The Contract (Story)

I turned up at his house, rung the bell and waited patiently and excitedly for him to open the door. No answer. But he knew I was coming, and knew when I had got off the ferry. I rang again…. Nothing. I knocked on the door instead, as I did the door sneaked open, so I pushed it, and peered inside.

I called out a couple of times, “Master?” “Paul?” Still no answer.

Very strange, I put my bags down, and started to walk through the front room. Next thing I was suddenly grabbed from behind and pushed to the floor, I let out a yelp in surprise. He was sitting on me, my arms pinned under his legs, and my face pushed into the floor. My heart was racing and I was trembling. He leant forward and I could hear and feel his breathing in my ear, “hello Juliette” he whispered. I could hear him smiling. “Hello Master” I said as my lips brushed past the floor.

He put a hood over my head, handcuffed my hands behind my back, and told me to get up. Feeling quite disorientated, I struggled to my feet, I felt him lean into me, thinking he was going to give me a hug, I leant towards him. I was wrong, he lifted me up over his shoulder, I was wriggling around and felt very out of control, he carried me towards the stairs and I screamed at him. This felt really scary, the stairs have no banister, my arms are bound, I’m so scared he’ll drop me. He warns me to keep still and be quiet.

He throws me onto the bed and my arms jab into my back, I try to free them a bit, but it’s no use. He laid next to me and took off the hood. I blinked at the brightness, and saw him. He was looking deep into my eyes, and I was feeling very special, but had a sinking feeling that that was about to change.

He stroked my face, and thanked me for coming to see him. But this time my visit would be a little different, and that he has a new contract, which I will be signing. “I look forward to reading it Master, but I can’t sign it until I’m happy with it” I said. “That’s fine honey, but you WILL be signing it” he replied with a cheeky grin.

He un-cuffed my hands, and tied them using rope to the head of the bed, he got the contract, straddled me, and proceeded to read it. Most of it started off like the last one, I was more than happy with everything he was saying, and couldn’t understand what was to be so different this time. He read on, “Master will succeed to break down slave’s toilet boundaries”, “What?!” I snapped. He slapped my face hard and told me not to talk to him that way, and to let him finish. “But please Master, I’ve said no to that before, please Master I’m begging you! You know I’m not happy with that, why would you do that to me?”

He smiled, and simply replied with “Because I feel like it”.

He started to read on and I snapped at him again, which was followed by another slap, harder than the previous one, but on the same spot. He got a ball gag, and fastened it round my head. I was feeling very worried, and felt like I was losing what little power for myself, I had left.

He read on “The safe word will be useless in ALL play this weekend, and ‘Mercy’ will only be considered if Master deems fit to do so.” Master looked at me, only this time I was not feeling as special as I did earlier, instead my heart was sinking, and I was feeling very nervous. I’m sure my eyes must have looked quite worried. I shook my head, he smiled and gave me a kiss.

“slave will be pushed to her limit mentally this weekend, she will break down and she will submit to her Master” I was shaking, and sweating.

The contract had been read out to me word for word, and there was no way in hell I was going to sign. “Are you ready to sign now, my beautiful slave?”, I responded by shaking my head. Master said, “Oh really? See now I have a feeling that you will sign it”, I shook my head again, more vigorously.

He took my skirt, panties and shoes off, and spread my legs apart at the ankles on a spreader bar, and then again at the knees with another spreader bar. His fingers rubbed around my cunt and spread my juices around, he took a little taste and then wiped his hand over my face. “It’s reasons like that, that I am sure you will sign it, part of you obviously liked what you heard, you dirty slut!”

I saw him get the electric play stuff, and started to lube up the torpedo dildo. Holding it up in front of me he asked me if I was sure about not signing. I shook my head and tried to plead with him through the ball gag.

I felt the cold toy against my cunt, very quickly he shoved it into me, making me squeal! He turned it on quite high, then stopped it, and again, then stopped it. Looking at me he said, “Have you come to your senses yet?” I wriggled around and tried to say “No fucking way!”, all the words were muffled, I think he only heard ‘No’. The dildo was now consistently on high, he got off the bed.

The hood went back on, I couldn’t see and this was now making me more terrified!

He started clipping pegs to my pussy, each one making me squirm, and cry out in pain. I can’t believe he is pushing this so much, there was a lot in the contract that he knows I wouldn’t want to sign to. This is the cruellest he has been to me, even tickling was in there too! It was an evil contract, and I wanted to go home.

The electric went up. My clit was pulsing. My eyes were welling up.  The hood came off. He stroked my face and said, “aww look at you, you’ve got yourself all worked up, why don’t you just sign it so you can have a breather?”

He un-done the ball gag. I pleaded “Master, please Master, I can’t sign that, so many things in there that I am not happy with, I would even rather go home than to sign that, please Master, don’t be so cruel, it’s too much”.

“You want to be my slave though, am I right?”

“Yes, but..”

“Well this is what I was to do with my slave”

“But Master..”

“So I think you ought to be telling me you are going to sign, am I right?”

The electric had been turned up, he twisted a peg, released it and pinched where it had been, “OWWWWW” I screamed.


He grabbed the plastic bag, and placed it over my head, held it tight at my neck and watched me breathe. My breathing was getting shallower, twisting and pulling each peg, my screams making my breathing go shallow, more and more quickly. He turned up the electric. I wondered who was going to crack first, he could see the bag getting closer to my face, “Master please don’t”, I wheezed. “Please…. Master…” “Master…..I can’t…..” I needed air…. “ok…. Master… I… will….sign”

Immediately the bag was opened, oxygen rushed in, I couldn’t focus, my vision had gone, I felt floaty and distant. I started to cry, he gave me kisses on my tears and whispered “Good girl”.


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