New Years Eve.. (Real)

Master came and spent New Years Eve at my place. We only had a couple of days over the Christmas period where we didn’t see each other, but it was enough to make me as horny as I was the first time we met!

One of his Christmas presents from me was a voucher to do a sexy lap dance, turned out I was his first lap dance!! With that in mind, we played a new game called ‘Rape the Stripper!’, oh my gosh it was so much fun, he let me dance to 2 songs, with a look on his face that said he was enjoying it, then afterwards he threw me down on the bed, and proceeded to fuck me quite hard, spitting on my face, he started slapping my face so hard that it brought on tears (happy tears!), but on the flip side made me go very quiet.

I liked the force and being made to take it, finishing off with a threat, ‘You’ll be back for more, won’t you? You filthy cunt’

I love him so much 🙂