First Dungeon Session with Master (Real)

So Friday was my first dungeon session with Master, I am still a bit dazed by the whole experience.

We had arranged to meet on Friday morning, but he surprised me on Thursday night being at my house after work, he jumped out on me, grabbed me, threw something over my head and pushed me to the floor. Even though it was dark, I knew it was him.

He handcuffed my hands behind my back, and put a plastic bag over my head, and held it close to my face. I was sitting up, with his face close to mine, asking me if I am going to be a good slave, eventually when he was satisfied with my answer, he released the bag. Gasping for air, he came close and gave me a hug and a kiss. I was stupidly happy that he arrived early.

Master brought me a lovely lingerie set, black with pink bits, I ran a few things past him for what I should wear, he ended up deciding on my cherry platform shoes, black corset skirt and a white basque type top. As much as it was a nice outfit, unfortunately it was not very practical getting from the car to the dungeon. I had to climb up, no wait, hobble up many steps, the shoes were high, and the skirt had no give! It was worth the struggle though!

The dungeon was tucked away, very private and full of lots of fun things. Master started with stripping me down to my new underwear and suspending my arms up, gagging and blindfolding me. I was sufficiently bound and out the way, leaving him free to wonder around. Eyeing the spanky many toys, he kept trying all different ones on me, later I had a look and realised that there were some mean looking ones, I was very thankful that he hadn’t used those ones. The carpet beater was a new one on me. The horsehair whip stung, I had little red dots on my tummy for hours after.

Fortunately for him he was allowed to smoke in the room. I heard him light a cigarette, and remembered back to a dirty fantasy I told him about ages ago, one of those fantasies you don’t actually expect to come true. He came over to me, and brought it into reality, grabbing me by the hair, he blew smoke into my face, I tried not to breathe, then coughed into the gag. He did this a few times before stopping.

He tied me to the spanking bench, put a ball gag in and kept my blindfold on. I heard a rubber glove go on, and started to feel a little worried, I kept telling myself, there is nothing I can do, so I should just relax, and let him play with me. He was warming my ass up with his fingers, starting off gently. After a bit he started to spank me, no part of my bum was left un-spanked! He seemed to think it was fun to hit me hard every now and again with a tawse, keeping my bum warm, and keeping me on edge.

I heard the swishing of a cane, and remembered that I had rather stupidly said that I wanted to feel a hard stroke of the cane. Feeling nervous, he started beating my ass with it, he gave me 6 strokes, then stopped, I struggled a bit, he then gave me 6 more, which I struggled with quite a lot. He played with my clit, then asked how many hard strokes would you like. I held up 1 finger, I didn’t want more than one as I didn’t know how much I could take.

One hard stroke later, and my breathing was very short, my heart was racing, he said ‘good girl’, and started playing with my ass again. He started fucking it with a vibrator, and put the wand on my clit, bringing me to an immense hit of orgasms, I thought I was done after one, but I couldn’t move, and he didn’t stop. Forcing a harder orgasm to take hold, and another one, I don’t quite remember how many I had, but I became a quivering mess and my throat was sore from having screamed so loud!

My heart sank when I went into the bathroom, there was an enema bag hanging up, looks like the same one Master has at home, I came out and asked if he had put something in there, he smiled and said he didn’t. But I think he liked how it was making me a little scared.

He laid me back on the bench, and hitched my legs up, and arms down. I could see us in the ceiling mirror, one of the many fun things about the dungeon. He put a small plug in my ass then fucked my pussy for a bit, then he swapped the plug for a bigger one, and continued fucking. When he could see I was getting used to it, he took the plug out and fucked my ass. I asked for permission to play with my clit, and he very kindly handed me the wand, I had a mind blowing cum, at the same time asking him to fuck me harder.

One thing I loved about the dungeon, was the ease of everything there, being able to be bound easily in pretty much any position, suspended, laying down on a bench, a cross, the floor, if I only I had a room like this at home, I would never get let out!

Later he had me on the floor, my arms and legs spread out, and fastened to hooks in the floor! Wanting to have some fun with breath play he put a gas mask over my head. I wriggled about as I could see my face in the mirror and it was creeping me out, I settled more once I couldn’t see my face, just my body. In the mirror I could see Master putting condoms on some ridiculously sized dildos, I was a bit concerned as he started fucking my cunt with small dildos, before he started stretching me with the larger ones.

Each time I resisted too much he stopped, and came to my face and put his hand over the mask, stopping my breathing instantly for a few seconds, only letting go when panic started to run through me. He then continued stretching my poor cunt, but on the plus he made me cum a few times.

Something he did when I had the gas mask on struck me as being quite romantic, he breathed out into the mask, making me breath his recycled air, making it very hard for me to get oxygen. I think they are like breath play kisses.

After he was done playing with the dildos, he left took the mask off and left me on the floor. Master was towering over me, he looked down and asked if I would like a few minutes to cool down, I said I would, then he took me by surprise and spat on me before leaving the room.

Before he let me get up, he got the clover clamps and put 4 on my pussy lips, this was too much, way too much, I could see in the ceiling mirror that he was having a little fun moving them around. My squeals must have been so loud! He took them off fairly fast. I guess this is something I need more training on.

He sat me on a chair and showed me the violet wand, I’ve never seen one before, and I don’t think he was expecting me to be so scared of it. The noise of it got me more than anything, after a while a trusted that the shock wasn’t actually that much. I still think in the future it will scare me though.

The 4 hours zipped by so quickly, we had a little time there with each other to reflect on it, before leaving. I think we need to go back as there are a few things that we didn’t get a chance to play with there, the cage, the leather body bag, electric toys.

I was feeling hazy when we got back to my house, couldn’t really focus on much, and took forever to get round to ordering pizza.

That evening we fucked hard and rough, thinking back to all the kinkiness that took place in the dungeon.

The next day I showed Master my fucking machine, I think he enjoyed this as straight after I came, he decided he had to have me too!

The past couple of days with Master have been very memorable, we were sad to leave each other yesterday. He seems to far away living across the ocean. Makes me miss him more. After our intense play, it seems to of drawn us even closer together and more in love. I’m sure the distance will make our hearts grow fonder but it still hurts at times.

Master, I hope you enjoy my write up.

I love you.

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