The Medical Room (Story)

When I came round I was being bound to the medical chair. Last thing I remember was cumming really hard, on the bed in the other room. My arms felt weak, as I tried to wriggle free, my body felt very tired.

“Master” I said meekly, he didn’t respond to me at all, didn’t even look at me. “Master!” I said a little louder, in case he hadn’t heard me before. He continued to tie my legs up and apart on the gyno chair.

“Master, may please have some water and a few minutes to sort my head out?”

He ignored me again.

This is the first time he has ever ignored me, sometimes he has listened to my requests and said no, but this was the first. It felt strange, and I felt like there was nothing I could do. I thought about saying ‘Safe word’, but then I remembered what he said earlier. He stated that I knew there was no more safe word, and if I were to try and ever use it because I was scared, there would be such a severe punishment, like no other punishment he had ever inflicted on anyone before. His reason for this is that it would be a break of trust.

Once he was done restraining me, I gave a little wriggle, and I could hardly move an inch! My whole body had been restrained to the chair, my legs were up and apart, I felt very exposed and vulnerable.

I kept saying to myself, ‘I really hope I can trust him, I really do’. I thought a kiss would make me feel better and more connected to him again, after him ignoring me, I asked him very politely, and he still ignored me! I was starting to feel dejected and lonely.

“Right slave, we have a new rule, starting from now and for the rest of the day, you will only speak when spoken to, got it?” He looked me in the eyes, shivers were running through me, so many things I wanted to say to him. “But Master” I pleaded, “What are you going to do to me?”

He smiled and said “That’s for me to know and you to find out, now do you understand what I asked of you?” He spanked my pussy straight after.
“YES MASTER” I yelped!

“Good girl” he replied.

He left the room, I could feel the fear creeping into me, I was trying to relax and keep telling myself I can trust him.

A few minutes later he returned, “Now slave, I would like for you to pick what happens to you.” A smile returned to my face. “I have some lovely needles for you… Or I have an enema for you… so what is it going to be” My smile faded fast!

Terror started to run through me, “But Master, please don’t, I really don’t want either, please Master!” He looked a bit annoyed, he slapped my face, which didn’t move much as I was in a posture collar. “Look at me!” he snapped. I opened my eyes to meet his.

“I thought I was being nice by giving you a choice, clearly I was wrong”

“Master I’m sorry”

“It’s too late for apologies now, you are going to be getting both and not in the way I intended, I was only going to put 2 small needles by a nipple, and now I’m going to do 2 decent sized ones by both!”

I squirmed in the chair, I was shaking, and pleading for him to reconsider.

“Also because you did not pick for yourself I will be putting needles round your cunt, after a good pussy spanking!”

“Oh my god Master, please please don’t, please untie me now! Please Master, I’m begging you!”

“You will be getting the enema after all that too, so throughout all the needles, you’ve got that to look forward too!” He said with an evil smile.

I really felt like I had got in the deep end. There was no way out, nothing I could do but to take it. Take all he wanted to give me. I was still pleading with him.

Despite how I was feeling, my cunt was dripping wet, he rubbed his hand over it and then rubbed it all over my face.

He got some of my panties, that I had been wearing earlier, and run them under cold water, until they were sopping wet. Then he rubbed them over my wet cunt, placed them into my mouth, and fastened a ball gag, to hold them in place. My mouth was full, I could not make much noise at all.

He said that it was necessary, as he wanted me to be quiet and calm. He was thinking about blindfolding me, but then decided not to, as he was enjoying seeing the fear in my eyes.

He moved towards my pussy, grabbing it and squeezing it, I shut my eyes and tried to calm down. Master gave it one hard spank, my eyes shot open, and I let out a muffled scream, the shock and pain was too much, I put my head back and he did another one! This was so hard already, I don’t know how much more I can take. Then he continued with hard spanks and no gaps in between, because of the gag my screams were not loud at all, but the pain was immense. I wanted to close my legs, but there was no give at all. He stopped after about 20 hits.

I heard the table on wheels being moved, he took some alcohol wipes and started cleaning round my cunt. This was not something we had spoken about, I was surprised when he put them round my nipples before! The first needle came out of the packet, and he showed it to me. I was sweating, and yelping through the gag, trying to shake my head. He sniggered as he looked at my feeble attempts to get some control back.

I felt some skin being pulled, and ‘oh my fucking god!!!’ “aaaaarrrrrrggghhhhh”
He put it through, I’m shaking and going very red, tears are rolling down my face, “Master!!!!! STOP!!” I shouted through the gag, no words came out of it, just noise.

He took a few moments to look at my face, and smiled, before putting the other one through. “AAARRRRGGGHHHH” I don’t know how much more of this I can take, ‘the sadistic son of a bitch’ I thought to myself.

I was trying to catch my breath, tears were streaming from my eyes, I could not stop sobbing. He walked up to my face and I tried to look away, I was livid. “Look at me Juliette” he said quietly. I kept my wet eyes shut and didn’t turn my head.

“Juliette Stop”

I took a deep breath, and opened my eyes, and looked at him. He kissed my tears, and stroked my face. I started to cry more again.

After a few moments, he went back to my cunt and pulled out the needles one at a time. “OUCH!” He cleaned the area, and it stung bad.

Tears still rolling down, as he came back to my face, he put his head close to mine, and snuggled into me, as he did he was whispering “Good girl” over and over.

I started to feel a little better, and very light headed. Staying up near my face, he pulled over the table, and started wiping my tits with a wipe. I was so in need of a break, but resigned myself to the fact that would not be happening anytime soon.

He picked up some needles and showed them to me, I looked at them, and looked surprised! “Yes, they are bigger than ones you have had before, about double the size in fact, so they may hurt a little more”

I shook my head vigorously. He walked around me and checked my bonds, and tightening them in places. I looked at him and tried to plead with my eyes for him not do it. He covered them with a blindfold.

I could hear a packet being undone, and my nipple was being moved and squeezed, he started to put it through, “OOUUUCCCHHHHH” Oh my god the pain, fuck, the pain, fuck!!!!!! I’m so worried it will mark me, those needles were really big, I kept screaming through the gag. The second one went in, I couldn’t catch my breath, I was hysterically crying and could not stop.

He went round to the other one, and proceeded to do the same. With even more reaction from me, the pain was unbearable, my head was spinning, I was sweating and shaking. I needed to stop crying to catch my breath, but couldn’t.

The blindfold came off. I nervously looked down. I was a little confused, I’m sure the needles had been bigger that he had shown me. He sniggered, and told me that he had never intended on using the bigger ones. ‘You Fucker!’ I thought to myself.

The distraction of finding out the real size of the needles used, meant I stopped crying so much. Master was enjoying watching me, struggling to take the pain and sobbing my heart out.

A few minutes passed, and it was time for them to come out. Pulling them out was scary as I could see them this time, and that was making me go a bit queasy. He wiped the area, making it sting like mad!

“Good girl” he praised. “Don’t relax too much hunny, we’re not done yet now, are we?”

Damn it, why can’t this be over, I’ve had enough!

I could hear him sorting out the enema. Fear was coming over me again. This is not something we had discussed, I do not want this, a few things can be left in fantasy land, why doesn’t he get that!

He started putting some lube on my hole, and started teasing a finger in and out. Normally that would feel nice, but I’m so scared. I could hear him giggling, “You may want to relax a bit more, I’m having trouble with just one finger in your ass today!”

I tried what he said, knowing that it would probably be better for me.

He inserted the end of it into me, and said it would take a few minutes for the bag to empty its contents into me.

I feel awful; this is the most humiliating thing he has ever done to me.

The liquid was flowing into me; he was massaging my stomach making the water fill me up more and more. Once he seemed satisfied he took the tube end out of me. My mind was drifting back to the story I remember him sending to me, that he had written for a friend. I realised that he was not going to let me go to the toilet, ‘bastard, fucking bastard!’

He told me to hold on to the water for 5 minutes. I was trembling, and gently sobbing at how he was making me feel. You know sometimes you think you’re in a dream, well that’s how I felt, only it wasn’t a dream, it was a full on nightmare!

This can’t be happening to me, it just can’t.

He held a bucket close to me, and said “Time’s up!”

I refused to let the water go.

He warned me to do it, or I would be very sorry.

I didn’t, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t.

He spanked my sore pussy really hard! “AAAARRRGGGHHHH”

I didn’t have much of a choice, I couldn’t hold on to it after that. I felt utterly humiliated as the water jetted out of me into the bucket. I have never felt violated this much before. Part of me was hating, him so much right now. I just wanted to hide away.

I was hysterically crying, and couldn’t get it under control, my breathing was hard, as my nose was blocked up from all the crying from before.

Once he was happy that I was done, he took the bucket away and emptied it. I was mortified, and ashamed. I had never felt this bad before, and was finding it hard to believe that he actually has any love for me to make me feel this hurt.

When he returned, he cleaned me up, but didn’t untie me. Stroking my face, kissing my tears, he gently said “Good girl, I’m very proud of my beautiful slave.”
He was giving me lots of praise and kisses. I was still feeling hurt and humiliated, it was probably wise that he hadn’t ungagged me yet, as I think I would of said some nasty things to him.

Instead, after lots of praise, he said I had made him extremely horny, and he wanted to fuck me, first in my pussy and then in my ass. If I’m good and take it well then he will let me have a nice hard cum afterwards. Finally something nice to look forward too!!!! He couldn’t see it, but I felt a little smile on my face.

It had only just occurred to me now how much my pussy has been aching for his cock! He put on a condom, and easily entered my pussy. Because of the position of my legs, and height of the chair he was able to penetrate me very deep, it was a little owie, but compared to everything else, it seemed far easier to take! I was moaning a little into the gag, and enjoying his thrusts.

Whilst fucking me, he grabbed the lube, put some on his fingers and then started to tease my bum hole with it. He pulled out and put some on his cock and started pressing against my hole. I relaxed as much as I could when he started to enter. Not giving me much chance to getting used to him, he slowly pushed in all the way, and kept on doing little pushes to get further and further, I was gasping into the gag.

His fucking started to get harder and faster, and somehow deeper. I was feeling very full and only wish I had something on my clit, as I really wanted to cum. He was starting to fuck me selfishly, not thinking about my pleasure, as he was getting faster. He spat on my face, and told me that it should be very clear that I was his property for him to use when ever and however he sees fit. He said that all this was my own fault, as I am a filthy cunt.

I moaned into the gag as he thrust into me, spurting his cum inside me, I could feel him pumping it up into me, stretching my ass just a little more.

Spit was running off my face. As he pulled his cock out of me, I started to relax, he must have seen, because at that moment he gave my pussy a sharp spank! OUCH!

He undone my gag, and took it off. I was very pleased to be able to move my mouth again. “Tilt your head back and open your mouth” he said, so I did…
Warm spunk was dripped into my mouth from the condom. It was very welcoming, especially after the gag being in for so long.

He said that I pleased him a lot, and that he wanted me to have a hard cum for him now. I was feeling exhausted, and excited, I replied with “I would love that, thank you Master.”

Placing a plastic bag over my head, he reached for the inflatable butt plug, lubed it up and eased it into me. It slotted into place, and I held it there. He placed the vibrator part in one of my hands, and the inflatable part in the other. He said I should make sure I hold on to it tight, cause if I drop it then I won’t be getting it back!

I switched the vibrator on. He put the wand to my clit and started teasing my clit with it, before settling it down, for me to enjoy. His other hand clamped the bag down, so my breathing was starting to get shallow. I was starting to feel warm, and could feel a climax building up. I pumped up the plug and turned it up a bit more, the wand was getting me closer and closer, the bag was getting smaller and smaller.

I pumped the plug again and turned it up, as I did a massive orgasm came over me. The plastic bag was not removed; I was gasping, and unable to speak. I let the plug down, and dropped the controls. He didn’t move the wand, it was intense, I tried to ask for him to move the wand but nothing came out of my mouth.

The bag opened, for a blast of air and then shut again, I started to cum again, really hard, ‘oh my god, I don’t think I can take much more’, he kept the wand on me, and turned it up, ‘FUCK!’ Quick blast of air, he instructed me to take a deep breath, I did, and he clamped it shut. Another orgasm was going through me, I was moaning very loud, I couldn’t form any words, my head was spinning, every thing was starting to go distorted. Everything went dark.

I opened my eyes to see him, stroking my face, I felt wet and a bit cold, looking deep into his eyes, I said “Thank you for making me cum Master.”
I’m pretty sure that was the hardest I had ever cum. He told me I was a good girl, and he felt lucky to have me as his slave.

I felt honoured to be his slave.

I was looking forward to getting out of the chair, and snuggling into his arms.

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