Sir and Master in one day (Real)

I seem to have started as I meant to carry on… in trouble…

Sir had requested that I was not allowed to play on Thursday, before our play session on Friday, disaster nearly happened while on MSN late Wednesday evening. I was having a great chat with a new Dom, exchanging lots of naughty ideas, getting rather hot and bothered, when he ordered me to have a cum before bed.

I hadn’t mentioned Sir’s order to me already, as it was late and I had not realised that it was now into the early hours of Thursday morning, I had accepted the order, but quickly realised that I couldn’t go through with it. Feeling very caught in the middle of 2 Doms, he said that he was annoyed at having to take back an order that had not come to me from Master, in future this could cause problems.

Sir turned up on Friday, a bit early, I was just about ready in time. Opening the door with a smile, he came into the lounge. Almost straight away he gave me a wonderful passionate kiss…. This was my present to make up for the fact he couldn’t see me at the Dungeon a couple of weeks ago. He knows how much I like kissing, so it was a nice gift.

Pointing at me, he said “What’s wrong with this?”

I had a think, and explained that he had only requested for me to be in boots, stockings, and slutty underwear, I was wearing a top, but that was only because I was answering the door. Sir roughly took off my top, and explained that I shouldn’t have worn it, if I was concerned about answering the door I should have asked him if I could put a top on.

As the collar went on, he wanted to be clear that I understood the rules; I must stay on my knees, and keep my eyes down from his.  While down on my knees I could hear him behind me, un zipping a cushion cover, then he placed the hood over my head. “Do not move at all until I come back, Understand?” “Yes Sir” I replied, not knowing quite where or what he was doing in my house.

I couldn’t tell how long it had been, probably 5-15 minutes, he took the hood off and made me stand, legs apart, arms up, eyes shut. Walking around me, he was prodding me, and moving me about, inspecting my body, to see if it was to his satisfaction, he seemed happy…

Kneeling down, with him behind me, he was pulling my hair, pushing me about, explaining that today was going to be a different kind of play, any cum I want I have to do very well to earn it, if not then I would be punished. He made me feel like a rag doll being pushed about, feeling like I had no choice but to go any direction he wanted me to go in. Such a quick way to turn me on, I do like being man handled like this.

I felt nervous as he made me down my bottle of water, I knew some of the things he wanted to do with me, but I wasn’t sure exactly what would be happening today, although I did feel slightly assured as him and Master had been in contact about it all.

Dragging me to the bedroom by the collar, blindfold went on, and got me back down to the floor fast! My panties were so moist that it was starting to seep down my thighs, Sir ran his hands over my wetness, then put them in my mouth, calling me a dirty slut. Taking off the soaked underwear, he lubed up a small butt plug, and proceeded to put it straight in, It felt cold, but I was pretty turned on, so I almost felt ready for it.

The medical gag went in, he pulled it wide, and fucked my mouth for a short time. I love the medical gag, but it can be so hard to keep in the right place sometimes. Although I do have a tiny lip bruise from Friday, which makes me smile when I see it in the mirror.

With the blindfold still in place, I was on the ground, Sir started trampling my body with his feet, going over my chest, my tummy, and then my face. It was a new sensation, and have to say I loved it. I have a thing about being on the floor when a Dom is standing, but to have their feet holding me down, pushing my face, it was a new kind of turn on.

Sitting on my face, he said “I want to feel your tongue”, so not wanting to disappoint, I started licking straight away.

Before being allowed up, he made me kiss him all over, starting from his feet, and working my way up, being careful not to miss anywhere out. I gave his feet extra kisses before coming up too fast.

Sir made me get a drink of water both for him and for me…

Laying across him over the bed, we had a chat about what things I don’t like, one of them that cropped up was the zapper, which had been a gift from Master at Christmas. Sir decided that this would be my punishment, if I was to not follow through with his orders, I would be zapped over and over again instead. “Do you understand?” he said as he started to run the zapper over me. I could not help squirming around, as I answered, “Yes Sir”.  This is one toy that certainly makes me go nuts!

Sir took me to the bathroom… Made me strip down, and get in the shower…

I did as I was told, knelt down, he requested that I turned around, I begged him that I really didn’t want to, eventually he decided that my back to him would be fine. I went quiet. He knew I was new to this, so he was taking things fairly slow, but still in a forceful manner.

Part of today was to get me to enjoy piss play, he was demanding me to beg him to piss on me, it took quite a while, and he could see the whole thing was hard for me, after sometime, I pleased him by begging him to do it.. He proceeded to urinate all over my back, the warm sensation running down me, and the shame that followed it, mainly the shame for enjoying it just a bit…

He leant in to me, gave me a kiss on my head, then whispered “Good girl”, just what I needed to hear, before he gave me a few minutes to have a shower and come find him afterwards.

When I met him in the bedroom, I asked for permission to go to the toilet, after all that water I was dying to go! He gave me permission, I think he may have had other things planned for this, but he took some pity on me and let me go alone.

Returning to the bedroom, Sir gave me a kiss, and said I had earned a treat, what would I like? It didn’t take me long to think about what I was gagging for… I asked Sir if he could fuck my bum, whilst I hold the wand on my clit…

Granted J

On my knees he penetrated my ass, I could feel it was so tight with barely any warm up, but that was what I had requested. With help from the wand, the pain went fast, and I was able to enjoy being roughly anal fucked, hands around my neck, pulling my hair, telling me what a filthy slut I was, I was in heaven! I begged for permission to cum.. he gave it.. I came nice and hard..

Unfortunately for me he did not stop after my cum, the muscles tensed, and it became very ouchy. My cries did not stop him, he continued on for a while, making me suffer, before rolling me over, changing the condom and then fucking my juicy cunt. I do not think that Sir has it in him to fuck sweetly. Always slapping my face, choking me etc. He came hard whilst deep in me, and then fed me the spunk from the condom, would be a shame to waste it.

After Sir comes I always get to enjoy a few moments of niceness, a few hugs, and fun playfulness. I knew his niceness had worn off when he started pushing me around instead of hugging me.

Making me stand, then grabbing me by the collar, he was jerking me around side to side, forward then back, giggling cause I was tripping over my feet, pretty sure most people couldn’t walk in a straight line for that! He thought I could do with learning to walk on the lead, asking me to shut my eyes he lead me around, first standing, then on my knees, he seemed pleased with how I did.

Sir started to get horny and complained that he does all the work, he laid down, and made me straddle him, pulling me closer by the lead, thrusting in and out hard. He said to me he wanted to watch me cum, so I enjoyed rubbing myself until climax.

After my cum, he pushed me to the floor, sat across my chest, made me suck his cock, then wanked over my face and into my mouth, his cum sliding down my throat.

He got dressed, and we went to the lounge, there was one more thing he had for me to do, I got on my hands and knees, and had to keep my back super flat and still, so he could write a letter to Master about me, telling me to keep still if I moved even a little bit.

Knowing that I need a little time to adjust, he took the collar off, and we sat and chatted and hugged for a bit. By hugs, I don’t mean me in his arms, more a mixture of that and him grabbing my hair, twisting and pulling it, or pushing me around.

He mentioned to me that I was to keep myself wet, I thought this was a little strange, seeing as he said he may or may not be back later on.. I didn’t think he would be back…

After Sir had left, I text Master to say I had a great time and that Sir had left, he replied back asking me to be on Skype, with my collar on, ready to chat… I thought this was a little strange, I did as he asked, along with putting my underwear on, and slutty top. Within less than an hour of Sir leaving I heard the front door go…

Master walked in, and came right up to my face, slapped me hard, and shouted at me, calling me a slut. This was almost a total surprise, as I was not expecting him, well until I put 2 and 2 together from the text and about staying wet.

He sat down over the other side of the room, ignoring me, it was giving me cold shivers, after a few minutes he got up and continued bellowing at me! This was the first time him or anyone has ever shouted at me during play, it was quite a turn on, particularly as it’s not something I get often.

Grilling me, putting his fingers in my mouth, “Have you had cock in there?!”, fingers in my cunt, “Have you had cock in there?!”,  Same with my arse, all of which I had to reply yes to. Pulling me forward onto the footstool, he fucked my still wet cunt on there, and attempted to move into my arse, but I squirmed in pain, and got myself free of his raging hard on.

Master flipped me over, and took my sore bum from behind, I couldn’t go anywhere, as I was powerless to his strength, all I could do was take it, but after a short while it felt good, he turned me over, and let me play with my clitty until I came. He took his cock out, and straight into my mouth, so he had violated all my holes. Did seem strange to have had him do that, so soon after Sir, I think it did confirm my slut like feelings in my mind.

We had a lovely kiss and cuddle afterwards, feeling quite emotional I couldn’t help but let out happy tears.

Making me wear only my slutty top, he took me to the shower. He knew he was pushing me when he made me turn around, he didn’t take no for an answer, I begged and pleaded not to, but it didn’t work, so I had to turn around, and open my mouth… He pissed on me and into my mouth, this was only the second time he had done this, I turned and spat, couldn’t help it, and he continued to piss all over me, pushing my boundaries.

He could see that the whole experience was very emotional for me, and let me have a warm shower together with him, making me wash him.

By now I was so tired, and hungry, my legs were shaking for the rest of the evening, fortunately I had lots more hugs to build me back up again.

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