me, I was willing him not to so much in my head that it worked! Haha! Making mesuck him off, he kept threatening to do it in my mouth, this drove me insane!

Noticing that I was very nervous about being alone in the woods with him, he pulled me up and gave me a hug, saying that it would all be ok. We started to head back to the car, and had a nice long chat about my first kind of abduction. Everything I felt, matched how he wanted me to feel, we went back to mine, and continued to have a wonderful night together.


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